June Events In Paris 2018/2019

June in Paris is full of different events that you can attend and have a great time while you’re in the city of love. June events in Paris include things like one of the best tennis tournaments in the world called Roland Garros, featuring tennis players like Federer, Nadal and Djokovic.

There’s also great events in Paris in June for those that love the arts. Things like the Shakespeare Garden Theater Festival and the Picasso sculptures are some must do things in June during your time in Paris. Below we have a list of some June events in Paris that you should go while you’re in the city.


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Fête de la Musique

This is a free music festival in the whole city. It is celebrated on every 21st day of June. Music of all genres in the city is played making it the most convivial and live event


French Open at Roland Garros

This is a prestigious and exciting tournament in Paris and one of the best June events in Paris. These tournaments are done at Roland Garros on 5th June. This fantastic event in Paris hosts Steffi Graf, a popular tennis player. The matches played on Roland Garros are unforgettable, and you should attend and be part of the memorable event.


Shakespeare’s Garden Theater Festival

Going to Paris? Ensure you attend the Shakespeare Garden Theater. Get entertained by the traditional folk dancing, open-air theater, and other fantastic events. You can also have a romantic and relaxed picnic with your spouse at the countrified Bois de Boulogne Park. The visits in this place will make your trip one of those you will never forget.


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Picasso Sculptures

There is an exhibition in Paris at the Musee National Picasso. This exhibition has more than one hundred and sixty sculptural works that are got from collections of over seventy countries in the world. Paintings and drawings complement the sculptures in this great Paris event in June. You will also find original bronze next to engraved concretes or along impressive paper enlargements. You can use this time to find the luxurious places in Paris and appreciate Picasso’s oeuvre more.


Women In Resistance: Memorial de la Shoah

This is an exhibit done at Memorial de la Shoah in Paris. This exhibit purposes to commemorate to honor those women who battled Nazi barbarism in World War II. Women from different nationalities played a very big role in the resistance of the World War II. This is shown clearly from letters, photographs and other documents that show this dark history. Another section of the exhibit will highlight the graphic novels under the same women resistance topic.


The Outdoor Studio: Impressionist Painting in Normandy

Do you love impressionist painting? If yes, then this is a June event in Paris for you. It is dedicated to the painters of outdoor studios who are inspired by Normandy gorgeous landscapes. Musee Jacquemart Andre hosts this fantastic Outdoor studio. The English and the French landscape painters come together to make the exhibition more fruitful. There are more than fifty works from Renoir, Edgar Degas, and Claude Monet among others.

Take your time to plan your trip to Musee Jacquemart Andre. Get the best deals on hotels and flights from the various sites.


Van Gogh On The Oise River

Auvers sur Oise outside of Paris holds a special series of exhibits for people who love and admire Vincent Van Gogh who is a Dutch Expressionist. Oise River will inspire the work of this great painter this year.

Van Gogh is a painter from Auvers which is an agricultural town. He has been inspired by other painters who were before him. He made paintings of the Auvers town, the scenery of Oise River and its landscapes. This is the paintings that have made him recognized, and this is what he left behind after his death.

Many organizations and local museums come together in April to offer the tourists the life and the work of Van Gogh in Auvers.

The visitors in this place are taken on special tours to where the painter lived and boat tours with explanations. On top of the festive celebrations in this place, there are also other inspiring programs that you should not miss. The trip to Auvers sur Oise will take slightly over an hour.

Participating Museums and Organizations: you can visit the Auvers Tourist Office if you are interested in participating in organizations and Museums. They will give you more information on the trip and also assist you to plan the trip.


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