Royal Belum State Park In Kota Bharu Guide

Malaysia is blessed with over 30 national parks that are all owned by the government. The fact that they’re all owned by the government is that these places are very taken off, and are more set aside to acts of human recreation and general environmental protection instead of being used for any commercial or developmental projects.

The Department of Wildlife and National Parks in Malaysia takes care of all the preservation of parks like this and one of the most famous of them all is the Royal Belum State Park. This huge park is part of Belum-Temengor Forest Complex. This entire complex is actually bigger, and boasts incredible lush greenery. The Royal Belum State Park, however, is not a national park but a state park instead.

The Royal Belum State Park is actually the oldest rainforest in the world (apart from Taman Negara National Park as well) and it casually dates back 130 million years. This makes it a place where you can truly get in touch and connect with nature while visiting Malaysia. It’s also one of the top attractions in all of Malaysia. It’s slowly growing to become one of the top eco-tourism destinations in all of Malaysia in Kota Bharu.


How To Get To Royal Belum State Park:

There is no doubt that the best way to actually reach Belum (located in the city of Ipoh) is through rental cars since this gives you both, the flexibility and freedom to practically move around everywhere you want. .you don’t have to go to certain drop-off points, you don’t need to wait for buses, and you don’t need to spend money on taxis. Through agencies like Hawk Malaysia, you can choose to have your drop-off point pretty much anywhere – from Penang to Kota Bharu.


Where Is Kota Bharu?

Kota Bharu is quite close to Kuala Besut which is where you start if you’re going to be visiting Perhentian Island. If you’re not, then Kuala Lampur to Belum is roughly a 5 hour ride – which again is quite convenient. Suggested itinerary is that you combine your trip with Kota Bharu to visit Perhentian Island.


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What Kota Bharu So Special? 

The Wildlife You’ll See Is Unparalleled

If you’re even slightly into wildlife, you will love Royal Belum State Park as it gives you more than a few opportunities to actually get up close and personal with wildlife. We’re talking elephants, deer, and more wild animals along with gorgeous tropical trees, plans and unseen insects!

Within the state park, you’ll find more endangered animal species as well that you can spot – from the rare Malaysian tigers, to the Sumatran rhinoceros, this place is a haven for wildlife lovers. More animals you can watch include:

  • The Malaysian
  • White-handed gibbon.
  • All species of the hornibills.
  • The Rafflesia flower (three species to be exact!)


You Will Love Lake Temenggor:

The Lake Temenggor is the second largest in Malaysia after Lake Kenyir so it is definitely worth checking out. There are so many little islands too that you can visit and you’ll find a lot of resorts along these islands.


Despite the fact that it is manmade, there are a lot of fish species that you can check out including:

  • Kelah
  • Toman
  • Sebarau
  • Tenggalan
  • Baung


Some Activities You Can Do, Especially Around Lake Temenggor:

  • Go explore the array of jungle trails.
  • Have a fun river cruise around.
  • The Pulau Tuju waterfalls are definitely wroth exploring.
  • The Pulau Talikail Lookout Tower has incredible panoramic vistas.
  • The Temenggor Dam is beautiful.
  • The White Rocks.
  • You can go in search of rafflesia.
  • You can visit the Kampung Chuweh.
  • You can go trekking along the salt licks.
  • You can try and spot as much wildlife as possible.


Where To Stay At Kota Bharu:

The best thing about the Royal Belum State Park is that there are a lot of resorts and places to stay nearby. By the shores usually you’ll find that the resorts are scattered further away from each other – one good thing about that is the utter seclusion you get, while one major disadvantage is you can’t go from one resort to another (to eat for example), so you’re kind of stuck to the one you choose.

This is why it’s recommended that the resorts you choose have to be of very good quality including Belum Rainforest Resort, Belum Eco Resort and Belum Adventure Camp. Most of the packages of the resorts actually include daily activities and tours inside the price so you never have to worry about finding both, accommodation and daily activities.


Some Of The Things You Need To Pack For Royal Belum State Park:

  • A first aid kit is always very important on any trip and it’s very recommended to keep one on you at all times.
  • Get your camera and charger along with an extra memory card just in case.
  • If you’re very into photography then get a tripod.
  • Creams and mosquito repellents.
  • Any prescribed medication you’re taking now.
  • Your raincoat.
  • A couple of different outfits.
  • Waterproof bag.
  • Going out clothes.
  • Walking shoes.
  • If you will be fishing and don’t think that the resort will be offering fishing rod, then make sure to bring you own.


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