How To Hike Trolltunga In One Day – Ultimate Guide

I can recall my reaction when I first came across a picture of Trolltunga’s, it was jaw dropping. I instantly saw myself sitting along the famous “Troll’s Tongue” edges and the vision seemed real for wanting to hike Trolltunga in one day

As our journey drew to a close, it was obvious that the climax to our trip would be hectic because we still had a few more countries we wanted to visit hence we had to squeeze in more and more countries as we could. With only today’s left, we booked a Trolltunga hike in one day.


About Trolltunga

It is located in the Norwegian Fiord, and is a horizontal rock resembling like something hang on by a thread. The Trolltunga is located 700 meters above River Ringedalsvatnet found in Skjeggedal. Its formation occurred 10,000 years ago during the ice age. Trolltunga was formed when glaciers filled the valleys reaching the cliffs in the process. The melting of the ice led to large pieces of rock breaking off and the remainder now the famous Trolltunga.


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How To Get There

The Norwegian town of Skjeggedal is where you will find then Trolltunga, 7 km from Odda. Once you are in Odda, it will take you around 8 to 12 hours of hiking to get to Trolltunga. The nearest airport from Odda is Bergen, which is 3 hours’ drive from Odda. We made our way to Trolltunga by flying into Bergen and then driving to Odda. At Odda, there is a car ferry that can take you through the fiords allowing you to have a gorgeous view of the fiords.


Overview Of Trolltunga Journey

(1 Full Day in Norway, 2 Travel Days)

  • Land at Bergen Airport before 3 pm.
  • Rent a car and drive to Odda (in less than 3 hours)
  • Buy groceries that you will need for your hike (stores close by 8 pm)
  • Go back to Odda and spend the night there
  • Get up early before 6 a.m to prepare for your hike to Trolltunga.
  • Drive to Skjeggeda where you will begin your hike.
  • Finish your hiking by 3pm
  • Immediately after the hike, drive back to Bergen.
  • Spend the night at any of the hotels in Bergen airport.
  • Fly out in the morning.


The Trolltunga Hike

There are a lot of good things that you will enjoy at Trolltunga like the serene nature, the views and the fresh air. However, these things come at a price. This price is the intense and grueling hike that you will have to endure.

By the time we were through with our 9 hour long trek, it was hard on our bodies. Anyone who might claim that he or she did not struggle with their hike is either a pro-athlete or is not being honest.

I hope you now understand what you are about to get yourself into. You can now put your focus on the good parts. You will enjoy the fresh Norwegian air, the vast snow-capped cliffs and the crystal clear waters. Taking a deep breath atop these Norwegian mountains will be a sensational feeling that you will always want to relieve.


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What To Expect

Expect to hike for 11km up to Trolltunga. The journey is a roundtrip journey for a one day hike of Trolltunga. At the beginning of the hike, it is very steep. However, the steepness gradually reduces. The hike is particularly difficult not because of the steepness or the weather but because of the terrain. You should expect jumping across streams, climbing over rocks and sliding through the snow or trudging through the mud.

The ever changing terrain is very good since it will help to keep all your muscles constantly engaged and to help you stay focused. This is Trolltunga’s way of keeping things interesting throughout.


Reaching The Summit (Trolltunga!)

Your journey ends 11km up at Trolltunga. It is better to leave early, around 5am or 6am for the Trolltunga one day hike, since there will be a lot of people taking pictures there. Sometimes, later in the day, the wait can be very long. The good thing about this is that you will always find someone willing to take a picture of your group. The summit is also a nice place to have lunch.


Tips For Trolltunga

Should you find many people are waiting to take a photo, don’t rush through yours. You don’t want to rush through a once in a lifetime opportunity. Remember, it took you a grueling hike to accomplish that. Just take a deep breath in, walk out on that rock and enjoy the incredible moment. If you are in the company of a group, then I would advise you to first take pics of yourselves before you can take group pics. Remember, this moment is yours and yours only.


After The Trolltunga Hike

Once you are through with your hike of Trolltunga in one day you will be back to your car. If your adventure was only for a day like ours, your day will not be over yet even after you are done with your hike. This is because you still have a 3 hour’s drive ahead of you. You have to drive back to Bergen so you can spend the night at the airport hotel so you can catch your early flight the next morning.


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