Best Things To See In Aklan – 2018/2019 Edition

One of the most visited countries recently in Asia is Philippines. Recently, the country has been making noises because of its unlikely and infamous ways of its head of its state. But surprisingly, the country was able to invite more tourists and investors, and was able to improve its economic status despite of the odd circumstances buzzing around.

Traveling from the country’s international airports (Manila, Cebu or Davao City), you can reach the province of Aklan through connecting air plane flight, land or a ferry boat. Aklan located in the island of Panay, situated in the central part of the Philippines. The province is famous for the beach resort island – Boracay, and the Ati – Atihan Festival.

I listed down things you can do and places you should visit in the province of Aklan. Or, you have the option to fly to there and create your own travel ideas. There are a lot of you can do there to enjoy but we listed down 5 things that you will surely enjoy.


Best Things To See In Aklan, Philippines

Explore Hinugtan Beach

Well, I would be suggesting that you should visit Boracay Island (where most well – traveled people was able to visit already!). Unfortunately, due to crowd of tourists flocking the island since it became famous to local and foreign tourists because of its pristine white sand, and convenient lines of hotels, bars, and restaurants; the island has been exploited. The country’s president, Rodrigo Duterte has forcefully ordered to close Boracay Island for 6 months rehabilitation. But no need to worry, there are also other beach island resorts surrounding near the local Caticlan Airport.

The Hinugtan Beach island resort is quite similar with Boracay’s white sands. If you are wondering how Boracay does looks like 20 years ago? Probably it would be how the Hinugtan Beach looks like. The beach sands is pure as white as snow, so fine and you will not feel a burning feeling even the sand is directly under the hot sun rays. The water is clean and sparkly blue.

Although, since the beach is not yet as developed as Boracay, there are fewer accommodations and high-end restaurants to see there. The Hinugtan Beach is more likely enjoyed by tourists who like more laid back and nature tripping adventures.

There are also other islands with white beaches and stunning tropical view near Boracay that you can visit like the Ariel’s Point or the Naayog Point. You can ask around the port from Caticlan which ferry boat you can ride to reach your desired beach island.


Hike Around The Nature Parks In Aklan

Aklan is located in remote islands in Philippines. There is quite a lot number of beautiful natural scenery both land and water forms. You can hike and frolic on different nature parks in the islands.

Just few kilometers away from Caticlan Airport, you can visit The Malay Eco Park. Most of the time of the day, and almost all year round, the place is scorching hot. The shades from towering trees of what used to be a forest protect you from the hot rays of the sun while you hike the ecological protected area. You have a picnic on the cottages provided by the park, stroll around or just relax. There is also a small area where there are various animals are well kept so kids can also learn from different domestic and farm species like dos, goats, birds, monkeys, rabbits and among others. There is also a butterfly garden where you can take your pictures with a colorful background of flowers and flying live butterflies around.

The islands around the Aklan are also filled with mangrove. You can also visit the Bakhawan Eco Park. “Bakhawan” is the local word for mangrove. Explore the 220 hectare mangrove park where you can see a lot of sea creatures swimming and crawling around the mangrove area. Or you can also check out the Pagatpat Mangrove Park where a the area is a little bit smaller than Bakhawan Park but there are other trees, nipa huts, and bamboo bridges where you can walk over the mangrove expanse.


Attend The Fun Ati – Atihan Festival

With colorful street parade and food festival, the Ati – Atihan Festival is an exciting fun event. You can see a lot of colorful parade of costumes, highlighting people dancing on streets painted with black inks on their faces and bodies. This is in reference to the original local residents of the province from Borneo. The Spaniards have brought the festival to celebrate local tradition mixed with the Spanish religion in honor of baby Jesus.


Visit Kalibo Catherdal

For those who have good eye for history and antiquities, you can visit the Kalibo Cathedral. The church was built in 1826 but was destroyed in World War II on 1885. Then, the same cathedral has then again suffered destruction on an earthquake last 1990. At present, the local government is trying its best to be restored and renovated.


Feel Refreshed With The Fresh Water From Jawili Falls

Far from the beach area you, can try bathing into fresh water in Jawili Falls in Tangalan. You can ride a bus or hire two-wheeled motorcycle to take you to the falls, and hike few meters up to experience a cool refreshing adventure. The giant limestone stairs will take you on top of the falls where the spring water falls calmly. There are about seven small falls that cascades onto the huge rocks.

You can also challenge yourself to copy few of kids jumping off the deep water of the falls below as deep as over as 9 to 10 feet.

There is also a falls in Hacienda Maria which is a bit farther from Kalibo Airport. The park has also astounding scenery of falls where guests can also jump over the waterfall cliffs and feel invigorated with the cool water at the foot of the falls.


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