Muscat Layover Guide

Most travelers would hate getting on layovers. For them, it is a total waste of time. But we want you to change that notion. Getting on layovers could actually give you a surprising chance of exploring another place. As a matter of fact, a lot of tourists have found excitement as they got on a layover at Muscat’s Seeb International Airport. This airport is a main hub for the Oman Air and proves to offer a lot of leisurely options for its travelers who are stuck on a layover. The airport can be found around 20 miles away from the Old Muscat.

If you are traveling with eligibility for Visa on Arrival, you could actually just pay at the Travelex Foreign Exchange Bureau which is situated at the Immigration Arrivals Hall. You can pay using your own card or using any currency. The bureau will issue an automated receipt that you can present at the immigration desk. This special feature allows you to save time from processing and lining up. You could get more details about Oman Visa Eligibility here. You could also know more about the allowable quantities of certain alcoholic drinks and tobacco products here.

According to the airport, the minimum connection time for international flights is around an hour or 60 minutes. If you need a connecting domestic to international flight, give it at least an hour and a half. You may also need 90 minutes for connecting domestic flights.

You really don’t have to worry about being stuck at the Seeb International Airport because there are so many services and leisurely activities offered at the premises. You can find a couple food kiosks and restaurants that will surely satisfy your grumbling tummies. See the entire list of food establishments here. You may also spend your waiting time shopping for souvenir items and other local products at the retail outlets, duty-free shops, and other stores. If you wish to have a certain currency exchanged for another currency, the airport also offers such services. Check out the exact locations here. In case you feel bad or you suddenly get sick, don’t worry because the airport has a medical clinic that is open every single second of the entire year.


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You could also practice your religious rituals at the airport. If you are a Muslim, there is a mosque available at the Arrivals Terminal. There is also a prayer room for women at the back side of the said mosque. You could also find other prayer rooms inside the Departures Area on the 1st floor.

Muscat’s Seeb International Airport gives primary importance to their passengers. They have premium lounges where you could get some relaxation while waiting for your connecting flight. You can enter the Oman Air Premium Lounge for RO 7 either in cash or card. The lounge can be found on the ground floor just near the immigration office. You could know more about the Oman Air Lounge by calling +968 2451991. Another lounge at the airport is the Plaza Premium Lounge. The entry fee to this particular lounge is around RO 5 for kids and RO 10 for adults. You may call the Plaza Premium Lounge at +968 24518198. Another facility for leisure and relaxation is the Ahlan Lounge which can be found at the Arrivals Hall. You may know more about their services at +968 24519026.

In case that you have to stay in Oman for quite a long time for your layover, it would be advised that you just leave the airport and get on an adventure outside. You could ride a taxi that will bring you to your desired destination. What’s good with Oman’s transportation system is the presence of a Taxi Counter. It is recommended that you finish your transaction at the Taxi counter. Know more about taxi transportation at +968 24518781. You may also send a message at


Layover In Muscat, Oman

Shop At Muttrah Souk

Are you looking for souvenir items to bring home? Do you like to keep a remembrance of your Omani tour? Make sure that you visit the Muttrah Souk which is a popular market in the city. You will surely love the gold jewelry pieces, silver crafts, antique jars, and other local products offered at the different kiosks. Make sure that you get the best deal out of the products.


A Tour In Muscat

Whether you have little or lengthy time during your layover, there are different things to do in Muscat. Oman is famous for having wonderful attractions that will definitely capture your interests. You could choose to go on a safari tour using a 4×4 vehicle. You could also go to one of their marine treasures in order to watch beautiful whales. If you have a limited time, you may just bike around the city or watch a theater show.


Explore Muslim Culture And Religion At The Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

If you are interested in Muslim religion and culture, then you have to visit this mosque that was constructed by Sultan Qaboos in the 21st Century. The mosque has an elegant design and grandiose size. It can even be a sight of worship for more than 20,000 people. Make sure that you visit the mini prayer room which can hold over 6,000 faithful fellows because the fascinating design will certainly capture your heart’s interests.


Watch Turtles In Ras Al Hadd

Are you fond of natural creatures? Do you know that Oman is also home to some of the most precious endangered turtles in the world. You will find more than a hundred green turtle in Ras Al Hadd beach most especially when you visit in the month of July. You could enter the beach at a fee of 2.5 to 5 USD. Make sure that you get the services of Omani tour guides in order to see the mommy turtles while laying their eggs.


Have A Luxurious Time At Al Bustan Palace Hotel

The perfect place for relaxation and leisure in Oman is the Al Bustan Palace Hotel. You will definitely love the calm atmosphere and world-class services of this private beach resort.


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