10 Best Things To Do In Guanajuato Mexico

For those who are fond of exploring ancient and almost forgotten civilization, Mexico is often actually the most popular country for history loving tourists. From the famous mystical pyramids in Egypt to almost mythical Mayan civilization in Mexico, it all opens up interests of people and many ask what to do in Guanajuato?

The arts, culture, civilization and man-made structures of Mexican civilization is probably one of the earliest and quite well advanced civilization in the past. Guanajuato City in Mexico is probably the most raveling one to visit where the old paved concrete narrow alleys can be seen all over the city, (what used to be secret) tunnels, granaries, and all the early Colombian structures can be explored.

In fact, the city is too old and quite there are a lot of evidence in the past that still remains until now, the city of Guanajuato has been in protected UNESCO World Heritage list and there’s lots of great things to do in Guanajuato.

The city seems like a painted canvas of colorful bright shades houses, buildings, and shops. You will feel amazed and feel the vibrant culture of fun Colombian era. While strolling around the beautifully colored streets, you will surely stumble to friendly neighborhood. Check out our list below of the best things to do in Guanajuato.


10 Best Things To Do In Guanajuato

Try Authentic Mexican Food

Mexican food is quite famous all around the world. In reality, you can find a lot of Mexican restaurants and food stalls offering Mexican delicacies wherever parts of the world you are. However, now that you are in Guanajuato, you must try out the best Mexican food tasting ever as these are some of the places to eat in Guanajuato.

Or you can dine in fine dining restaurants downtown but nothing beats having big bites and lining up to different food stalls lined up around the city. Generally, Mexicans are fond of family bonding. And if families are gathered together, they see to eat they serve the best food in huge quantities where all family members and their visitors are able to feast.

Finger foods or dishes that can be serving individually are quite common in Mexican dining traditions. Since feast often lasted for whole day or often eating and fun and games go together, people need to eat while enjoy different activities for the best food in Guanajuato. Finger foods or now known as street foods are now quite abundant and available anywhere around the city of Guanajuato. Try traditional authentic chilies, empanadas, enchiladas, tamales, gorditas, sopes, and more!


Explore The Old And Narrow Colorful Alley Houses

The cheapest and probably the most enjoyable activity to do in Guanajuato is to walk around the narrow streets and enjoy the majestic view of the hillside of the bright colorful building structures. You can take series of photos of the wonderful bright city as you explore the city, or probably interact with locals.

As you explore on foot on the small concrete alleys of Callejón Del Beso, you may find yourself to the city plaza and square where you can find more things to be amused of. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes and clothes because you need a lot of walking you can see great things in Guanajuato. But with the beauty of the place, we are sure you will forget how tired you are from walking.


Watch Theater Shows 

There are quite a lot of theater and small concert halls in Guanajuato. You can watch theater shows, musical play, concerts, other stage acts. This can be one of the best things to do in Guanajuato for those that like watching shows. You can check out Teatro Principal or Teatro Juarez where there are regular shows every day. You can purchase tickets on the theater or book ahead of time.


See A Real Ancient Mummified Bodies

Well, what better way to discover and explore more about Mexico’s rich historical civilization and culture is through its famous mummification of their corpse’s ages ago? You must visit the Mummy Museum in Guanajuato.

Because of the ancient complex technique in preserving the dead bodies of ancient people in Mexico, we are still able to see a complete set of body parts of a human living hundreds and thousands of years ago! There are about 100 real life mummies are exhibited in the museum.


Shop Around The Mercado Hidalgo

For those who like to enjoy their vacation to shopping, no worries, the downtown area of the Guanajuato got that covered for you. Visit the Mercado Hidalgo area. It is like a flea market place where you can buy both cheapest and expensive local native products like cheese cured meats and the like.  Here you can find some of the best places for shopping in Guanajuato. You can also purchase various souvenir items, Mexican cloths, and more! There are also fresh fruits, flowers, food and all the items you can imagine is sold here.

There are lines of stalls set up in the market at Mercado Hidalgo. Or you can also walk by the nearest shopping area you came across near the hotel or lodging you are staying in. There are actually quite a lot of stores and shops around.


Visit Religious Cathedrals, Churches And Other Monuments 

Mexico is famous for its deep rooted Christian faith. You must visit old cathedrals (like the Basilica de Guanajuato) and also modern churches as well. There are also important landmarks such as the Templo de la Compañía, Iglesia de San Diego, Monumento al Pipila Guanajuato, or the Cubilete Hill.


Stopover At The Art And History Museum

Once you entered the city of Guanajuato you already are experiencing a rich history of Mexican and Colombian history. But you can pay a quick visit to see the Alhóndiga de Granaditas, to know more about the arts and history of Guanajuato and Mexico.


Go Under A Trail Of Deep Mine Tunnels 

One of which that makes the city of Guanajuato famous is the tunnels. What used to be secret path ways for mining now are an open space for locals and tourists to explore. You can visit one silver mine tunnel for you to take as an adventure at El Nopal Mina.


Try To Enjoy A Funicular Ride

Well, major transportation in Guanajuato is bus, cabs, and the tram cable car. The cable railway is called funicular in Guanajuato. It is one way to explore the city other than by strolling by foot. You can reach the top of the historic colorful building–filled hill city through the funicular and is a fun thing to do in Guanajuato.


Try The “Happiness Kiss Luck”

You can also visit the “Alley of the Kiss” where somewhat older than the Romeo and Juliet love story, locals and tourists are fascinated about the folk tale. This is a tale of two young lovers who lived in an alley where their houses’ balconies are too close to each other that they kissed in secret since both their parents are against their relationship. Well, the story ends in tragedy.

There is a specific area there where in the red stair, and try to kiss our loved once or partner; in return, you will have 7 years of happiness (probably that is how long the happy romance lasted between the two lovers in the tale). Is it a neat story, right? Although, no scientific basis, it is also nice to try it with your significant others like kissing under mistletoe on Christmas Eve or under full moon just for fun.


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