Warsaw Layover Guide: Frederic Chopin Airport (WAW)

If stuck in Warsaw at Frederic Chopin International Airport (WAW), depending on how long is your stay, there is a lot of things to. The international airport is only 6 mi. from the city, making it easy to get there while waiting.

The Bolero executive lounges are in Non Schengen part, and the ‘Ballada’ ones are in the Schengen part. The ‘Preludium’ lounges are in zone T1 and business class people, some loyalty cards, as well as those who have paid the fee can use them. In addition, there is internet, TVs, and computers available.

If you want to drop you bags off to explore, there is a place in Arrivals which is open 24 hrs. You can take the taxi. The 3 recommended ones are: MPT Radio Taxi, Sawa Taxi, and Merc Taxi. The bus routes 188 and 175 go to the city as well. Private transfers are also available.


Stuff To Do during a layover in Warsaw:

City Tour

If you have only a bit of time, take a tour of the city. There are walking and bus tours, night visits, day trips, and more!


Historic Center

Old Town is and its cobble streets and ancient architecture is the place to be. It is between Grodzka, Wybrzeze Gdanskie Street, Powale Street, and Mostowa. It is at the center of Market Square. This place has a lot of shopping, cafes, and some great restaurants.



The Nazis built the Warsaw Ghetto in 1940. Greater than 450 thousand Jews had to live here. In addition, more than 100 thousand died from typhoid, killings, and starvation. On 1/18/43 the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising took place. During it, the Jews in the Ghetto fought against the Nazis.


Teatr Wielki

The Teatr Wielki-National Opera has impressive performances. Click here for more info and click here to buy tickets.


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