Best 8 Things To Do in TromsØ Based On The Different Seasons

Visiting Tromsø in Norway is like taking a vacation in a heavenly place. Tromsø is a place where all four seasons, have all the best things to offer and has its distinct beauty. Though, contrary to what most tourists know that Norway is always covered with snow, Tromsø snow melts down once in a while to give way to springing of flowers and leaves, uncovering gorgeous mountains and lovely creatures. Summer and autumn can also give you quite unique amazing scenery too! Overall, there’s lots of things to do in Tromsø.

The city seems like a small simple town which everything is accessible and convenient. Of course, less the fancy stuff. The long walks around the city is already amazing and is a must thing to do in Tromso. We listed down 8 things you can to in the beautiful nature city of Tromsø in Norway, on each season including things to do and things to see in Tromsø.


Best Things To Do in TromsØ

Summer Season

Sightseeing With Style Through Jet Ski And Boat Ride

When sea and river ice breaks fully and water becomes warm, it is the best time to indulge in a fun filled activity in a speed boat ride while you wander in awe of the beautiful scenery of Tromsø City.


Go Up High At The Lyngen Alps

The city of Tromsø is beaming with delightful and pleasant sun rays in the summer time. You can hike up the mountains that stand tall around Tromsø. If you are lucky enough, you get to see the midnight sun that gleams beneath you as you reach the top of the mountain. When day time in Norway is shorter, the sun peaks as at the dark solace of a peaceful night. For those that love the outdoors, this is one of the best things to do in Tromsø.



Autumn Season

Explore The Whole Central City Of Tromsø

For a perfect climate for walking around, you can do all that in autumn season. Discover the striking and majestic city of Tromsø. A lot of friendly locals can entertain you with small chats about arts, architecture and city’s rich history. The city is quite simplistic in nature blending the natural beauty of landscape of the city. Both elegant and country side- themed restaurants and bars lined up across the entire city. You can also shop around the city for local products, food offerings, and little trinkets of souvenirs. This is hands down one of the best things to see in Tromsø.


Watch Bright Colorful Leaves Surround The Whole Tromsø City

Norway has a different look and beauty at the start of autumn time. The leaves turn into bright red and yellow leaves. Just hike few miles away from the city area and even roll on the falling leaves. Such a fun experience that would be during your trip in Tromsø.



Winter Season

Dogsled With Husky Dogs

Ride and run wild with Norway huskies in Tromsø City mountains covered with thick snow. It will be a fun experience playing along with friendly canine winter companions in Norway. The friendly guided husky dogs will roam you up around the mountain and sled down the white snow slopes in Tromsø.


Catch The Stunning Northern Lights Show

You can visit Tromsø City, many times in a year, for different seasons. If you are lucky enough you can catch the Northern lights (commonly known as Aurora bright light spectacle). Imagine a colorful light show performed by nature is such a magnificent and fabulous sight in your lifetime. So, when you are in Norway, come and chase it at Tromsø City. After doing this, you’ll think you’ve experienced one of the best things about Tromsø.



Spring Season

Play With Real Life Reindeers

Who says reindeers are just a product of imagination, together with St. Nicholas’ (Santa Claus’) sled with gifts. Well, well, well, you can go to Tromsø and get to sled and feed real life reindeers. Sled along with a number of reindeers pulling you on a sled, getting the same feeling as Santa rides his sled by Rudolph and his team of deer.


Humpback Whales And Orca Dolphins Watching

April to May months is the peak season for spring time in Tromsø City. This is the best time where the sea water is warmer and the ocean nearby Norway welcomes passing migratory whales, sharks and dolphins. You can book from a lot of ferry and private boat to spot migrating gentle yet enormous humpback, and even get to witness playing killer whales crossing the Tromsø City’s sea territory.


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