Papacho’s Cusco Review: A Gourmet Burger Restaurant In Peru

Papacho’s Cusco was unveiled by Gaston Acurio a well-known Peruvian chef in 2014. This restaurant specializes in making gourmet burgers, and it is located in the center of colonial Cusco. The publicity of this restaurant has grown within such a short time and thus the need for this review.


Papacho’s Cusco Review: A Gourmet Burger Restaurant In Peru

Overview Of Papacho’s Cusco

This great restaurant located at the center of Cusco’s colonial is medium sized, and their prices range from middle to upper level. Papacho’s Cusco does not attract visitors but also the locals, because of its huge selection of items that are based on Peruvian fast-food dishes but if they have added a gourmet twist. The main focus of this restaurant is to make incredible burgers with spectacular Peruvian salsas. On top of this, the menu also has sub-style sandwiches, pork, steak, and chicken. If you are not a meat lover, you have not been left out in this restaurant. All the burgers here can be cooked as veggie burgers. Other things on offer here are alcoholic beverages, a wide range of cocktails, juices, desserts, and starters that are quite mouthwatering.


What’s The Location Of Papacho’s Cusco

The restaurant is located at Plaza de Armas, and this makes it quite easy to locate it. It is on the corner of the plaza adjacent to Cusco’s Cathedral, and it will take you less than ten minutes to get here from most Cusco tourist attractions. It is opposite the popular Norton Rats Pub and very close to the Paddy’s Irish Pub.


About Gastón Acurio

So who is Gastón Acurio? This is a popular Peru celebrities. He is a Peruvian food world ambassador, cookbook author, television presenter and a very talented chef. From the first restaurant he started known as Astrid & Gaston in Lima, Miraflores, this great chef have grown more than thirty cafes, bars, and restaurants around the globe. He has achieved almost everything including the luxury juice bars and Peruvian fusion restaurants. He partnered with Virgilio Martinez another Peruvian chef in 2014, and they have a plan to open their first Peruvian cevicheria in London.


Prices At Papacho’s Cusco

You cannot regard Papacho’s Cusco as a cheap restaurant in town but compare to other Cusco classy restaurants their prices are fair. A starter costs between $9 and $11 (24 to 30 soles) while a burger will cost $12 and $14(32 to 39 Soles). If you are dining out as a couple, plan for approximately $50 to $57 (140 to 160 soles), and this will be inclusive of the evening’s drinks and foods. It may seem much, but you can be assured to get value for your money from the foods and the services you get in the restaurant. These prices are the same as what you will be charged from an average restaurant in Europe or North America

Papacho’s Cusco is open 7 days a week from 12 pm to 12 am. To get reservations or to make contact with the restaurant contact:

  • email:
  • Reservations: +51 (0) 84 245 359
  • Address: Plaza de Armas, Cusco, Portal de Belen, 115, 2nd Floor,
  • Instagram:: @papachosperu
  • Facebook: @PapachosPeru

Atmosphere At Papacho’s Cusco

The best way we can describe the Papacho’s Cusco décor is funky functional and Un-complicated. It is a modern restaurant with several cool details, and it might be influenced by a classic American dinner style. There is a large sign of Papacho’s burger on the wall and pictures of the Inca Gods which have faces of different celebrities. Visit Papacho’s Cusco restaurant, and have a relaxed vibe as you enjoy their great burgers.


Flavors And Ingredients

Do not make the mistake of comparing Papacho with just another joint in the city that offers burgers. It uses the traditional Peruvian flavors and ingredients, and this is what makes it stand out from the others. Some ingredients that will be used on different dishes in their menu include huacatay herb, anticucho sauce, rocoto, sauco, and Aji panca. The key to making the mouthwatering gourmet burger is the prime succulent meat that has been locally sourced from Villa Primavera Iñapari Ranch. This is a project of the community association in the Madre de Dios at Peru’s Amazon Jungle.


Service At Papacho’s Cusco

Many people who have visited this city have reviewed it to have poor services, but Papacho is a total opposite. The staffs here are knowledgeable, attentive, and cautious with its menu and they can also speak English for visitors who do not speak Spanish.


Recommended Food At Papacho’s Cusco

It might be a little tricky to taste all the dishes that are offered, so it would be prudent to get help from an insider. The best person to give you the advice is the manager in Tania Vargas. From the restaurant manager, one of the most common burgers is the Papacha. It is a wonderful prime patty topped with tomato, lettuce, onion rings, elderberry ketchup, bacon and blue cheese. The other burger is the Cordon gourmet burger. This burger is stuffed with cheese and ham and topped with crispy onions, mayo, and elderberry ketchup. For something different, the most recommendable is Chaufa Burger, Ribs or Chinese fried rice cooked with the Peruvian style. It is then topped with nikei ketchup, fried platano, fried egg and a veal patty.



Overall Thoughts

If you happen to get to the restaurant, you will be excited with what you will see on the menu. You will have the desire to eat almost everything on the Menu. It will be challenging to choose the best dish to take from this fantastic restaurant. Papacho’s Cusco burger is a perfect choice for people who love hearty, tasty food when in Cusco. I can assure you that there is no better place you will get scrumptious food, good service, and fair prices in Cusco. You can look for other Gastón Acurio restaurants you can visit when in Cusco from our guide.


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