Solo Female Traveler’s Guide To Marrakech

The Moroccan city of Marrakech is known for its stunning beauty, delicious cuisines and diverse culture. It is but natural to want to travel to this increasingly popular destination yet have second thoughts while traveling as a solo female traveler to Marrakech.


Solo Female Travel Guide To Marrakech

Is It Safe To Travel Alone In Marrakech?

Hell yeah! All you need is common sense when traveling alone, be it any place of the world. There might always be a chance of an untoward incident showing right up and a little caution always comes in handy when traveling to Marrakech alone as a female traveler. However, you don’t have to get all paranoid; you need to just listen to your gut and be prepared for any issue which might occur.

Marrakech is an Arabic society and hence men might have different ideas about women. To add to it, a white woman in Marrakech means a lot more of unwanted attention. This basically involves men seeking attention calling out casual things, which is not totally harmful. The men here are mostly harmless. You just have to be a little clever to travel alone to Marrakech as a girl.



What To Wear In Marrakech For Women

To cover up or not for females in Marrakech? It’s one of the biggest questions that shows up when you decide to visit a Muslim nation. However, in big cities and popular tourist destinations like Marrakech which welcomes a lot of travelers from the West all the year round, solo female travelers are at an advantage.

Marrakech is a Muslim society which means they expect women to cover themselves. Therefore, it is respectful to opt for conservative clothing.

It is also important that while covering yourself up, you feel comfortable. Picking up something light, a loose top with long sleeves or a scarf used as a stole can be a good option to both cover yourself up and save yourself from the screeching hot weather.


Getting Around In Marrakech

Like any other city in the world, Marrakech is safe for females to walk about. However, like any other city, some caution is required if you decide to take a stroll through its streets. One of this could be keeping your purse or bags zipped and probably in front of you to avoid losing your stuff to pickpockets.

Second, be aware of the scammers. They will find you and get to you right when you alight from a bus or even when you decide to take a walk through the city. A typical such scammer will ask you where are you headed and would offer to take you around.

Don’t mistake it to be an offer of help as this usually ends up into their asking for money once you reach your destination. Be smart and assertive and turn them down by telling that this isn’t your first time here or at least making them believe it to be true.


Where To Go In Marrakech

Whether looking for a day-trip or an overnight expedition from Marrakech, you will find almost every tourist stall in the Main SquareJemaa el Fna, and even hostels advertising and organizing them. These trips are affordable and give a lot to experience from.

Ouzoud Waterfalls of the Atlas Mountain Range is one of the most favored destinations in these day trips from Marrakech. After all, what can be better than a day spent hiking and swimming in the breathtakingly beautiful cool waters of the falls!

Or plan an overnight excursion to the great Sahara Desert riding the camels, sleeping underneath a sky full of billions of stars over the remarkably serene sand dunes. Head to the Ourika Valley and witness the view change from dry deserts to green oasis within a span of few hours. The chances of Marrakech’s beautifully diverse city disappointing you are bleak as there is a lot to do here.


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