Panama City Layover: Tocumen Airport Layover Guide

Getting stuck at The Tocumen International Airport in Panama may just be a surprising revelation on your travel journey. If you think that you will just be wasting time on your layover, then you are definitely getting it all wrong. The Tocumen International Airport is considered as one of the busiest airports in the region. It is the main hub for the Copa Airlines.

There are different services offered at the premises which can definitely be enjoyed by every waiting passenger. The airport has a medical clinic, a business center where you can request for international calls, and a couple of beverage and food counters.

If you plan on spending more precious moments of your layover outside of the airport, then you could just take the Tourist Taxi. You can know more about taxi transportation or contact their office at 507-238-4305 or 507-220-1210. Apart from taxis, you may also choose to ride the Airport Shuttle. The shuttle services can bring you to nearby destinations in Panama for a three-hour tour. If you are interested, prepare at least 95 USD for your tour fee.

The Tocumen International Airport is situated around 15 miles away from the city center. Because of its location, there are various ways that you can enjoy a long layover.


Things To Do During A Layover In Panama

Visit The Panama Canal

Do you know that you can reach the Eighth Wonder of the World in at least 30 minutes from the airport? With its proximity to the airport, the Panama Canal must never be out of your list when exploring the country. It wouldn’t have been recognized all over the world if not for its fascinating beauty, right? Panama Canal stretches to over 80 kilometers across the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean. It is a very thriving tourist destination with more than 9,000 employees.


Tour The City

Whether you got a short or long layover, it is advisable that you take a personal peek at how the city looks like. You could get out of the airport and stroll along the streets. You may also hop on a bus and get a glimpse of the local people’s everyday routine. There are other things that will certainly catch your interest while in the country.


Stroll At Parque Natural Metropolitano

Parque Natural Metropolitano is only ten minutes away from the downtown area of Panama. It is a popular rainforest park where you could enjoy the natural treasures of our environment. Among the amazing animals to see at the park include monkeys, toucans, and deer. It also features a beautiful orchid greenhouse and a museum.


Appreciate Art At Museo de Art Contemporaneo de Panama

Lovers of art will surely appreciate the beauty of Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Panama. It is home to some of the most skillfully crafted sculptures and paintings by local artists. If you are lucky enough, you could also catch some concerts and workshops at the museum.


Enjoy Breathtaking Views At Amador Causeway

The culture of Panama is very easy to appreciate most especially once you have learned to discover the normal routine of its people. You will have to visit the Amador Causeway in order to see locals interact with each other. The Amador causeway is a breakwater with a length of about 3.5 miles. It connects the islands of Naos, Perico, and Flamenco.


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