7 Reasons For A Weekend In Oslo, Norway (36 Hour Itinerary Guide)

I received a lot of questioning and concerned looks when I divulged the details of my travel to Oslo, the capital city of Norway, during the weekend. I mean, sure, it could have been freezing there but then U.S. was not different. Contrary to the concerns, I ended up having an amazing time in Oslo and following are seven reasons why you can too.


7 Reasons For A Weekend In Oslo, Norway

It’s Affordable To Fly To Oslo Directly From The U.S. In The Winter

There are several direct flights to Oslo from San Francisco, Boston, Los Angeles and New York for less than $300 for a round trip for a 3 days in Oslo. While it can be a bit too much to travel from California just for a weekend in Oslo, for us in East Coast, that’s far cheaper than flying to Florida.


There Are Lots Of Cool Things To See – Many For Free!

The first thing we did in the city during the 3 days in Oslo was taking a strolling around downtown. The crowded Karl Johans Gate is a destination favored by many travelers, similar to Times Square, only cleaner.

A long walk towards the close of Karl Johans Gate took me to the Royal Palace where King Harald V and Queen Sonja live. The place looked darn beautiful surrounded with snow and I could only imagine what its interiors would look like as the place was only open for a visit during summers.


You Can Actually Travel To Oslo For 36 Hours From NYC, Without Taking Time Off From Work

How would you like to not take off from work and travel everywhere on just weekends? Though it can be a bit tough to find flights which are scheduled perfectly on those two weekend days. However, a red-eye flight is run by Norwegian airlines on Friday nights that reaches Oslo next morning. The same flight leaves Oslo on Sunday in the evening.

Additionally, there is an express train that takes you to the city from the airport saving a lot of time and making your travel easy and convenient.


You Can Take The Subway To Go Sledding Or Skiing

Imagine a metro filled with people fully clad in snow gear, with skis and sleds on a regular Saturday afternoon? Hard to place? Well, that is what the weekend afternoon of Oslo looks like. Their public transportation is laudably clean, efficient and punctual. Besides, it has some really great stops like Korketrekkeren. It is the most famous toboggan run of the area as it’s a great thing to do in Oslo.

You could rent some really sophisticated sleds at Korketrekkeren. It takes around fifteen minutes to reach the foot of the hill once you are on it. Board the metro to reach up again and repeat this till the day ends as the sled stays open till after dark. A cherry on top- this gives you an awesome elevated view of the place as it’s one of the best things to do in Oslo.


You’ll Find The Ultimate Winter Comfort Food In Oslo

Norwegians are habituated to living through long, chilly winters with little daylight. No wonder they have mastered the art of preparing delicious and hearty comfort food. To gorge on to savory meat pies and Norwegian meatballs, head straight to Kaffistova, a casual diner serving relatively cheaper traditional Norwegian meal during your 3 day itinerary of Oslo.


It’s Really Not That Cold In Oslo

We tend to picture Oslo with the Arctic despite the two being pretty far from each other. All you need to do is dress suitably and you are good to go.


It’s So Expensive, You Can’t Afford To Stay For Longer Than A Weekend In Oslo

I would definitely not love to see myself run out of my budget and getting my credit cards declined Oslo 3 day experience. Admittedly, Oslo is insanely expensive. Even the “affordable” restaurants here equal the five-star restaurants in the U.S. The food and drinks alone will make a big hole in your pocket. I was glad to be spending just a night here lest I should starve to death.


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