10 Best Things To Do In Azores, Portugal

Do you want an exciting and a tropical getaway vacation right in the middle of Moroccan and Canadian grounds? No need to travel further, Azores Islands in Portugal is a haven for both tropical feels which is located in Europe.

Azores is an archipelago in Portugal where is basically made up of entirely volcanic materials, hence the island was formed billions of years ago. What so quite unique about the islands is that despite surrounded with Atlantic Ocean water, the archipelago remains calms and friendly temperature –not too hot and not cold for summer vacation. There’s so many great things to do in Azores that you’ll need to spend at least a few days there.

The archipelago of Azores is somewhat like sultry islands yet surrounded with greenery in summer and snowcapped peaks on winter time. Generally, you can the famous tourist destinations in the island all year round and still enjoy your vacation whatever time of the year, except on unexpected rainy days.

Azores archipelago welcomes you with its towering tallest peak in Portugal, the Mount Pico, peeking through the whole archipelago. Check out the Best things to see in Azores, Portugal (depending on season):


Spring Season (Late March To Last Week Of May)

Natural Flora And Fauna In The Mountain Areas

One of the nicest things to do in Azores is being able to actually see a nature’s show of beauty in its mountains. The endemic flowers, plants and trees exhibit its beauty during spring season. Generally, it is less rainy and a bit warm. Perfect for hiking up the mountains to see lovely flowers bloom. You can check out a tour at Sete Cicades at Ponta Delgada or East Madeira at Portela, Camacha, Santana, Pico do Ariero and Ribeiro Frio. Flowers best blooms at the around March till May.


Waterfalls And Mountainous Areas

Azores is not just famous for its beaches. The archipelago also has hidden beautiful waterfalls and natural garden scape. This is one of the best things to see in Azores. You can try to hike to seldom explored water falls areas like the Lagao do Fogo, Ribeira Grande (which travel and tour agencies offer day tour and dinner packages), Parque Natural da Ribeira dos Caldeiros in Sao Miguel, or in Mount Pico (tallest mountain in whole Portugal). With the diverse and unique beauty of each island in Azores, you will never run out of places to visit. 


Summer Time (End Of June To Last Week Of September)

Sandy Coastline In Azores

Azores archipelago is consisting of many islands. It is grouped into 3 major islands. As you can imagine it, the islands in Azores are quite unique with each other. You never miss lying down to sun bathe or walk on the beach shore barefooted to feel the sandy texture of the coastline. The Praia de Santa Barbara’s gray, almost black fine sand at Ribiera Grande and Praia do Almoxarife at Horta are quiet place to spend your summer. This is the best thing to do in Azores.


Rocky And Cliff View Coastline

The archipelago boosts a lot of sea shores because of the scattered islands. Tourists can visit also hardened rock materials spitted out by volcanic eruptions along the beach islands coastline. You can check out and hop onto volcanic rocks and stones of all sizes at Frade Natural Pools in Ribeira Grande, Natural Pool and Mosteiros Beach, both located at Mosteiros in Azores. Or you can also try to have a good view of the whole shore at Praia Calhau D’ Areia in Ribeira Grande, Vitoria Beach in Praia da Vitoria and Praia do Lombo Gordo in Nordeste.


Boiling Takes, Gayzers And All That Is Hot On Winter Time

Because the archipelago of Azores is made out of volcanic activities over the years, there are quite a lot of hot bathes and hot springs that you can enjoy during cold freezing months in Azores.

You can also witness nature’s power and might displaying its boiling waters. The cold weather can make the whole place warmer as you watch the lake boil from a far. You can visit Caldeiras da Lagoa da Furnas, and Caldeira das Furnas both are locates in Furnas.


Autumn Season (Start of October To End Of November)

Majestic Views While Wall Climbing And “Canyoning” On The Volcanic Mountain Rocks

During autumn season, the perfect weather between cold and warm air perfectly best for adventure activities in Azores. Although you can also do various activities during summer time in Azores, the hot temperature makes it a bit uncomfortable to move around. This is a must see in Azores when you visit here.

Azores islands have a lot of solid black huge rock mountains to climb during autumn season. The water below that waits for you to swim after climbing down or perhaps the noisy water fall welcomes you above as you climb. Try out the Azorean Active Blueberry at Ponta Delgada for an adventurous rock climbing activity.


Warm Hot Spring Baths

You can also dip and feel relax by swimming into a warm comfortable human nature heater at Poca da Dona Beija, and Spa Ferrarria at Ginetes.


Winter Time (Around December To Early March)

Historical Churches And Cathedrals

It is best time to walk around the old pavement around the Azores small towns because the islands have low temperature and most likely you will not have to worry about unpredictable rainy winter time. The temperature is a bit lower than other seasons but you can walk around with umbrella and seek refuge on establishments and churches around the towns.

Check out the old well-structured and elegantly designed churches of Igreja , de Sa Jose, Igreja do Santo Cristo, Igreja Matriz de Sao Sebastiao- all located at Ponta Delgada, and Se Cathedral in Angra do Heroismo. There are also other old churches you can visit in Azores.


Winery On Colder Months

Nothing can soothe the cold breeze brought about by low temperature in Azores is by drinking well – refined grape wine. There are wine tasting events and tours that are done during winter days in Azores.

You can also hop around the town around Azores islands to savor each local delicacy every island offers. Because of the winter season (added with rain showers at times) a glass or two of wine can make your stay in Azores worthwhile.

Check out souvenir and wine shop like Adega A Buraca in Santo Antonio, Cooperativa Vitivinicola da Ilha do Pico in Magdalena, or at Quinta da Jardinete Vineyard in Ponta Delgada. You can also visit back in Quinta da Jardinete Vineyard in summer to tour around the vineyard where they harvest the grapes they used for the delectable wine selection.



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