Tourist Spots In Aklan: Best Things To Do In Aklan

A province known for its immaculate exquisiteness is called Aklan. Aklan is the location of one of the best beaches that amaze the world, Boracay. The province is also known for its Kalibo’s Ati-Atihan Festival where rhythmic dancing and colorful tribal costumes can be seen. But not just that, Aklan Province offers more and there’s lots of tourist spots in Aklan that you need to check out as some of the best things to do in Aklan.


Best Things To Do In Aklan

Bakhawan Eco Park

Bakhawan Eco Park is like Pagatpat Mangrove Park, you can also see a lot of mangroves around. If you want to free yourself from problems and worries, this park is something to turn your mind around. Here you can walk along the bridge and enjoy looking at the unique structures of the mangroves with all the crabs and fishes culturing in there. This is a great thing to see in Aklan.

The word bakhawan means everything because it is the local term of the mangrove itself. This 220-hectare park is considered to be the most fulfilling mangrove reforestation in the country. Matchless!


Hacienda Maria

One other relaxing spot in the Province of Aklan is Hacienda Maria, exactly located in Sitio Sapsapon, Barangay Tigum, Buruanga. If you are superbly adventurous, try a 2-kilometer mountain hike and a few more kilometers walk to see the whole area. It seems tiring but it’s pretty worth it!

Once reached the place, what would welcome you first are exotic waterfalls. Pull away from salty, white sandy beaches and shower yourself with cool fresh water from falls. You can also jump off from the rocks as the falls only measure about 10 feet deep. This is one of the best things to do in Aklan.

Spectacular caves are the ones worth to visit next. Hacienda Maria has two caves, one for kids and older tourists for easy path and the other one is for the tourists who want a more complex journey. There are various forms of sparkling stalactite and stalagmite down there. You could also hear running water walking through the stones bringing out a love for the Earth.

Upon visiting the beautiful trails of Hacienda Maria, you can also get a delicious taste of Lambanog or the so-called coconut wine and experience hot pot Jacuzzi (getting soaked in a big pot with an open fire down it).


Hinugtan Beach

A 45-minute boat ride from the paradise of Boracay is a romantic seascape of Hinugtan Beach. Here you can find stunning mountain views, clear blue water, sparkling white sand, towering coconut trees and perfectly fresh breeze. Complete your stay with nipa huts and cottages for just around PHP200 (app. $4).

This pristine nature has untouched beautiful scenery and an abundant marine life. Aside from swimming, you can also go mountain climbing to see the breathtaking bird’s eye view of the beach. This is a very popular tourist spot in Aklan.

If you love night parties, this place can help you with that. Peace and serenity will welcome you as you wander in every angle of the land. Wonder what the Boracay Island would be like before? Hinugtan Beach is a must to visit!


Pagatpat Mangrove Park

Love mangroves? Pagatpat Mangrove Park awaits you. The park allows you the see the beauty of mangroves face to face with bamboo bridges where you can see and touch the trees while enjoying the view of lovely fishes swimming right below your shoes.

Here you can also take a dunk in the sea (there is also a pool), rest in the nipa huts and sing your favorite songs with karaoke machines. The park is just located in Barangay Panilongan, Buruanga Aklan, and 50 miles away from Kalibo.


Jawili Falls

When it comes to waterfalls, we also have Jawili Falls. It can be found at Barangay Jawili (from the name itself), Tangalan, Aklan province. What makes this falls even prettier is its unique formation known as the Seven Basins, a series of seven beautiful cascades pour from one basin to another. This is a popular Aklan tourist spot.

These wonderful seven mini waterfalls are surrounded by dense greenery perfect for peace and relaxation. The basins are safe to dive so if you would come to visit the place, you can see people diving as deep as 10 feet. The entrance fee? More or less PHP5, that’s crazy!


Malay Eco Park

Just 10 minutes away from Caticlan Jetty Port is a relaxing Botanical Garden and fascinating Butterfly Sanctuary of Malay Eco Park. You will be assisted in picking up butterflies by spraying sugar water into your hands as butterflies love sweets. This is a great thing to do in Aklan.

There is also a little zoo in the park where you can see animals like turtles, goats, rabbits, birds and many others. There are various tree-cottages to climb up as well so you can see the panoramic view of Boracay’s amazing beauty. The next time relaxing vacation comes to your mind, try a rural eco-tourism attraction like this for free!


Ariel’s Point

Here we go at Ariel’s Point. So, what is this all about? Ariel’s Point, formerly known as Batason Point was the top tourist attraction in Boracay last 2014. Actually, it does not belong to the Boracay; it is a part of Buruanga, a town where you can see gorgeous nearby attractions like Naasog Point and Hinugtan Beach. This is one of the best things to do in Aklan.

If you are fond of diving, Ariel’s Point would be a great choice. This is a famous diving spot of Buruanga where you can buy souvenirs and other products for a cheaper price. Experience amazing eco-adventure destination just a boat away from Boracay Paradise!


Aklan is just a remarkable place in the Philippines where hundreds of thousands of tourists lurk everywhere. No matter what municipality you’re going to visit, attractions, festivals, unique products and delicacies will greet you with happiness. Whether you want to explore underworld or just see its serenity and beauty above it, Aklan offers you a lot of vacation spots like no other!


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