Casablanca Layover Guide

If you find yourself stuck at a layover in one of the busiest airports in Morocco such as the Casablanca Airport, we urge you to stop worrying because there are actually a lot of things to discover in this place. The Casablanca Airport (CMN) is situated 30 kilometers at the southeastern part of Casablanca. The destinations that you can visit and the activities that you can try really depend on how much layover time you have.

Most of the hotel establishments in the area offer shuttle services going to and from the airport. You may ride a taxi from the airport to Casablanca for a fixed rate of 200 dirhams during the day and 250 dirhams during the night. You may also choose to ride the bus through the CTM bus company. A single bus journey to the city will be around an hour. You could also ride the train through the ONCF station which can be found on the ground floor of the arrivals area. Trains run from 6:50 am to 10:30 pm. If you decide to leave your bags at the airport, you may do so at the Left Luggage facility at the ONCF train station.


Things To Do During A Layover In Casablanca: 

A Tour Of Casablanca

If you only got a few hours to stay in Casablanca, then you may choose to have either a day or night tour of the area. There are a lot of outdoor and indoor activities to enjoy such as biking, restaurant dining, food trip, and walking tour, among others.


A Visit To Hassan II Mosque

Would you like to personally see the second largest mosque in the world? Then you should not miss visiting the Hassan II Mosque. It is the only mosque in Casablanca where people outside of the Islamic faith can visit. You will surely be amazed by the glass floor section of the mosque where faithful people can kneel on the glass above the sea for their worship. The grand mosque measures around 200 meters high. You may reach this destination by riding a private car or a bus at the airport.


Historical Travel To Old Medina

Going to Old Medina is like being transported to the historical past of Casablanca. It is situated at an old place of the city. Today, you will love Old Medina’s market where you can purchase some of the best local products. It is the perfect place for gastronomic adventures and spice hunting. You may also visit the places nearby Old Medina such as the shrine of SidiAllal el-Kairouani and the fishing harbor.


Wander At Quartier Habous

Quartier Habous can be found at the southeastern part of Casablanca. It is considered to be among the most wonderful stops for those who would like to purchase local crafts. As the New Medina, it proves to offer a lot of interesting trade items such as Moroccan carpets, copper goods, and a lot more. Don’t miss out on the delicious pastries from Chez Bennis.


See The Sunset At The Port of Casablanca

If you need some relaxing afternoon, then you could witness the sunset at the Port of Casablanca. You could hang out and enjoy tasty seafood delights from the many restaurants in the place. You could also visit the Centre 2000 which has a couple of luxury boutiques.


Marvel At The Cathedral Notre Dame de Lourdes

The Cathedral Notre Dame de Lourdes is a beautiful spot for those who appreciate excellent architecture and design. You will love the floor to ceiling stained glass windows of this Catholic Church. You will also certainly be awestruck by the Roman artifacts that date back to centuries.


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