Subang Airport In Kuala Lumpur: Subang Jaya Guide

Malaysia does not only offer tropical nature tourism location but also suburban and city scape getaway. For tourist who wanted to hop onto next urban vacation, you might want to try visiting Subang Jaya in Malaysia. There’s lots of great things to do in Subang Jaya and it’s a place that you should try to visit. Subang Jaya is an active and bustling city, which has the largest in Malaysia when it comes to land area size.


Notable Tourist Destination Places Subang Jaya:

  • Sri Subramaniar Temple
  • Sunway Lagoon Park
  • Sunway Water Park
  • Sunway Wildlife Zoo
  • The Parenthood Amusement Park
  • Miniature Museum
  • Taman Rekreasi Alam Mega
  • Glenmarie Country and Golf Club
  • Vuvuzela Theme Park
  • Subang Rea Recreational Park
  • Hutan Simpanan Ayer Hitam


There are hundreds of possible things you can do in a suburban city like restaurant hopping, shopping, museum visits, indoor and outdoor adventures, cultural appreciations, watching concerts, and lots of loads of fun activities.


How To Get To Subang, Malaysia

Sultan Aziz Sha Airport used to be called as the Subang International Airport (before Kuala Lumpur International Airport or KIL has operated) but was reconstructed and repurpose in the last few years. Now tourists and locals easily recall calling as SkyPark Subang. The airport has three major terminals that connect all airports from all over the country.

The Kuala Lumpur International Airport has a close proximity with the SkyPark Subang, that most travelers would opt to choose Subang airport as their arrival and departure airport. They can travel by land going to Kuala Lumpur from this airport. However, after the repurposing of the airport international flights are transferred to KIL instead. If you are traveling to Subang Jaya from other countries, you need to book flight to Kuala Lumpur International Airport first, and then get on the next closest scheduled plane going to Subang SkyPark.


How To Get To Subang Jaya

Land Transportation (Bus And Taxi)

Since Subang Jaya is just about 21 kilometers away from Kuala Lumpur, tourists can take a bus or hire a taxi instead. It is way cheaper and convenient. Although, with bus or tax; heavy traffic and other unexpected highway interference can delay travel time. Usually, traveling by land can get passengers of their time from 30 minutes to 1 hour, sometimes even more.


Connecting Flight From Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Upon arriving in KIL, you need to book a flight going to Sultan Aziz Sha Airport (Subang SkyPark). The flight would only take about 25minutes to 1 hour.

But of course, the Subang SkyPark is often and only used as a diversion or alternative route for international departure and arrival by KIL. The Subang SkyPark is equipped with fast internet WiFi connection, basic convenient facilities like bathrooms, restaurants, and a lot more.


Flight Bookings To Subang Jaya

There are a number of international flights that travel to Kuala Lumpur every day. Often times, flight from Asian countries, expanding to other international airlines from Europe, America, and more. Perhaps, Malaysia is an open country that is able to bring back and forth tourists and businessman from around the world to Malaysia, through Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

You can check out airlines like Berjaya Airline that provides privet jet flights that takes passengers from and to around the whole Malaysian territory. Berjaya offers lavish flight yet expensive fare rates. It also has a direct flight from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore and vice versa.

The Firefly is an airline has an open hub from KIL going to Subang SkyPark. Firefly also offers international flights like Singapore and other Asian countries connecting flights.

A new airline paving new flying offerings is the Malindo Air which also offers same flight options as Firefly Airline. It has also regular flights going to popular tourist destination islands in Malaysia like Kuala Terengganu, Alor Setar, Kota Bharu, Penang and Langakawi.


Hotels And Other Accommodations In Subang Jaya City

There are a lot hotel accommodations in Subang Jaya, being a suburban type of city.


Popular Hotels In Subang Jaya

Tourists often prefer conformability and friendly staff directly proportionated with the prices of the hotel stay. Few of which are the Summit Gotel USJ, Geno Hotel, Sun Inns Hotel Lagoon, and hundreds more.


Luxury Hotels In Subang Jaya

If you prefer elegant and high end amenities and facilities you can book at 5-star hotels in Subang. The city has only three 5-star-hotels as of now, The Saujana Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Dorsette Grand Subang, and the Holiday Villa.


Family Or Group Accommodations

You can rent a villa or an apartment if you wanted to stay longer in the city. But if you like reasonable less expensive once, you can book online using Airbnb, and



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