What To Pack For Norway Trip – 2018/2019 Edition

The Scandinavian country form the far coast where heaven – like snow cap mountains, green vast land areas, and long stunning coastline of Norway is such a paradise that you seems like a dream. It’s important to know what to pack for trip to Norway.

But of course, it is not a dream at all. It is thousand miles away across the globe, from the stunning glorious Norway. Home of one of the few gifted countries where the exceptional and rare to catch Northern Lights show.

The wide land area of the country boasts natural and grandeur beauty. The country is surrounded, somewhat embraced with snow – capped white mountains, thus knowing what to pack for Norway trip is important. And below the hills and mountains are field of greener. Norway has a number of endemic flora and fauna.

Across the city of Oslo in Norway, there are monuments, statues, museums and other landmarks that display the rich civilization and history of the country. The country has a lot of activities to offer. Skiing, hiking, mountain climbing, fishing and even cruise tour is also best done in Norway. What to pack for visit to Norway?


What To Pack For Norway Trip

Passport And Other Important Travel Documents

You should always keep with you your plane tickets, supporting travel documents like passports, valid Identification, and Visa.



To keep you warm, you need to also pack thick jackets, sweaters, trench coats or any clothing to layer the base clothes you wear when packing for Norway. Leather jackets wool or fur and thick are effective body warmer, but only during winter time because it can cause sweaty feeling if worn during summer time.


Thick Clothing

Generally, Norway has low temperature. Winter season is longer and freezing. You need to bring thick base or primary clothes like shirts, blouses, and pants. During winter season, it is also advised to wear undergarments like tights and leotards under the base clothing to prevent from uncomfortable freezing temperature.


Boots Or Thick Rubber Shoes

If you decide to visit Norway during winter time, you need to bring or wear shoes that have spikes to avoid slippage when you walk on icy roads or wet floors inside.


Other Warming Accessories

Shawls, extra socks, extra undies, wool scarfs, ear warmer, bonnets, sweaters with hoods, gloves, and any clothes that can make you feel warm should be part of your Norway packing list. You also need to bring basic toiletries like brush and toothpaste, alcohol, wet wipes, tissue, lotion or moisturize, soap, facial wash, underwear liners, insect repellant, medicines, etc.


Camera And Other Devices

Of course, you need to document and keep memories of your Norway adventure! Especially, when you have the chance to see the hard to catch aurora or northern lights, you have to save a memory of it.


Trekking Or Mountain Climbing Equipment

If you plan to hike, mountain climb, or do outdoor activities in Norway, you can also pack clothes like hiking shoes, raincoats. You should also bring headlamps, portable stoves, waterproof clothes, compass, and more. These are all important to pack for Norway vacation.



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