Stopover In Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Guide

Malaysia is known for its tourism tag line “Malaysia truly Asia”, some few years ago. That tag line stuck my brain as if a daily mantra. Well, before Singapore, China, and Japan’s have invested in tourism industry; Malaysia have started to boost its economy by welcoming tourists and its locals to visit their wonderful Asian beauty territory.

One of top visited place in Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur. It once holds the record for tallest modern building in the world. It’s great for a Kuala Lumpur stopover as the towering skyscraper, PETRONAS Tower definitely, represent all what Malaysia can offer; grandeur nature, modern structure, and multi-faceted culture. Malaysia itself was able to adopt both Arabic, and British civilization, thus you will not have any problem using the English language in Kuala Lumpur. Most people can speak the language, if not well and most but a lot can speak and understand it.

Kuala Lumpur has a lot of connecting flights from all over the world, from European territory and from across Asian countries. There is also stopover in Kuala Lumpur packages offered if you wanted a day trip tour of the city before hopping to your next flight off to your final destination. Or you can opt to have a longer stay in the city for about two or three days depending on your next flight’s availability. Check out our KLIA stopover guide in Kuala Lumpur below.


Options For Stopover In Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Guide

Option 1: Half / One day trip

Basically, this trip is just limited until your next flight. Usually, you can avail leave the airport for few hours and roam around the city of Kuala Lumpur when having a KLIA stopover. But of course that would depend on your country of origin (meaning your citizenship; there are certain countries that does not require visa applications though). Before leaving for your connecting flight going to other countries and your next flight has about 10 hours gap, you can apply for transit visa in a Malaysian embassy where you from. This way, you will be able to add on your vacation list on a city where you stop for a while.

Maximize the day you spent for transit to Kuala Lumpur for a stopover in KLIA. Check out transit flight schedules from Australia, New York, some Middle Eastern countries, United Kingdom, and other European countries often stops at Kuala Lumpur for fuel, plane maintenance check-up, and air crew switch stop. Seize that opportunity to enjoy a fun full or half day tour in a multi-faceted city in Malaysia.


What To Do For Kuala Lumpur Stopover:

  1. Make sure you have transit visa to leave the airport of Kuala Lumpur. Otherwise, you will be deported back to your country of origin.
  2. Leave your heavy luggage at the airport. Coordinate that with your next airline flight. The Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), has a baggage storage counter for those who will leave their luggage’s. Bring only light bag, Malaysian money (you can exchange your US dollar bill on the airport), and necessary documents when you leave the premises of the airport.
  3. Check Google Map of the places you need to check out before leaving the airport, os you can save time traveling. Make sure the tourist spot you are going to visit passes on the way your route. Make sure to also check the schedule of heavy traffic area so can avoid them.
  4. Hire a Grab taxi from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport that will take you to these famous tourist spots and your take pictures in the city:
  5. Make sure to go back to airport 4 hours before your next flight to check in your baggage to your next air plane.


Option 2 – Over Night And Few Day Stopover In Kuala Lumpur

Generally, you need to work out your extended transit and tour vacation visa in Kuala Lumpur stopover. It is also the same process of applying for extended two or more days with half – day tour to Kuala Lumpur.

It’s either you have to schedule a well-planned backpacking trip from one country to another, making sure you can maximize using all the things you needed like clothes, toiletries, footwear, and other travel stuff from stop on a country to another. Like considering a country hop from Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, or even Hawaii; since the weather are all tropics and you can reuse same clothes from all places you visit.


What To Do In Kuala Lumpur Stopover:

  1. Booking a hotel before arriving Kuala Lumpur can save you a lot of time, especially if its peak seasons for tourists visit in the city. You can directly go to your hotel once you arrive to Kuala Lumpur and leave your luggage there.
  2. Then off to roam and discover the whole city, eat, do a lot of adventure around the city, and meet the locals
  3. Try to eat local Malaysian food. Kuala Lumpur offers variety of food fusion representing the history of Malay. You can dig in to street local foods or enjoy fine dining restaurants. But if you prefer to eat on your comfort zone and eat non-spicy Malaysian food instead, there are a lot of American, and other countries’ delicacy restaurants in Kuala Lumpur.


You can enjoy a walk at night where temperature is a little bit cooler than in the afternoon. Form there you can choose where to eat on different restaurants every night.

  • Take photos and selfies of famous landmarks in the city like the Petronas Twin Tower which soar the skyline of the city.
  • Climb the limestone hill of Batu Cave which is also a Thai temple.
  • Visit shops and store at the Petaling Street.
  • Explore other interesting tourist destinations like Kuala Lumpur Bird Park, National Museums, Merdeka Square, Kuala Lumpur Tower, Royal Malaysian Police Tower, and more!


Friendly Reminder About Kuala Lumpur:

  • Weather in unpredictable in Kuala Lumpur so make sure to purchase bring a handy – foldable – umbrella.
  • Malaysia is predominated with most Muslims so make sure to just shake hands unless someone offers to or stare at women. Otherwise, locals are super friendly and cool!


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