Things To Do At Eiffel Tower In Paris – 2018/2019 Guide

If there is one symbolic thing that is loved by a lot of people who tour Paris, it would be the Eiffel Tower. But what do we really get from the Eiffel Tower apart from having one of the most stunning photographs of our life with it on the background?

The Eiffel Tower is considered around the world for being a marvelous landmark in Paris and there’s lots of great things to do at the Eiffel Tower. It was built by Gustave Eiffel in 1888 to showcase Paris as the City of Lights during the World Exhibition that was done the following year. Since its construction, it has served truly as one of the most visited attractions in the entire globe.

People who come to this place have expressed that the place exhibits not just greatness but also a romantic spirit. Here are some of the most exciting and interesting things that you can actually do at the Eiffel Tower for a great time.


Things To Do At Eiffel Tower In Paris

Dining At The Eiffel Tower

Would you like to experience a romantic night at the Eiffel Tower? Then you shall never miss having a fabulous dining experience at the top of the tower. Upon reaching the top of the site, you will be surprised to see a bar that offers some of the best drinks, wines, and champagnes. The drinking experience may cost you around 20 Euros depending on what you order and how many are dining with you.

If your tummy also feels like grumbling, then you could also get into a luxurious Parisian dining experience at Restaurant 58 which is located on the 1st floor of the Eiffel Tower. Each meal would cost you around 17 Euros. If you are dining with your family, prepare at least 60 Euros for your entire dinner or lunch as this is one of the best things to do at the Eiffel Tower.


Get Into A Historical Exploration By Climbing The Stairs

Do you know that you could actually climb a flight of stairs to reach the second floor of the tower? That’s true! By reaching the second floor of Eiffel Tower, you will be able to enjoy a stunning view that compares to nothing. You will surely love the structure and the story behind its construction. You should definitely not miss going to the second floor because it will open a whole lot of new impression regarding the City of Lights. The fantastic sights from the right bank to the left bank will surely behold your heart.

The bad thing, however, with going to the second floor is the long queue going up there. Lining up could actually eat up at least four hours of your precious time. But what is waiting time if what you will see is the majestic and stunning view of the whole of Paris from the Eiffel Tower? But if you have extra cash, you could actually just purchase your tickets from the Viator which will allow you to enter the Eiffel without having to wait in line.

One thing is for sure, every penny and every second that you spend in Eiffel Tower would be a memorable moment of your life. Not everyone could actually visit the place and experience the spectacular feeling of having been to Paris. Apart from that, going inside the Eiffel is something to make your life a little more interesting. Learning about its history and evolution is just an extra topping to an already delicious experience.

If going on your own pace does not appeal much to your inquisitive self, then you could arrange for a guided tour around the Eiffel Tower. But if you are also not that into touring the place, you could also just stay on the ground and stare at the labor of love offered to create the majestic craft. The first floor also boasts of different documentation, films, and photographs that will give you an added educational information about the site.


Enjoy Cruising

You must know the geographical landscape surrounding the Eiffel Tower in order to set your expectations straight. The Eiffel Tower is actually set near a river. With this fact, you should expect that the government and the locals have taken advantage of such landscape for tourism purposes. What’s wonderful with having a river near the Eiffel Tower is that you could actually get on a boat cruise with your fiancée, your wife, or even your entire family. This could be the best option for those who would like to discover more of Paris because you can tour the Notre Dame and the other bridges that make up the entire City of Lights. Be sure to prepare your technologically advanced cameras in order to capture the best photographs of your tour at the Seine River.


Enjoy Wine And Cheese

Do you know that both locals and tourists extremely enjoy having picnics at the ground of the Eiffel Tower? You will surely love the well-manicured lawns surrounding the tower as you enjoy specialty cheeses, freshly baked baguettes, and deliciously fermented wines. If you are wondering where to buy these stuff before going to Eiffel Tower, you could actually just head on to rue Cler which is a beautiful street that is filled with vendors who offer some of the most delicious food and stunning local products. After buying all the stuff that you need, you could go straight to le Champs de Mars where you could spend the entire night enjoying a picnic with your loved ones.


Free Walking Tour

You could also enjoy a free Paris walking tour in order to know more about the place and discover the interesting facts about the city. After the free walking tour, you will be receiving a Perks Package which gives you vouchers for special discounts at Vedettes du Pont-Neuf boat cruise. Use this for a better experience at lower rates.

Exploring the City of Lights will not just be among the most romantic experience of your life but will also form part of the most beautiful dream-come-true moments.


Night Adventure At The Eiffel Tower

From the viewpoint of most tourists and experts, they say that the most wonderful time to visit the Eiffel Tower is at night. This is most particularly because of the additional effects that the lighting of the surroundings offers. You will definitely love how the whole structure seemingly sparkles like stars in the open sky.


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