How To Apply For A Taiwan Tourist Visa For Filipinos In 2018/2019

Taiwan was used to be known as Formosa, but eventually changed its country name to Republic of China (TOC). The island is surrounded by 3 major countries – China on its west part, Philippines on the South and Japan is located on northeastern part. With the Philippines so close, this is why many want to know how to apply for a Taiwan tourist visa for Filipinos in 2018.

Filipinos grew fond Taiwan, when the classic Taiwanese TV hit series F4 (Flower 4) have been shown to famous local TV station in the Philippines. F4 characters have become a household name before. Whether you are in a bus station, school corridors, or in a coffee break the office; you will definitely hear people talk about the episodes of the TV soap. That was also the times that have started interests of Filipinos to appreciate other Asian celebrities. Now, Filipinos are also interested with the country as much as they are interested with the characters of the soap.

Cherry blossom in spring time, colorful leaves in autumn and cold winter air in Taiwan attracts Filipino tourists in Taiwan. Since Taiwan is geographically near Philippines, it is on the eastern part of Philippines; Filipinos wanted to experience all 3 seasons which Philippines does not have. But first, how can Filipinos visit Taiwan? Do they still need to apply for a visa?

Well based on the official Taiwan Government’s website, Filipinos Can visit Taiwan without visa, E–Visa, or Travel Authorization Certificate. Yes! You read it right. Last September 2017, the government of Taiwan released a statement allowing Filipinos, starting November this year (until July 31, 2018) that, they are all now visa – free. They can purchase ticket anytime and enter Taiwan without visa, as long as the vacation will only take around 2 weeks or 14 days. If you’re interested in going to Taiwan, we’ll know how to apply for a Taiwan tourist visa for Filipinos in 2018.


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Free – Visa Requirements:

Filipino traveller may now directly proceed to airport for the scheduled flight to Taiwan to get a Philippines Taiwan tourist visa provided:

  • Valid Philippine passport (at least 6 months before expiration)
  • Proof of accommodation (hotel bookings, sponsor’s contact details, arrangement tour supporting details, etc. )
  • Proof of sufficient travel funds (bank statements and certificates, employment or business Certificate / permit)
  • Round trip ticket (within 14 days period stay only; otherwise Filipino has to apply for Visa)
  • Optional Documents:
    • Supporting documents like birth certificate, Philippine Government issued ID, among others (depending on immigration evaluation / assessment).
    • Other countries’ travel approved and valid certificates from Australia, Canada, UK, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, US, or any countries which are member of SCHENGEN. (This will shorten processing faster)
  • Filled up “Arrival Card” from airlines and cruise ship provider (Touchdown at Taiwan Airport / port)


All Filipinos are not allowed to enter Taiwan without visa, whether for transit, family visit, OFWs family visit, business, tourism purpose, etc.; you are illegible!

This free visa entry to all Filipinos is still subject for evaluation and assessment. Taiwan government has decided to allow Filipinos to travel to Taiwan in with two reasons. One, now that the new government leadership of Philippines has imposed stricter discipline to its own country. Second, Taiwan hopes to increase Filipino tourist visitors in the country. This is in aim to tourism expansion for the Philippines Taiwan tourist visa. More Filipino travelers entering Taiwan will possibly generate more income and jobs for local Taiwanese businesses. The government of Taiwan is also optimistic of the possible exchange of culture for Filipino visitors.



  • Diplomatic & Official passport holders are not allowed in free – visa entry to Taiwan
  • Denial of entry: insufficient travel funds, criminal
  • Overstaying records / Expired Resident Card or Visa
  • Limited to less than 14 days stay in Taiwan


E-Visa Requirements

However, if the Filipino tourist decided longer than 14 days (and maximum of 30 days or 2 months from the date of issuance of E-Visa), he / she must get a visa form Taiwan embassy. The following are the requirements and step to apply for visa in Taiwan.


On the other hand applying for the travel certificate is valid for multiple entries within 3 months or 90 days upon approval or issuance. Make sure to visit Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) Website for details about E-Visa and Taiwan Travel Certificate.


Tourist Visa Application (Non Eligible Free-Visa applicants)

Few months ago, before TECO announced the lifting of visa requirement for Filipinos, these are the requirement for Visa application. Applicants have been required to apply personally in TECO Philippines at:

Taipei Economic & Cultural Office in the Philippines

41F, Tower 1, RCBC Plaza

6819 Ayala Avenue, Makati

The office can be contacted at Tel #: 63 2 887 6688
or check out detailed Taiwan immigration information at or Email inquiries can be sent through


Visa Requirements

The Filipino travelers who are not qualified to free – visa travel to Taiwan can apply personally in the TECO Philippines Office in Makati City. For those wondering how to apply for a Taiwan tourist visa for Filipinos in 2018, read on:

  • Applicants must provide: The passport should have at least 6 months remaining validity.
  • Completed Visa Application: The application form should fill up from online and printed from TECO Website
  • 2 pieces of passport size photo: The photo must have white background and follow standard passport size
  • Birth Certificate: The certificate of birth must be an original copy from NSO
  • Marriage Contract: Married applicant is required to show proof of marriage. The marriage license certificate must be an original copy from NSO
  • Current Employment Status: Employees
  • Needs to attached Employment certificate: Business Owners
  • Business Permits from SEC or Mayor’s Office: Minors- Kids under 18 years old can provide school ID and school residency certificate
  • Dependent Spouse: For non – working spouses, they can provide their spouse’s Certificate of Employment
  • Proof of Financial Stability: Bank statements and Other Bank details to show that applicant is able to finance trip to Taiwan
  • Optional: Proof of Invitation


If tour to Taiwan is per invitation or family visit, applicant must present letter of invitation and copy of visa or host. Otherwise if it is related with research or business, proof of event and SEC (any business related documents must be presented)


Common Inquiries on Taiwan Visa

What does free visa entry to Taiwan mean?

It means, Filipinos who qualified with the above mentioned requirements (on this article), can purchase ticket and fly directly to Taiwan.


Are all Filipinos visa – free when traveling to Taiwan?

Yes, due to satisfactory trust to new government leader in the Philippines and expansion of tourism industry in Taiwan, TECO lifted the visa requirements for all Filipinos entering Taiwan within 14 days stay.

Exception, are those traveling for through diplomatic purpose, Filipinos with criminal and overstaying record, business related activities.


Is the free visa travel and free travel certificating the same?

Both free visa and free travel certificate allows travelers to enter Taiwan for tourism purposes and family visit within limited number of days of stay in Taiwan.

However the free visa program is a new system allowing applicants who have valid Philippine passport to enter Taiwan without passing Taiwan consular approval to enter the country.

While the Visa Free certificate has been issued in the past before the open free visa program offered to Filipinos. 


Is there a minimum amount on the current bank statement account as proof of stable finances?

The TECO Philippines have not released or required and specific amount for the current amount of money there should be deposited in the bank. However, TECO requires that the money in the bank should be at least 6 months or more and the bank account should have been opened a year ago or longer.

Online travel blogs and seasoned travelers to Taiwan, have actually observed that an applicant should have at least Php 50,000; just enough to show that a Taiwan guest has the capacity to spend when in Taiwan.


How about tour itinerary plan?

It is not usually required. But it is safe to be prepared. Immigration officer ask your purpose and plan to visit and do once you arrive Taiwan if they think your travel is unscrupulous and shady.

After all, before you purchase the ticket, you already have in mind places and activities you wanted to do in Taiwan.


How about accommodations, should I need to be booked on a hotel?

Not necessary. But you will be possibly asked if where you are going to stay. If you plan to stay with family or a friend, there’s a change the immigration officer could ask for proof of the information about the host/s. otherwise you can print online hotel reservation just as a proof you have somewhere to stay there (even not yet confirmed; if you only plan to scout accommodations in Taiwan upon your arrival).


Should I purchase round trip ticket when I travel to Taiwan?

It is not always asked in the airport but there are times immigration officer ask for the return date (to check if you are not planning to overstay in Taiwan). So it always best to confirm bookings going back to Taiwan, especially on the less than 2 weeks stay there.


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