Astrid & Gaston Restaurant Review In Lima Peru

One of the most celebrated chefs in Peru is known as Gaston Acurio. If you have had a chance to sample the gorgeous culinary creations by this chef, then you are one very lucky person. The chef owned a restaurant in Lima’s Miraflores district known as the Astrid & Gaston Restaurant. This restaurant was later closed after 20 years, and in 2014 they moved to San Isidro to start the now new Astrid & Gaston.

The truth is irrespective of whether you tasted their foods in their previous premised or their new, the greatness of what they offer has not changed an inch. Here we will give you some advice on exactly what you should expect when you visit this great restaurant by one of the most popular chefs. When you get to Casa Moreyra ensure you visit the restaurant and take the challenge of eating some of their great foods. Below we have a review a restaurant review of Astrid & Gaston in Lima, Peru.


Astrid & Gaston Restaurant Review In Lima Peru

Opening Times And Hours Of Operation

Astrid & Gaston in Lima, Peru is open from Monday to Saturday from noon to 4 pm. It is also open from 7 pm to midnight. On Sunday, it is open from 11 am to 5 pm. You can contact them to book a reservation or to get more information from their contacts.

Make reservations from their e-mails or You can also call them from their telephone number +51 (0)1 4422774. You can also get more information from their website It is located in Lima, San Isidro, 290 Avenida Paz Soldan.


Nothing Valuable Comes Easy

You can dine at Astrid & Gaston when going through the Lima en route to Cusco. It is located in Miraflores and was recently named to be among the top 50 best restaurants in the world. It is the best place to go and dine when you have been traveling for a long time. It is also the best place you can have some of the best meals during your tour to Peru. Contact them through their emails if there is anything you need to confirm. You can ask them what is on the Menu and even confirm if there is an available table for you. One of the most recommendable menus is the signature tasting, but you will have to wait for a while to have it.

When you arrive, you will be welcomed by hospitable and charming staff who are well dressed. They will guide you to your table that is in an elegant and spacious dining room. The foods here are a little pricey, and thus you need to have a prior budget of how much you will be spending in the restaurant. The staff may try to recommend some foods to you, but you will have to know first if it is within your planned budget. On the better news, you will have a paring of your budget, and you will be happy about every coin you spend in this restaurant since it is completely worthy.


Excellent Service And Stunning Food

Once you get there, you can start with an appetizer, preferably nori seaweed rice cracker which comes along with delicate potato flowers. It comes presented in a smooth and beautiful dark pebble. Then you can order a real course such as octopus; white fish served along with large corn kernel. On the light sauce order a fried plantain of yellow aji chillis. It can later be followed by a remarkable fish course of prawns, scallops and Conger eel coming along with tacu tacu. This is a traditional bean puree in Peru with a light broth, shredded spring onions, mushrooms, and tomatoes.

If you prefer a meat course, you can order a ragout of guinea pig and confit that are served together with pancakes. This is more recommended to create a sophisticated Peruvian fajita. This is a great meal and especially for anyone who has never had it. There is another meat course that includes short beef rib with bone marrow, coming along with native potatoes, peas, and carrots. They are also further decorated with intensely and pretty flavored parsley flowers.

When it comes to dessert, there is a variety, and you are left to choose. Some of the most common and most preferred are the lucuma ice cream. This is a native fruit from Peru with pale and soft flesh and delicately sweet flavor. It also has some crushed nuts and a chocolate sauce. Just like all the other meals in this restaurant, the desert will also finely flavored and presented in quite a beautiful way. The other wonderful dessert is the Uruguayan dessert wine which can accompany the previously taken. It is also called Akyone. In the end, you will also enjoy the various multi-colored drawer chests with an irresistible petit four assortment.

If you do not know to speak like the Perus, you should not be disturbed about going to this restaurant. The staff here will serve you in English, and thus it will not be difficult for you to understand one another. All their staffs are professionals, and you will enjoy their service. On top of the tasty foods in this restaurant, the portions are also calculated perfectly. The visitors, therefore, will not have to go getting other foods on the way yet you are just from a restaurant.

One thing that some customers have complained about this restaurant is the continuous supply of mineral water. You may think that you have opened only one bottle, but to the bill, you may realize that you have taken several of them. You do not expect this from a first class restaurant. At least it would be better if the waiter confirmed with the customer first before they open a new bottle.

If you experienced some good food in the old Astrid & Gaston restaurant in Casa Moreyra, then there is no doubt that you will not be disappointed with the new restaurant in San Isidro. Their services and the food are outstanding, but there are some aspects they need to improve on since they are frustrating to the customers.

One of them is their website. They have used Spanish in their site, and they have quite a little hard information about the restaurant. The site also does not have photos of the food offered in the restaurant or the restaurant itself. They should also consider placing a sample menu on the site since this will give customers an idea of the meals offered and the approximate amount they will pay for it. Customers are however advised to send an email to the restaurant and ask for the menu.

Most customers love to have at least a slight idea of what they should expect before getting into a restaurant. You will expect a top class restaurant to give their clients some clue of the meals and the price so that can budget on how that will spend before they get there. Many of the first class restaurants in the world are not too mean with information. The website does not have the phone number to the restaurant. You will only be given the number after you send them an e-mail. This means that you will not be able to contact someone in case you want to check the availability of the restaurant if you want to make an booking.

The Casa Moreyra’s restaurant offers the 29-plate tasting menu. You will wait for two and a half hours for it to be ready. Some of the dishes featured here include the altiplano, the Andes, the desert, Pacific and the Amazon. You will pay 300 soles for it, and this is around $105 or £65 without pairing for one person. If you want it to have a wine pairing, it will cost you around $190 or £115 which is approximately 540 Soles. You can be sure to have an outstanding meal.

You can book a reservation at La Barra which is located in Casa Moreyra in case you feel that this budget is too high for you. The la carte menu of this restaurant is suitable for anyone with a modest budget. Unlike the name, it is not compulsory for you to go to the bar. Emailing them may not be any successful since the responses are automatic.

The Verdict

If we would rate the reputation of a restaurant from the service and the quality of food, then Astrid & Gaston’s deserves to be among the best restaurant in the world. Every tourist will love to go to a restaurant with more than just a reputation. They should try and improve on areas that clients do not feel comfortable about. Astrid & Gaston is an ideal restaurant and should be on your list when you visit Peru. Ensure that you have quite a large budget to use in the restaurant. Prepare to be patient and have a prior plan for the budget.


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