Most Famous Paris Cafés That You Should Visit – 2018/2019 Edition

The French are the unquestioned kings when matters related to style, culture, art, food, and drink are concerned and Paris is considered as the crown jewel. This is a city which is bursting at its seams with wonderful cafés on the sidewalks as well as bars and restaurants which are celebrated for their precious clientele starting from expatriate writers like Hemingway to modern authors, artisans and stars. These are just a great experience that you should check out some of the most famous French cafes.

There are a number of retreats in Paris where you can position yourself at a table and have your cocktail at the very spot Camus did at one time or have absinthe in the same place where Hemingway frequently got plastered at these famous cafes in Paris

While there are a number of correspondingly great Paris cafes and lesser recognized cafés some of the most famous cafés and bars in Paris are tourist destinations by themselves. Beginning from the birthplace of the Bloody Mary to the joint of Picasso and Hemingway you can have a seat and absorb the creative vibes from the ages that have passed and wish some of that arcane character still hovers in the air. Check out our list of some of the most famous Paris cafes that you should visit.


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Famous Paris Cafés

Harry’s New York bar

This institution in Paris was established in 1911 as the New York bar but thereafter received its name from Harry McElhone who was a Scotsman hired to manage the bar. It was a time when Paris was flooded with numerous Americans from the creative and literary communities and Harry assisted in popularizing the bar and making it one of the best Paris cafes which the expatriates could believe was their home.


Café de Flore

Even as there are a number of bars/cafes in Paris which claim to have entertained notable and scholarly literary and creative clientele the number of places in Paris that old a special place in every culture as well as the arcane legacy in the city of lights the café de Flore is one of the few which is different. Similar to its primary level the Les Deux Magots [rivalry between bars, would you believe it?]The café de Flore has for long been recognized for its studious clientele and presents its own yearly literary prize which is known as the Prix de Flore.


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Les Deux Magots

The Les Deux Magots which is an Institute in Paris has for long had the distinction of being the place for a rendezvous between the learned and the arcane elite, this being known as the most famous cafe in Paris. It has received several notable patrons and among them being Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir apart from Hemingway, Picasso, and Camus. This Paris Café is famous as it has featured in numerous films and similar to Café de Flore, the Les Deux Magots has also had a yearly literary award for French novels every year since 1933.

My initial visit to the Les Deux Magots nonetheless had nothing to do with the existentialist scholars but much more with my fascination of squatting in the bar which was the backdrop for a number of conversations from my French language textbook in school.


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