4-Day NYC itinerary: Mini Guide On Things To Do In New York City

If you are visiting the famous New York City for the first time and would like to get some tips on what to do. There’s so much to do in NYC that most locals haven’t done everything that is possible to do in the Manhattan and the neighborhoods around it. We’ll provide a guide on where to stay, places to eat, things to do and all the fun stuff in New York City. Below is a guide to enjoying the best of NYC in four days!


Getting To New York City

A weekend trip to the most populous city in America is possible if you are really eager to experience the American life. There are a number of flights globally towards New York. In my case, many British airlines frequently offer promos for affordable flights going to New York for those traveling from the United Kingdom

Booking for flights could be tricky. Different dates of booking may result in great disparities in prices. That’s why I always take advantage of apps such as Skyscanner. I simply adore this because it allows me to find the cheapest flight rates for the entire month.

For me, it would really be best to book a direct flight to New York because any stopover to any country may not even really deserve your effort. Also, when going home, you have to book a flight overnight. This would allow you to enjoy the city for the entire day.

Another option to find cheap flights is Google Flights. you’ll be able to find great prices for flights by playing around with the dates of departure and returns. It’ll extremely easy to and much better than other sites like Kayak, Priceline or Expedia.

You might also want to check out The Flight Deal to keep an eye out for flash prices to New York City. Either keep checking their website or follow the Twitter account and set up notifications to book for the best price to New York City.


Where To Stay In New York City

If you are looking for just an ordinary room to give you the perfect pleasure of relaxation and the hospitable services, then you could also book one of my favorite hotels whenever I visit New York. The Grand Hyatt is located in midtown Manhattan. It is very close to the Grand Central Terminal which allows you to have an ease of access to the different travel destinations of this very popular city.  

You may also look for fancier hotels if you have the budget. Do not worry about the locations of the hotels or apartments because there are a lot of transportation modes within the city. Dream Hotels is among the coolest option for your accommodation because it is really pleasurable to stay in either of the two branches – in midtown or in downtown.

For budget-conscious travelers, you may book at the CitizenM which is actually considered as a boutique hotel that is affordable. Another accommodation that provides extremely low hotel rates is The Jane Hotel. Booking this hotel is like being transported to one of the most memorable yet romantic tragedies ever – the Titanic. It was recorded that The Jane Hotel served as a home to those who have been saved from the Titanic. And if you are really on a very tight budget, then just choose among the many hostels in New York. Let The Guardian help you out in selecting the best one.


Daily Activities

The activities that you could enjoy in New York can be categorized according to geographical locations. The best place to spend most of your vacation is in Manhattan. It is particularly because most of the tourist destinations are located in this area of New York. Other parts of the city worth traveling to are the Uptown, Midtown, Brooklyn, and the Downtown.


Lower Manhattan

The Lower Manhattan is also filled with historically and politically significant destinations. You could feel the terrible effects of the 9/11 attack by visiting the 9/11 Memorial and Museum. You could also feel the busy environment of the financial industry by going to the Wall Street. Consider taking a ferry in order to reach the Staten Island and have a photograph of the Statue of Liberty. Lastly, have some relaxing walk at the High Lane.


Midtown Manhattan

If you are a Hollywood fanatic and you would like to have a photograph in some of the cinematic settings, then do not ever let a New York tour pass without visiting the beautiful Midtown Manhattan. Here, you will find the New York Public Library, the Grand Central Terminal, the Rockefeller Center, and St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Of course, it is also in Midtown Manhattan where you could enjoy the setting of the sun in the Empire State Building or the glow of the stars at the Times Square.


Uptown Manhattan

If you are looking for some historical adventure, then Uptown Manhattan is the perfect travel destination for someone so curious as you. It is in the Uptown where you will find museums where you can marvel at some of America’s greatest artists. Among these museums are the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Guggenheim Museum, Museum Mile, Copper-Hewitt National Design, American Museum of National History, and The Cloisters.  

It is also in the Uptown where you will find the popular Central Park. Be sure to enjoy the gigantic place by renting out the bikes and enjoying the natural sceneries and the crowd.



Do you frequently hear Brooklyn being mentioned in movies and TV series? That’s particularly because you could easily fall in love with the place. Merely crossing the Brooklyn Bridge could give you an entirely new feeling. Shopping with great crowds at the Brooklyn Flea Market is also a wonderful experience of American shopping.


Different Kind Of Tours

Different travel providers offer customizable tours for those who would like to make the most of their vacation time in New York. We recommend that you get the following tours for a hassle-free and more memorable NYC travel experience.


Foodie Tour

Foods of NY has some of the richest culinary traditions in the world. Not that the dishes and meals are anything complicated. It’s just that NYC has famous and reputable restaurants that offer palatable selections. Go for a foodie tour in order to discover more about the wondrous ways that Americans appreciate their food.


Movie Location Tours

Again, Hollywood movie lovers would surely fulfill their dreams by just going to this favorite location for films. I personally love getting the services of On Location Tours because they have exciting stops for their customers. Going on movie location tours could make you feel like one of the Hollywood actors and actresses.


Novel Tours

A novel tour in New York is also among the best travel adventures for those who have the passion for words and the imagination they bring along. By going on a novel tour, you could personally see famous story settings that once only formed in your imaginations.


New York Transportation

The best way to enjoy New York with such a limited amount of vacation time is by taking the public transport system. The subway could take you to different places in a single day because of its accessibility and speed. Not only is it much cheaper than using a Taxi, most times it’s even faster and less of a headache. You can even get to and from all the major airports around New York with the use of the public transportation system and will save you lots of money. The reason for this is because a taxi from Manhattan to JFK airport will cost about $60, to Laguardia airport is around $40 and $60 to Newark airport. Compared to public transportation which will cost you no more than $10 per trip.

However, we suggest that you refrain from taking open-top buses in New York. Know that the city is very small and congested with cars. There are days when traffic could be at its worst. Do not ever risk losing all your time and also your money with these bus tours. Enjoy walking along the interesting and diverse streets of New York. Marvel at the culture of America.


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