Tioman Island In Malaysia – 2018/2019 Guide

What if we told you that there was this ultimate island in Malaysia with thick vegetation covering its every nook and cranny…One with beautiful diving opportunities, a super cheap island and open with hundreds of resorts that will cater to whatever needs you have as a traveler…Sounds like the dream right?

Well, Tioman Island is the place to go to right now. The only question people ask right now, though, is how to go to the island? Luckily due to the location, it’s very easily accessible so you won’t have to miss out on this unmissable travel destination. But first….A quick introduction about the Tioman Island!


Where Is Tioman Island:

The Tioman Island is part of 64 islands that are located on the south side of the Peninsular Malaysia. You might know this strip of islands by other popular islands like Seri Bulat, Sembilang, Tulaj and much more. To check out the famous islands in this group, you can also research Chebeh, Labas and Renggis. Tioman itself is a bit close to the state of Pahang and is considered 54 kilometers away from there.


A Little Bit About Tioman Island:

The Tioman Island is not only the most popular island on that side of the peninsula, but it’s also known for its beauty and how it offers dozens of different activities that you can indulge in. From its gorgeous waters, to its resorts – there is bound to be something to do.


Some Perks Of Being On Tioman Island:

  • It’s the most popular out of all of the 64 islands!
  • The best diving and snorkeling opportunities possible.
  • Very cheap alcohol!
  • It’s a duty free island…Need we say more? That means that almost everything on the island is much cheaper than it is compared to normal prices on the mainland.
  • The nightlife and bars are great too if you venture off towards the villages of Tekek and Salang.
  • The thick jungles are incredible and it even has its own Marine Park that is extremely cheap to enter! (RM5!)


Best Time To Visit Tioman Island:

If you’re planning on visiting the Tioman Island, then it’s definitely recommended to visit anytime between March and October.

Starting from the end of October up until the beginning of March, it’s really not recommended to go as there will pretty much be no one. This turns from a great place to be in to a more desolated place due to the monsoon season. You will not be able to see anything underwater, snorkeling will be quite impossible,

Another time to avoid is during school and public holidays – everyone comes to visit and it will turn your tranquil holiday into one of the most crowded ones. April to October are your best bets. But, again, expect just a little bit of rain.


How To Get To Tioman Islands?

You have two main options of going to Tioman Island.


Over-land and then across the sea. (RM30-50)

The first option is the cheapest and all you have to do is take the bus from Kuala Lampur to Mersing and then take a ferry.


 Tioman Island By Bus:

  • Duration is 5 hours.
  • ost is RM30.


Then the ferry is operated by Bluewater Express. If you will, however, be in Singapore before – then you can just travel directly by air or by bus (which will take from 2 to 3.5 hours) Don’t forget to book your ferry back!


Tioman Island By Air: RM700

You can also book a direct flight if you want to fly from air. This will depend on where your first place will be, but if it’s Kuala Lampur then you’re in luck. At the Subang Airport or the Singapore Changi Airport, you can take a direct flight to the Pulau Tioman Airport and then that’s it! You’ll also find daily flights when it’s peak season and the whole flight lasts for about an hour.


Things To Do In Tioman Island? 

The two most famous things that people come specifically for are: Diving and Snorkeling.


Diving In Tioman Island

It would be a shame to miss out on diving in the Tioman Island! It’s a haven for all diving and snorkeling lovers.


How dives usually go In Tioman Island:

  • The cost of one dive is RM90. This is all inclusive (equipment wise)
  • To get your PADI or Open Water License the cost would be RM 1000.
  • There are a few diving schools that you can easily choose from.


Here are some of the best diving schools:

  • DiveAsia
  • B&J Dive Center
  • Tioman Dive Centre.
  • Fisherman Diverse.


To get your diving license, you need to stay on the island for at least five days!


Snorkeling In Tioman Island

If you think that diving might be too intense for you, then maybe you can try snorkeling! You’d be happy to know that a lot of the resorts of houses you’ll stay in will have direct water right in front of your house or cabana.

That means you can easily just put on your swimsuit every morning and go on to explore the beauty of the house reefs. If you’re into a little bit more adventure or you’ve already seen your house reefs, then definitely head over to more secluded areas.

You can go with a tour to places like Tulai Island and Renggis Island. Please be careful of the coral reefs – don’t step on them using your fins or touch them at all. In fact, a lot of places won’t even rent you fins and will give you life jackets just to ensure the safety of the coral reefs.


Visit Waterfalls Around Tioman Island:

The waterfalls in Tioman are quite incredible and are definitely worth visiting. Make it a priority to actually visit them since they’re very easily accessible. Some even will require either a short boat ride or a quick trek which are both fun experiences on their own anyway.

We recommend visiting the Mukut Waterfall where locals prefer to hang out. If you’re going to be visiting the waterfalls, here are some tips and tricks:

  • Don’t forget your towels! There will be no place to rent towels at.
  • Of course, swimsuits are essential!
  • Use this time to relax and unwind from the real world.


We also recommend visiting the Asah Waterfall. It’ actually the biggest waterfall, but is less local than the other one and will need a boat trip for you to actually get there.


Fishing In Tioman Island

Again, a lot of activities in Tioman Islands revolve around the water and the fish. Deep-sea fishing trips can be a great bonding experience with your friends and you will be learning quite a lot. Make sure you’re not fishing at the marine park because that is strictly prohibited.


Explore The Jungle In Tioman Island!

Are you into more land-based activities? Due to the beautiful jungles available on the island, you can go for fun light treks. You can either try the trek that’s from Tekek to Juara or until Monkey Bay.


Just Bask Under The Sun!

Why not just visit the plethora of beaches offered in the island? You can laze away under the sun, hang out, sip on cold drinks, go kayaking, surfing or jet skiing!


Golfing In Tioman Island

If you’re into golfing, then we recommend that you visit the Berjaya Tioman Resort which boasts an incredible 18-hole golf course.

Final tip: If you want to visit similarly popular islands, you can go to Perhentian Island and Redang Island.


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