What To Buy In Marrakech And How Much To Pay In Marrakech

Want to have a pleasant shopping experience? Head to Marrakech, and you will love it. There are several stalls and shops on labyrinth pathways which form Medina Marrakech Souks where you get almost ever thigh you can imagine.

This article will offer a guideline of things you should consider to buy when touring Morocco. It is prudent to have an idea of the available items and an approximate amount they cost before you go to Marrakech souks for shopping.


What To Buy In Marrakech And How Much To Pay In Marrakech

Doing your shopping at the souks will give a completely different shopping experience especially for tourists who are used to purchasing items at a set price. We shall view at the bargaining process which will help you at the Marrakech souks. You will then get the list of items you should consider buying when you visit Marrakech.


Bargaining At Marrakech – A Logical Tactic To Conduct Business

Some people may find bargaining a little out of place, but it is customary to bargain at Marrakech and especially when shopping at the souks. This has been an art in this area from the time when the currencies began. It shows the nature of managing your money.

To the shop owner, bargaining is part of supply and demand. This way the sellers set their items on little high prices. The initial offers of an item no matter their value will always be exceptionally high and it will drop as you bargain. Some people panic over the first offer, but this should not be the case when shopping in this market.

Sellers at times will set their initial bargaining price depending on the first impression. If you go wearing a designer watch, clothes or carrying a DSLR camera, then they are likely to set the initial price tag a little higher. Prices also tend to be high in souk areas with several tourists. It may also be quite hard to bargain in these areas.

You can have quite a great experience bargaining at Marrakech, and this can become a highlight of your trip. It is crucial to note that vendors are never in a hurry and they will want to take time during the negotiation. During the process, you will see the local artisans of the locals.


How To Succeed When Negotiating Prices At Marrakech Souks

  1. You can go when not happy with the price but do not walk away if you have agreed to complete the sale.
  2. Do not be intimated by the initial inflated prices of the sellers. These pieces are interestingly high.
  3. Show some interest on the products workmanship but do not seem desperate since the seller may see raise the prices higher after seen your enthusiasm.
  4. Consider the price of the item back at home and know that you should pay much less at Marrakech souks.
  5. Have some cash in hand to pay for the items. Some sellers do not allow card payment. There have also been some cases of fraud for people who have used cards before so paying by cash is much better.
  6. Bargaining is at times a great experience for acting. Think about the product and some reasons you should not pay the price for it and use them. You can at times tell the seller that you can get the item at a better price somewhere else and this may work to your advantage.



What To Buy At Marrakech

Buy A Pashmina Or Scarf At The Souks

Marrakech souk is the ideal place to buy pashmina and scarves. The souks have several stalls that sell amazing pashminas made of incredibly soft cashmere and sumptuous cactus silk. This is an excellent gift for a friend who is addicted to scarfs and during the winter seasons that are extremely cold.

There are a variety of scarf designs in the souks ranging from designs dyed with bright colors and others with beautiful knits which are floral inspired. You can also buy the fake blueberry scarf which is of better quality than the ones sold by the brand.


The Cost Of Marrakech Pashmina

  • A cashmere scarf will cost around 150 Dirham
  • A silk scarf costs approximately 70 Dirham


Buy Amazing Rugs And Carpets

Among the most fantastic things produced by the Berber artisans that you will find in the soaks are amazing rugs and carpets. The carpets made with the traditional Berber style have a story behind them, and you will fall in love with them.

While the carpets are beautiful, they are heavy, and it may be challenging while transporting them back home. Good news is that some countries will sell and import the carpets for you and thus pick this souvenir from Morocco at home.

There may be no need to, but some of these bulky items in Marrakech since you will be needed to pay an extra fee for transportation. The cost of transportation could be around £15 and above if the luggage is heavy.

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