Traveling To Malaysia From Singapore – Plane, Bus And Train Guide

Malaysia is a beautiful country, one of the best in South Asia. Not only is there’s lots of things to do in Malaysia, it’s also great for budget travel and many things are inexpensive for western travelers. Since Malaysia to Singapore is not a far distance as these two countries are neighbors, a quick 1 hours flight from Singapore to Malaysia allows for many to visit these countries. If you’re on a budget, you can also take a bus from Singapore to Malaysia that will only be a 5 hour bus ride. Another option would be to take the train and all these transportation options to Malaysia from Singapore are explained below in detail.

Traveling From Singapore To Malaysia

By Riding A Plane To Malaysia From Singapore

Do you know that Singapore and Malaysia are neighboring Asian countries? This makes it easy to travel from one country to another without much of a hassle. With the increase in operations of the AirAsia airlines, the flight going from Singapore to Malaysia and vice versa has decreased its cost significantly. Although there was initially a political dilemma concerning this arrangement, both countries have come to fix it which caused an increase in the mobility of people coming from both places. You could book a ticket from Kuala Lumpur going to Singapore for only 120 Malaysian Rupees. Although you will be booking with AirAsia again during your flight back, expect to pay a little higher compared with the previous way. The flight from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur costs around 180 Malaysian Rupees. The costs of these flights, however, could still be considered the best deals because other airlines such as the Malaysia Airlines and the Singapore Airlines would ask between 200 and 400 Malaysian Rupees. Make sure that you are updated with AirAsia’ promotions because there are many times when you could get the flight rates at significantly cheaper rates. Tiger Airways and Silk Air are also two budget airlines that frequently offer promos.


By Taking A Bus From Singapore To Malaysia

If you think that buses are only possible for transporting you from one town to another, then you are wrong again. Malaysia and Singapore are very near each other that’s why you could simply take a bus when transferring from one country to another. There are more than nine bus operators that offer different deals for Singapore to Kuala Lumpur departures. You could book your bus fare online by going to where you could choose between the regular type or the luxurious type of bus. The lowest fare would cost you around 25 Malaysian Rupees while the most expensive one goes at around 80 Malaysian Rupees. Do not worry about the travel time because you will only need to allot at least 6 hours to reach your destination. The Pudu Sentral also offers trips to other parts of Malaysia such as the Malacca and the island of Penang.

There are also more reputable operators that have their own sites for departure. Always make sure to check with the company where their departure area is in order to prevent any hassle. If you want to experience less travel time, you could book a tour with some of the country’s executive operators that are allowed to pass through the Second Link Bridge. This could significantly save you from unexpected traffic. To learn more about the details of the bus travel, you could check out the information on Journey Malaysia; buses from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur.

We suggest that you must never go for the most affordable options when it comes to bus rates. Unlike airlines that offer flight promos, bus operators usually have fixed rates that are dependent on the type of vehicle and their kind of service. Comfortable trips may require higher fares.


By Train To Malaysia To Singapore

Using the railway system is one of the most popular means of travel when going to Kuala Lumpur from Singapore. The entire trip will last for more than six hours. The train operates only three times a day, thus make sure that you get to the station on time. Traveling by a train ride is definitely convenient because of the smooth movement of the vehicle. Also, you could even book a train ride with different amenities that include a bunk compartment with a private shower area.

Riding the train is also like getting a tour of both countries. When you pick the morning or afternoon schedule, your eyes will be given opportunities to see some of the most beautiful landscapes of Malaysia and Singapore. But when you pick an evening schedule, you lose this chance yet gain another benefit. Riding the train at night will allow you to save on hotel accommodation. You could just simply book a comfortable seat or compartment where you could lie down.

You could actually purchase your tickets online at KTMB. This will save you time from lining up the counters. But if you happen to just randomly decide to visit Singapore, then you could first ride a cab going to the Johor Bahru Train Station. It is where you could then buy your train tickets at cheaper rates.

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