5 Must Do Things In Azores

The archipelago of Azores is such a beauty! Covered with greenery and blue green waters around the islands, makes it an ideal escape place for tourists who wanted to relax and enjoy nature as there’s so many great things to do Azores.

Azores is can be found at Spain, where the country sinks in a cooler and breezy climate even on summer time. It may seem to be a tropical archipelago within a country that has 4 seasons. The weather on all seasons is comfortable, and you can bring your kids on one of your trips here. It has 9 islands that amazingly lay in the middle of Atlantic Ocean. Check out our list of the 5 must do things in the Azores.


5 Must Do Things In Azores

Hike Near Areas Of Lakes In Sao Miguel

Azores have gorgeous lake areas. The water collected from rain sips in the land area and provides good vegetation for growth of various flora and fauna along the lakes. Trees surround the lakes which make it more tranquil and inviting to visit. You can go on day trips on the lakes in Sao Miguel, for hike. Often times water activities like boating or swimming in lakes in Sao Miguel is not allowed. This is to protect the natural state of the lake and its surroundings. This is one of the best things to see in Azores. Picnics and camping activities are also not allowed. However, there are few instances that the local government allow such activities, but on a limited time and conditions. You better check with the local government in Sao Miguel.


Enjoy Water Activities In The Atlantic Ocean

What better way to enjoy Azores is to explore the beach area and Atlantic Ocean? You can rent gears and other equipment in different resorts, and water sports shops you can find along the coastline of famous beaches in Sao Miguel, Azores. You can try out Jet Ski, parasailing, diving, and other water sports. Or you can also frolic aboard your rented boat to wait for the whales, dolphins, and other huge sea creature pass the Atlantic Ocean. This is one of the best things to do in Azores.


Try Local Cozido das Furnas

 Yet again, the hot volcanic steam excreted by volcanoes are maximized for cooking the special local Portuguese dish – Cozido das Furnas. The dish is filled with proteins from beef, chicken, and pork meats. Imagine all the delicious parts of these meets are softening together by volcanic steam underground. The meats are later mixed with vegetables like potatoes, carrots, kale, yam, and salt. Special twist of the food is offered depending on the restaurant and resort you visit. Often, tasty bacon, appetizing chorizo, and well-seasoned sausage are also mixed. It is a dish that contains all the best flavors of Portugal. This is something unique local delicacy you must dare to try.


Spelunk At Caves Of Pico

Basically, the islands in Azores were formed because of volcanic eruption billion years ago. The magma blown out by volcanoes created huge rocks that somewhat became a refuge like caves. Stalagmite and stalactites grew and has added mystery and beauty of Azores Archipelago. This is a must see thing in the Azores. You can go on a spelunking adventure on the Caves of Pico is still located at Sao Miguel.


Warm Yourself With Thermal Bathe

The volcanic activity around Azores archipelago makes it perfect place to spot natural hot springs. During cold seasons, a warm swim in the middle of the forest is worth a try. It will surely relax and comfort you. Visit the Caldiera Velha of Furnas to try a relaxing bath. And nearby the Caldiera Velha, are also a number of other local hot spring resorts you can choose from.



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