10 Places To Visit For First Timers In Philippines

Have you ever heard of the tagline, “It’s more fun in the Philippines?” If not, let us help you know more about the beauty of this country. The Philippines is a Southeast Asian nation that is rich in culture and natural resources. Going to the different islands of the Philippines will make you want to stay in this country for the rest of your life. It has some of the most pristine white sands and gloriously blue beaches in the world. Its people are some of the happiest and most hospitable of all. For first timers in Philippines, there’s lots of great things to do. You will certainly love the diversity of this country since it has historic roots that are influenced by Filipino, Spanish, American, and Japanese traditions.

Your bucket list must definitely include visiting the historical landmarks of the different islands in this country, swimming in the clear waters of its beaches, and trying out delectable traditional cuisines and even eating their exotic dishes from local restaurants. We assure you that you will never leave this country without gaining a single friend from your travel destination. Everyone is just so welcoming that you won’t be afraid to even go alone in this country. Let us give you the top ten places to visit in the Philippines.


Must See Places For First Timers In Philippines


Cebu is said to have almost everything that a tourist would want – ease of transportation, abundance of hotel accommodations, popular historical sites, diverse culture, friendly people, beautiful beaches, and a lot more. You should definitely try island hopping in order to explore more natural wonders such as the Kawasan waterfalls and Sta. Rosa bird sanctuary. You could also go swimming with whales in one of the beaches. This is one of the best places to visit in Philippines.



Ilocos is like a time traveler machine. It will open you to the past of the Philippines when it was still colonized by the Kingdom of Spain. Going to Vigan, Ilocos is anyone’s photography dream. You will be seeing cobblestone roads and heritage mansions that have all been preserved for hundreds of years. It would be nice to try on some barong or Filipiniana costume during your visit to Vigan. It’s a must see places in Philippines. Ilocos is also rich with religious sites such as Catholic churches with historical significance. After the land tour, do not forget to bask in the sun and have a dip in the cool waters of its scenic beaches.



If you only got a few days in the Philippines and would like to maximize your time, then you have to pick Bohol. This province is the perfect destination for those who would like to visit beautiful beaches, natural wonders, and historical sites. The most famous attraction in Bohol is the Chocolate Hills where you can also find the smallest primates called the Tarsiers.



Iloilo is famous for having some of the sweetest and most adorable people that’s why it has been known as the city of love. You will surely be amazed to see the heritage mansions that have been preserved for centuries. When you get to this province, make sure to visit Calle Real which is home to a lot of heritage buildings and old homes that all form part of the Philippine history. You should also not miss visiting the Miagao Church which is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site as it’s a great place to visit in Philippines. After you going some cultural education trip, head on to Iloilo’s gorgeous beaches at Islas de Gigantes and Guimaras Islands.



The perfect place to see the volcano with the perfect cone is Bicol. It is home to Mayon Volcano, one of the most beautiful active volcanoes that you will ever see in your lifetime. It has been the favorite subject of thousands of photographers for its perfect shape and majestic backdrop. Apart from Mayon Volcano, there are also other exciting opportunities for your travel escapade. Bicol has some of the most impressive beaches in the country. You must try surfing in Caramoan, Calaguas or Daet because the waves are really enticing for surf enthusiasts. You could also go on ATV riding to an off-road just at the foot of Mayon Volcano.



Kapampangans or the locals of the Pampanga province are known to be skillful cooks. They offer extremely delicious food such as sisig which is basically a pork head and liver dish. (Yup, that’s really yummy!) Having only 1-3 USD could actually already give you a decent meal in this place. Apart from being the best site for gastronomical adventures, Pampanga is also great for those who would like to understand the history of the Philippines. You could visit the churches in the province and explore how Catholicism has gained extensive influence in the country. You could also try ATV riding at the foot of a volcano, wildlife encounter at Zoocobia, and a lot more. This is a must see place in Philippines for first timers.



Surfing is the best activity to be done in Surigao. It is recognized as the surfer’s capital of the country because its beaches have marvelous waves that are perfect for surfing. There is a long stretch of beaches with white sand where you could watch surfers conquer the strong waves. The nightlife is also superbly cool in Surigao with the an abundance of locals and foreigners who enjoy hanging out with each other. Aside from the beaches, Surigao is also home to a mystically beautiful river called the Bizarre Enchanted River.


The Cordilleras

Do you know that apart from white sand beaches, the Philippines also has some of the most breathtaking views from its high altitude landscapes? This country has a lot of mountainous regions where you could choose a mountain to hike or even drive to. One of the best places for this purpose is the Cordilleras. You will surely be amazed to see how the indigenous people of the Cordilleras are so uniquely wonderful and skillfully gifted. Their ancestors were the ones who made the Banaue Rice Terraces possible. It would be wonderful to witness the sunrise from a sea of clouds as you go up to the peak of the Sagada mountain. Then you could also explore the Sagada caves for some mystical adventure.



Palawan is among the most majestic provinces in the Philippines. It has beautiful natural wonders that remain untouched by commercialization. Visit Coron, El Nido, and Puerto Princesa for great travel experiences. See the underground river and be amazed at its beauty. Visit the Kayangan Lake which will open you to a heavenly fresh water escapade. Your entire week will surely not be enough when you visit Palawan. You have to make sure that Palawan is included on your bucket list as for first timers visiting Philippines.



If there is one Philippine destination that is famous among travelers from other countries, it would be Boracay. It is considered as the summer capital of the Philippines because almost everyone just wants to go to this place to have some summer fun. When you visit the island, there is surely no turning back. You will want to spend the rest of your lifetime in this island particularly because of its modern convenience that is set in a heavenly peaceful place. There are numerous luxury hotels and budget inns where you could stay. But the best thing of all is its perfectly fine white sand and crystal blue waters. This is one of the best places to travel in Philippines.


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