10 Reasons To Visit Philippines In 2018/2019

In the past few years, the Philippines has been in the hot seat because of the unfavorable news. But those who have dared to travel and explore the long-hidden beauty of the country are able to debunk this.

Ever wonder there are a lot of foreign people who took the risk to give up daytime job, traveled around all the islands of Philippines, and just be a blogger? We have a list of the top 10 reasons to visit Philippines.



10 Reasons To Visit Philippines

Underwater Adventures

Having been strategically situated exactly beside the largest ocean in the world, the Philippines have a very long line of coral reefs, and thousands and of sea creature species resides underwater. There are a lot of dive sites the Philippines has, like the famous El Nido, Palawan, La Union, Samal Island, and a lot more!

Recently, the Philippines country is becoming more famous for the skimboarding and surfing. The Philippines have both astounding fresh and vast saltwater bodies that offer majestic beauty and it’s a great reason to travel to Philippines.


Gorgeous Beaches

The Philippines is composed of over seven thousand islands. Fragmented into small islands that sit beside the great Pacific Ocean makes the country quite the best place country to visit! Every island has exceptional and stunning beach shores.

And would you also believe? There are also beaches that unique attribute. Like pink beaches such as Sta. Cruz Beach in Zamboanga Island, or the Subic Beach in Sorsogon.

There are also heavenly-colored-like-white-beach like Boracay Island, El Nido, and Samal Island. The famous Palawan also has both, astounding nature display and amazing beach shore. Palawan local government also allows native crocodiles to roam around to protect natural habitat. Or also black sand beaches like the one in Bacacay Beach in Albay, Dauin in Negros Oriental or Puerto Azul in Cavite.

If you prefer a stony pebbled beach, you can also visit the breathtaking Batanes Island which would look like a European windy atmosphere because of the mountains behind the beach area. This is one of the main reason to visit Philippines.


Stunning Mountain Peaks 

The country is gifted with such beauty and gorgeous nature. With the thousand islands, the Philippines have a lot of nature’s hidden treasures.

The country being in the middle of the ring of fire has over 23 active volcanoes, and about 400 dormant ones. Each volcano has exceptional beauty on top. Mt. Apo and the Mt. Pulag is one of the most climbed mountain peaks in the country because of the distance, the diversity of nature as you hike on top, climate, and stages of climb. But if you preferred a quicker hike, there are easier mountains or hills can be complete. There are also other rock formations with where rock climbers can also climb to, to may there are also caves spelunkers can also explore. There are hundreds or a thousand ways how to discover and explore the Philippine’s mountain peaks.


Food Fusions

The long history of Philippines under several colonizers, Filipinos has learned a lot of dishes from different countries that colonized them. And with the abundant livestock and agricultural yields, locals form each region in the Philippines have recreated those foreign dishes and added Filipino flavor depending on which crop is in season and is a fun reason to travel to Philippines.


Tropical Weather 

The country only has two major seasons. It is only dry and wet season. Dry one is summer season, and the wet is the rainy season.

The Philippines basically is also dubbed as the country where the sun is always up. Although there is occasional rainy time, most likely you will have a good weather during your vacation. Unless there is a typhoon-visit, that would not be best to take an adventure outside. But does not worry, if that happen; there are a lot of other alternative adventures during your trip to the Philippines.


Filipino Hospitality

With hundreds of colonization from different countries, like Spain, Japan, Chines, and America; Filipinos have learned to welcome people from all over the world. They have learned the art of hospitality when you visit Philippines.

One YouTube video blogger was surprised that his bed is even better than the ones the house owner sleeps in, when he was invited to stay in his newfound Filipino friend. They can welcome you like a family and treat you like a VIP creates a great reason to visit Philippines.


No Hassle In Language Translation

The Philippines use the English language as a means of the country’s standard medium of instruction. Generally, Filipinos first learned the English alphabet, before knowing how to recite their own letters.

Most Filipinos can speak and understand the English language, if not; a few can still communicate in broken English. All signage, warnings, and instructions are all written in English. Textbooks in the Philippines are actually all written in English too!

Be informed that each island, province or even a town (even just 1 or two kilometers away), have different dialects. It is another reason why the Philippines is unique. Literacy, literature, and dialect of Filipinos vary and are diverse. This is a great reason to travel to Philippines as the language barrier won’t be an issue.


Budget-Friendly Exploration

With the advancement, progress and yet amazing natural beauty of the country, tourists crowd the city areas of Philippines and as well as pack the beach and other tourist areas because of the less budget for travel and other vacation expenses. For budget travelers, it’s a great reason to visit Philippines.

Regular five-star hotels offer good affordable prices, plane ticket sales often are on sale, restaurants have regular promos, and a lot more!


Banking, Mall And Banking Proximity 

The Philippines is a developing and progressive country in South East Asia. Technology such as WiFi and Mobile are of no problem when you travel the country. You will still have all the convenience to access all your social network sites, and also keep in contact with your family back home.

Banking an also be accessed all over most areas in the country too! Unless you decide to explore the remote and unexplored area in the Philippines; it will be limited. But generally, the country has access to everything.

There are also malls, concerts areas, hotels, restaurants and other establishments from all classes available in each region of the country. So if you prefer a luxurious vacation, you may do so. Or if you wanted to have a nature trip, you can definitely do it too!


Transportation Convenience

What so nice about the Philippines, despite the fragmented and separated islands from the large to small ones; the country is able to construct highways, airports, and other transportation means to support tourist’s and local’s travel.

Although, should be warned of the heavy traffic on the capital city, Manila. Tourists should take note of the time they should travel and areas not to pass through during peak travel hours. But definitely, the rest of the country is heavy-traffic-free!

There are a lot more reasons that your trip to the Philippines is worth it. But you can find out more about yourself. So pack your things and hop to the nearest scheduled plane! Just make sure that whatever and wherever part of the world you are going, you must always be vigilant with your things and be careful when dealing with your transactions. And all will be a great experience. So enjoy!


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