What Frequent Flyer Miles Account To Use For Different Destination?

How do you determine which airline to use frequent flyer miles and points for when traveling to different destinations? The frequent flyer miles/points that you earn can reward you with travel to different destinations. But you have to personally identify certain things:

  1. What’s your target destination? Do you have any place that you frequently visit? Then consider that when choosing services.
  2. Is it okay for you to undergo connecting flights?
  3. Would it be okay on your part to shoulder fuel surcharges for as long as you get better services?


Traveling through the United States airlines to Australia or New Zealand. Let us set your expectations straight: it may not be entirely possible to fly first class at Qantas using the dividend miles. You will need great luck to get such a possibility. But if you are really determined to fly non-stop at a first class seat, then you will have to be prepared to pay more for the ticket.

In order to make use of award tickets, then you could simply get a connecting flight to Asia towards Australia. Based on the experience of travelers, it is a lot easier to get business class flights using awards from the US to Asia then connecting to Australia.

We suggest that if ever you find a good deal of flying first class through Qantas from Dubai, grab it immediately. You would be very lucky to spend 120,000 to 150,000 miles to travel nonstop from Dubai to Australia.

If you are thinking about using AAdvantage miles, then you better put your expectations low. The AAdvantage award does not offer transit to a 3rd region such as Asia. In order for you to use your AAdvantage for an Asia then Australia flight, you will have to use two awards.

If you are eyeing on using your points from Delta SkyMiles, well that could be great. Delta SkyMiles can be a very good option to book business class flights at Virgin Australia. Still, we only recommend choosing this option if you have already earned a significant amount of points from Delta. But if you are just starting to earn points, then we suggest that you consider other options since Delta usually offers high-level award prices from 160K to 260K miles for a roundtrip fare per passenger.



Using AAdvantage Miles & Singapore KrisFlyer Miles to Japan Flights

Based on a number of passenger experience, the reward of flying to Japan through the JAL Sky Suite is a truly wonderful experience. By just redeeming 50K miles from AADvantage, you could already fly to the beautiful country of Japan under a business class category with a highly relaxing memory foam mattress. You can even try booking a first class category through the JAL for less than 63K miles.

Another good way of spending your reward points is by flying from the US to Tokyo using the Singapore KrisFlyer miles. If ever you do not have the Singapore KrisFlyer miles, then you can easily transfer your Chase and AMEX points to such. Flying to Japan through the Singapore Suites A380 will cost you less than 150K miles. Also, be prepared to spend on tax and fuel surcharges. No matter how much you add on the miles, we really think that flying on Singapore Suites could be a leisurely experience.


Using Delta Skymiles & American AAdvantage For Europe

Having Delta Skymiles can be very beneficial when you are a frequent flyer to Italy or any other European country. Among the benefits of having Delta Skymiles is the chance to fly nonstop from the center of Italy to the United States in a business class category. Such flight even includes a flatbed feature without any need to pay for a fuel surcharge. You will be needing to redeem around 125K Delta Skymiles for a flight going to the capital of Italy. That’s definitely a wonderful deal for anyone flight flatbed business class to a European country!


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