Rainbow Mountain Peru – Elevation, Facts And Tours

Rainbow Mountain in Peru is a stunning mountain with layers of color in the mountain side. You can hike Rainbow mountain even if you’re not an expert hiker. It’s suggested for beginners to use a Rainbow mountain tour guide to help you with your hike.

The first question many people ask is where is Rainbow mountain? It’s in the Cusco region in Andes of Peru and Rainbow mountain elevation is 5,200 meters from sea level. One cool Rainbow mountain Peru fact is that it’s also called Vinicunca. If you’re interested in hiking Rainbow Mountain in Peruwe’ll explain to you everything you need to know before you go and get you prepared for your visit to Rainbow mountain in Peru.



Rainbow Mountain in Peru

Cost Of Hiking Rainbow Mountain

On average, Rainbow mountain tours cost around 100 Soles. which equals about $30 USD. It’s best to book tours of Rainbow mountain with a trusted travel agent that has a strong reputation, so they can connect you with local Rainbow mountain tour guides that will help you have the best experience possible. The earlier you book your Rainbow mountain tour, the better chance you’ll be able to get a small discount compared to booking later.


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Driving To Rainbow Mountain

From the city of Cusco, it takes about 3 hours to reach the Rainbow mountain altitude. Since the journey begins in the early hours, you’ll be driving in the dark through the mountain side with lots of bumps along the way to the Rainbow mountain peak.

Most tours of Rainbow mountain stop somewhere to allow for passengers to have some breakfast before they start the climb to peak of Rainbow mountain.


Arrival At Rainbow Mountains Peru

Before you begin the hike to the top of Rainbow mountain, you’ll be able to use the toilets that are available. This is basically a hole below the ground that you’ll have to use. It’s advised to bring your own toilet paper, because you never know if there’s any or if you have to go on your way to the Rainbow mountain altitude.


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Rainbow Mountain in Peru: Hiking To The Top

Rainbow Mountain Facts

  • It takes about an entire day to hike to the Rainbow Mountain Peru height of 14,000 feet
  • Along the way you’ll see many small villages that have been made from the local stones
  • Because of the Rainbow mountain elevation, you’ll have some though breathing on your way to the summit
  • It’s suggested that you first get accustomed to the Rainbow mountain altitude for a few days before you go on this hike
  • The changing climate conditions makes it hard to know exactly what to pack for Rainbow Mountain Peru


What To Pack And Dress For Rainbow Mountain

Depending on when you go to climb Rainbow mountain, the conditions for what to wear and pack will be very different. When the sun is overhead, the weather will get warm and you’ll get very hot and want to shed some layers. In this case, it’s important that because of the high Rainbow mountain elevation, you should put on lots of sunscreen to avoid burning.

But if the sun is not out and there’s some light winds, then the temperature will be much colder and you’ll need to put on some layers including a sweater and jackets. Remember that if you’re hiking at a fast pace, that will warm you up, so you won’t have to wear as many layers compared to hiking slowly.


Rainbow Mountain: Arriving At The Top

Depending on your Rainbow Mountain tour group, you should have anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour to take pictures of the Rainbow mountains and spend time at the top of the mountain to really enjoy your hike. You’ll be able to see some locals and see there daily life. Now you should now where is Rainbow mountain in Peru and some tips for Rainbow mountain that should help plan your journey.


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