Traveling To Maldives With A Baby: Everything You Should Know

Do you often see babies travel to the Maldives? Personally, I rarely see Instagram photos of little ones in the Maldives. That’s why I am slightly in doubt as to whether I shall really bring a baby to Maldives with me to this paradise.

Actually, I have sought the opinion of other people regarding my plans of bringing a baby to the Maldives. Can you guess what their responses were? What shall I do? Does bringing my child to the Maldives prove my negative parenting character?

Maybe, most of us are afraid to try new things with our babies particularly because of the same paranoid opinions of other people. But, we must acknowledge the fact that we are loving parents who surely would not let anything happen to our children. Don’t fret. Don’t be afraid. Go on with a once-in-a-lifetime journey to the Maldives with baby will be worth it.


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Traveling To Maldives With A Baby

The Flight To The Maldives With Baby

Let me recount our air travel to Maldives with a baby. We booked a flight from the Turkish Airways from New York going to Male. Well, it wasn’t a direct flight. We still had to stop to Istanbul where we will have the layover before the flight to Male.

Space was also a lot larger and we were even prioritized by the attendants because we were carrying a baby with us. They knew that we will be needing to place our baby in a bassinet. A great discovery was that the flight isn’t really something to scare babies off the Maldives. It’s not just bearable, but it was also comfortable and made it easy for travel to Maldives with a toddler.


The People Of The Maldives

Whenever we travel, we are given a chance to know more about different cultures. It is so amazing how we were greeted by the Maldivians during our visit. Although we were strangers to their place, they still showed kindness towards us. They were also more welcoming of babies in Maldives.

As a matter of fact, their male culture in the Maldives is very much different from the United States. The male Maldivians are very fond of my baby. They are not afraid or even conscious about showing their happiness upon seeing my little angel.

From the airport to the road and even to the boat, all the people that we encounter would just simply take notice of our baby and greet him cheerfully. It was really amazing how they would stop all that they are doing just to greet us. Even the boat crews from Coco Palm DhuniKolhu were so kind to my baby that they never failed to assist me in bringing my little baby to the boat.

If you are afraid that the locals would be so aloof to your baby, please stop feeling that way. Having our little one during the trip to the Maldives just removed the communication barriers between us and the locals.


The No-Stress Life For Babies In Maldives

Well, the Maldives is just perfect if you want to refrain from tiring itineraries, long road trips, noisy city life, and stressful travels. The beach, the island, and the people all contribute to a happy vacation for the entire family.


The Difference in Time Zones

I live in the United States which is in a different time zone than the Maldives. Our country is actually many hours behind of the Maldives. At first, I thought that the time differences would create a problem. But contrary to my initial worries, the time difference even proved to be beneficial for us. Our baby in the Maldives was able to be with us during supper without having to feel so fidgety and sleepy. He also got a chance to sleep more during the day.


The Babysitting Facilities In Maldives

If you are worried that you won’t be able to enjoy any kind of aquatic adventures because you are bringing a baby with you to Maldives, then your worries are again baseless. Our resort had its own babysitting services with reliable, dependable, and kind staff. We had our own beach adventures while our precious baby was just sleeping soundly in our room.

We were just really satisfied with how our beach getaway had been while our son was being relaxed and rejuvenated in our resort room. We knew he was also extremely satisfied because he got to sleep really well.


The Small Islands In Maldives

We stayed at this wonderful resort. It is definitely just a tiny resort located in a very small island. There is not much to see but the majestic view of the beach and the crystal clear blue waters. There are also a few people whom you could easily recognize. Because of the size of the island, all the resort crews and guests knew each other.



The Garden At The Island

It is very seldom that getaways would take you to a serene place that offers the best of both worlds – the luxurious room and the natural greens. We booked a deluxe villa that has its own private garden where our little baby could enjoy some fresh air and sunlight. This villa also had a private pool with a view of the beautiful beach. Because of this, we could just bring our baby outside whenever we want to enjoy some natural wonders. All these would not have been possible if we had booked a hotel room in the busy realm of the city.

We really suggest that you visit the Maldives immediately. Don’t wait for your baby to grow old before you get to enjoy this paradise. The place is definitely perfect for the entire family!


The Dining Experience

If you are bringing a child to Maldives who can already eat solids, then the Maldives is also wonderful for their taste buds. The island has restaurants that offer different meal selections. There is also an open-air buffet dining that your little children could enjoy. The buffet was perfect because there were more than enough varieties to calm the roaring hunger and satisfy the desiring mouth.

We only made minor adjustments to our dinner because we do not want to cause any disturbing noise to people who are enjoying a quiet dinner with their partners. We don’t know whether there are some proposals or honeymoon dinners happening at the restaurant that’s why we have chosen to have an in-room dining for our family. This option actually made things a lot easier for us because we need to worry about our little son being fidgety in public. Besides that, our room has a wonderful view – the pool and the star-filled sky!


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