Is Mazatlan Safe To Travel In 2018/2019?

With current passion of people for discovering and exploring the world, perhaps most travelers never hesitate to travel even there are unlikely news about certain country. Like some want to know is Mazatlan safe to travel in 2018? Maybe, that is the reason why even there are travel warning on each country, seasoned travelers still find their way to visit the country knowing that despite bad images are reported by media, there are still places that are still safe and are worth visiting.

But how about traveling to Mazatlan in Mexico safe? Earlier last year, 2017, political, drug related news, and safety issues have made headlines on the state of Sinaloa. The long pristine beach coastline of Sinaloa attracts a lot of locals and tourists. Is the recent negative news about Sinaloa, bother you to explore the lovely country? Or would you be one of those who dare to visit the country’s lovely paradise?


Is It Really Safe To Travel To Mazatlan?

With the unexpected violence and other security headlines over Mexico, we should always bear in mind that an isolated case in a certain area in Mexico does not happen all over the country and for those asking is Mazatlan safe to travel, should continue reading.

With the resort like and almost like a paradise for tourists, Mazatlan is a safe haven for an ideal vacation for many Americans and Europeans. The white and clean sands that extend the coast of Mexico beach shore are breathtaking.

Even with poor Spanish speaking skills, you might still be able to communicate well and enjoy company of locals in Mazatlan. In fact, there are now a lot of tourists who actually extend their vacations for weeks or months falling in love with such lovely place.

To be fair with Mazatlan, although the actual bad headlines does not happen in the famous town resort, local authorities increase number of police and security officers roving the entire place. This will help increase trust for locals and tourists that the town is kept secured at all times, plus making sure that those who are planning to break laws and cause violence around will hesitate because of police and patrol car visibility.

Local tourism officials also makes sure to properly disseminate guidelines for tourists of how and what places they need to avoid in order to be 100% sure safe and secured. Just do all the proper vigilance and self-awareness like visiting other countries too, can help you be safe at all times wherever you are in the part of the world. It also helps if you know how to act like a real tourists, like making sure not to leave valuable things in public places(that would attract pick – pockets and snatchers), making sure that you do not speak with questionable and scammers, being vigilant with valuables in crowded areas, and other basic travel safety precautions alike.


What Are Best Things To Do In Mazatlan?

Dance Your Way To A Beach Party

With the white sands and pristine beach waters, truly all beach shores in Mazatlan is amazing. Everywhere you go is such a paradise to begin with. If you prefer fun, lively and active partying all night long you can hop in to Los Sabalos (Joey Oyster Bar) where younger party goers often go to rave. There are also options to visit like Jungle Juice, Sr. Frogs, Gus Gus, and Gringo Lingo. You can just stroll around the beach sores in Mazatlan and find yourself lost into a happy crowd.

Take A Luxurious Cruise

You might want to treat yourself for a romantic yacht ride afloat the ocean area of Mazatlan. You can have a day cruise or prefer to book an overnight cruise ship dinner with your family or loved ones. Name it, they have it. Party on ferry boats are best enjoyed because it may be lively but peaceful and not too crowded. It is more intimate. It is up to you to create your own list of fun and exciting time in Mazatlan. So plan your trip now.


Try Out Fishing And Other Water Sports Activities

Aside from 21 kilometers long of beautiful beach shore, the resort town is also famous for fishing events and other water sports activities.

You can look around the beach area for travel and activity tours to find yourself into trying activities like fishing, boating, skim boarding, banana boating, shore paragliding, parasailing, and a lot more! You should never miss the fun adventures doing it on the beach!

Embrace The Sun

If you prefer a toe down peaceful and quiet way to relax, you can just hop on the nearest beach where your hotel is located and spread those mat and get the sun tan you have always wanted to have. Read a book or just take a nap in the white clean beach sands of Mazatlan.

If you have enough budgets to splurge for peaceful and quite getaway you can opt to stay at Pueblo Bonito or Emerald Bay.

For convenience and where most resorts are just few meters or miles away, you can check out Playa Mazatlan or Costa de Oro. Or the best way is to fly to Mazatlan yourself and create and discover your own adventure place.

Explore The Resort Downtown

If your fun is all about shopping, you can rely on the downtown shops and malls located on the central metro of Mazatlan. You can purchase antiquities, souvenirs, and other local products you might want to take home with you of a piece of remembrance of your stay in the resort town in Mexico.

You can also take a long walk on the downtown area were you can try on biking or other any land adventure activities like zip line, ATV, mountain hike, day tours to different famous places in Mazatlan or private distillery tours.


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