Traveling From Thailand To Malaysia -2018/2019 Guide

If you’ve ever thought of the different methods you can travel between Thailand and Malaysia, or if you’re visiting one country and you want to be in the other or you’re simply traveling around Southeast Asia then this guide is what you need for traveling from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur or other major cities in both countries.

If you’re starting in Thailand and want to go there by air and you’re in Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur by airplane, then you’re in luck. Every single day, flight go out of Bangkok to Malaysia so you don’t need to even change your schedule depending on which day the flights depart.


Which Airline To Use?

If you end up deciding to go by air then your best option is definitely AirAsia.


Advantages Of AirAsia:

  • Guaranteed reliability and efficiency.
  • The prices are considered relatively very cheap.
  • There are dozens of flights going everyday from Bangkok and from Kuala Lumpur.
  • You can easily get tickets for as low as 20 EUR.
  • The plethora of direct flights as well is incredible.
  • From Penang there are multiple direct flights to Johor Bharu.
  • You can fly direct to Singapore.
  • Reliable, no need to look for alternatives or do an analysis on which airline you should use.


What Alternatives Are Available For Flights From Thailand To Malaysia?

There are a few other options to choose from including Thai Airways, Singapore Airways or Malaysia Airlines but they are much more expensive. The flights are usually 3 hours, so it’s not worth the money.
Choosing an alternative flight may, however, be necessary if you’re looking for a certain connection in connecting flights, or the flight prices are the same.


Where To Book Tickets Between Thailand And Malaysia?

The best place to book (and in advance as well) is the AirAsia website where you’ll be able to get quite cheap airline tickets.


Going From Thailand To Malaysia By Car

Going there by car is also not impossible. It’s very easy to look for a car rental service and book a car in Thailand.



  1. Always try and book through a reputable and popular car rental company.
  2. Make sure they allow you to drop-off the car at Malaysia so you don’t have to go back and forth and to avoid hassle.
  3. Make sure you have the right documents.
  4. Make sure you always have your departure card on you when you are crossing from Thailand to Malaysia.


Advantages Of Using A Car:

Using a car opens up great opportunities for fun roadtrips, and you’ll see that the road system is incredible anyway. It’s one of the best and gives you a direct road to the Thai road system.

Driving is also very affordable and gives you a great opportunity to explore the beauty of both countries while you’re driving. You’ll be passing by so many beautiful villages during the drive trip that it will feel like you just gave yourself an entire new trip!


How To Use The Car + Tips

You get to choose between the two highways that are available in Malaysia.

  • The first highway is the North-south one and the second one is the east-west highway.
  • The north-south one goes from Thailand direct to Johor Bahru.
  • The east-west one goes direct from Kedah and arrives at Kota Bharu.
  • The minute you arrive at Malaysia change your watch and be mindful of the difference in time zones.
  • Don’t expect the borders to be open all day long. Make it before closing hours by passing anytime from 6 am to 12 pm.


Make sure you understand the fact that the north-south one is actually a toll way, so you will have to pay a miniscule sum of money to use it but it will not be a problem.


Going To Malaysia From Thailand By BUs

Buses take a very long time compared to the two other alternatives. It is of course the cheapest method in comparison as well when you compare it with both air and car.

The drive isn’t really that bad but it tends to get a little bit uncomfortable, specially if you have the option to rent a car or go by air.



  • The bus qualities are really good and the seats are really comfortable.
  • You can completely pull your seat all the way backwards so you can sleep throughout the entire journey.
  • There will definitely be some sort of entertainment on board – either movies (blockbusters or series).


  • If you’re going to be taking a bus, always check that the bus doesn’t stop for rests every hour as this will take up a lot of your trip time away. Usually it’s a way to coerce you to buy stuff from shops/spend money.
  • There is no fee when you’re crossing the border.
  • You will not need to spend any money on visas.
  • Make sure no one tricks you into paying anything as you enter the country.
  • You can enter for free, and your stay limit is 90 days if you’re on a tourist visa.


Travel By Train To Kuala Lumpur From Bangkok

You can also always avoid the hassle of the bus and take the direct train from Thailand and Malaysia as they have a railway system that connects them both. You can go on any of the trains that run daily from Bangkok and arrive at Kuala Lumpur. After arriving by train, you can always just use a taxi to get to your hotel and it will not be expensive at all.


Advantages Of Train Travel:

  • A nice, comfortable way to actually travel between both cities.
  • Direct travel to Singapore also available.
  • Prices are usually considered very affordable.
  • The average cost is about $50 and that includes sleepers! Such a catch.


What Different Trains Are Available?

  • You can try the daily International Express train. This one goes from Bangkok to Butterworth.
  • In Butterworth you can always explore other cities (or go to Penanby by using a ferry – you won’t regret it!)
  • Take a ferry to Langkawi to explore the beauty of Malaysia and its islands.

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