Mexico City (AICM) Layover Guide: What To Do In Mexico City During Layover

If you consider going on layovers as being trapped in the airport, then you better change the perception because there are definitely more things to enjoy while waiting for your connecting flight.

If ever you get on a layover at the International Airport of Mexico City (AICM), know that you can actually do a lot of things since the city of Mexico proves to be highly accessible and filled with different establishments for relaxation, leisure, and other things. The International Airport of Mexico City is one of the region’s biggest and busiest airports. It is where the renowned airline, Aeromexico, mainly takes off and lands.


Layover In Mexico City

The Hilton Airport Hotel is the most convenient place you could go to in case you arrive late in the evening. It is located on the 3rd floor of Terminal 1. You may call the hotel’s office at (55) 5133 0505. But if you would like to get out of the airport, there are other hotels in the Mexico area which will surely meet your travel goals and budget limitations.

The airport also provides 24-hour luggage storage for those who would like to get out of the premises of the airport and get into some exploration of the city. You may call 5618 3116 to inquire about the availability of lockers at Lounge A. Lounge B and Lounge D also provides baggage shipping services.

You won’t have to worry about airport transfers and transportation services because different modes abound in the area. You may go to the foreign bus terminal for journeys to other parts of Mexico. It runs 24/7. You may also choose to hop onto the metro which offers cheap fares. The line 5 of the metro is located on the left side of the airport. You will have to take a stop at Pantitlan and transfer to line 1 until Insurgentes in order to get to the city center of Mexico.

If you would like to prevent the hassle of getting either into the metro or the bus, then you could also ride a taxi. You could get prepaid tickets from the Ground Transportation booth. Just look for Taxi Autorizado and buy the prepaid card that is colored yellow and white.


Mexico City Layover Guide

A Tour Of Mexico City

Even if you will only spend a few hours in the city, there are still wonderful things to try in Mexico City. You may spend a few minutes walking around the city or spend a couple of hours at the theater. You could also explore Mexico by getting a bus tour. Here are some of the interesting tours for your layover:


San Jacinto Plaza

If you are looking for authentic Mexican food, then the San Jacinto Plaza at the San Angel District could seem to be a heavenly place for you. This is where local vendors and businesses offer some of the most delicious local cuisines. Make sure that you drop by any of the restaurants in the area. Don’t also forget to bring home at least one souvenir from the local craft stores.


Floating Gardens Of Xochimilco

You will find the Floating Gardens more than 17 miles from the southern part of the city of Mexico. Just ride the metro going to Tasquena Station Line 2, transfer to Tren Ligero, and travel until the end of the line. Tourists love going to this place because of the wondrous presence of over 50 miles length of canals. You can explore the entire place by renting out boats. You will surely feel overwhelmed as you hear music and eat local food right during your boat journey.


Turibus Circuito Turistico

Most of those who are just waiting for their connecting flights opt to ride the Turibus Circuito. This is among the best and fastest possible ways to gain a better understanding and achieve familiarization of the city. You can ride the tour bus at the eastern corner in front of the Auditorio Nacional. Just take the metro on Line 7 and travel towards Auditorio. The tour lasts around 2.5 to 3 hrs. You could catch the bus from 9 in the morning until 9 in the evening. Prepare at least 100 USD for the entire trip.



If you are about to stay longer in Mexico, then we urge you to visit Teotihuacan. This is an archaeological site that is said to be the biggest in the country. It is situated around 25 miles at the northeastern part of the capital. A long layover will surely be spent wonderfully in this beautiful destination. Make sure that you visit the Pyramid of the Sun and capture some of the most fascinating photographs that you will ever have. You could reach this place by taking the metro towards the city center. From the city, ride a bus at the North Bus Station which offers a journey towards Teotihuacan.


Museo del Templo Mayor

The Museo del Templo Mayor can be found at the Mexico downtown area. You could reach this destination by riding a cab or by taking the metro at Zocalo. There are thousands of things to capture your interest in this museum. It will bring you to the past of Mexico which dates back even before the Hispanic era. Sure, The Great Temple will stun you with overwhelming delight.

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