10 Best Things To Do In Manila

Manila is the largest Island in the Philippines Nation. It is situated in Southern Luzon, and it is also known as Pearl of the Orient. The city is among the most beautiful and the oldest world’s city. Its history and multi-cultural heritage are exceedingly colorful. There’s lots of great things to do in Manila This city is totally chaotic and bustling, and you can spend your day shopping, eating and drinking. These are the top ten things to do in Manila that will make you leave a happy person.


Best Things To Do In Manila

Rizal Park

The park is situated in the heart of Manila. Being in the middle of Manila, it is an ideal place to have fun and relax. Rizal Park is Asia’s largest urban park. This is a great thing to do in Manila There are several playgrounds, food kiosks, restaurants, light and sound theatre, open-air concert hall, stadium, observatory, historical markers, fountains, plazas and gardens among others.


Quiapo Market

This is the market where you get everything you want. This Quiapo market is situated in Manila. It is ideal for young people to take their evenings taking a passegiata. This is also where you will find the Black Nazarene Minor Basilica which is the well known as Quiapo Church. You will not miss anything in this in this market. You can find some of the best places to eat in Manila here. Some of the things you will get there are vegetables, fruits, smelly shrimp, pink eggs, beans, rice, bananas, and other gazillion varieties. The prices are quite fair, and it is a scene you should not miss.


San Agustin Museum

The museum was previously a monastery and it is located within the walled Intramuros city in Manila. The museum has two floors and is both joined by a splendid staircase. It was founded in the year 1571 and was formally called Iglesia de San Pablo. This is a great thing to see in Manila. It is the oldest church you will find in the Philippines. You will see a set route to go from one place to place in San Agustin Museum. You will get exposed to liturgical vestments, chests, altars ornaments, painting and religious statues.


Malacanang Palace

The Malacanang Palace is the principle workplace and the official residence of the Philippines president. It is set next to Pasig River banks, and it is a national landmark. In the past is acted as a home for grandees during the summer season. This is one of the best things to do in Manila. It has a library and a museum where you will learn the official residence history. You will also have an opportunity to learn the official workplace of the Philippines Chief Executive. You can visit the any day of the week for it is always open.


Jolly Jeep

The jolly jeep makes snack-attack heaven from a food desert. Makati city has a lot of food stalls that looks like the parked jeeps. This is where the Filipinos to get serves with foods on bag wrapped bowls made of plastic. The sellers started this trade during the rapid metro urbanization in the 1980s and the 1990s. The vendors sell the foods in the streets while on wheels, and they have flourished from it.


SM Mall Of Asia

SM Mall of Asia is the third largest mall in the world and the largest mall in the Philippines. It has a size of 407,000 square meters. This is not just a mall, but it is one the best tourist attractions. The mall has raised the Philippines standard of entertainment, leisure and shopping. The perimeter of the mall is around 2 km while it has a length of 1 km. The mall is full of fun and shopping.



This is one place in the Philippines you will find the ethnic Chinese. The town was developed in 1594 making it the first China town in the world. Here you have the opportunity to enjoy the enchanting Chinese foods and several exotic Chinese goods.


Dampa Seafood Market

They believe in this market it is that people should get ingredients for their selves. Visitors are therefore allowed to buy the freshest seafood and take them for preparations in the next door restaurants. The restaurant will provide cooking services, and you will be served with the meal of what you bought. The Dampa Seafood Market is a great thing to see in Manila. The market has every type of seafood you want from salmon, tuna, seaweed, shrimps, lobsters, scallops, oysters and other types of Shellfish.


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