Redang Island Malaysia Guide

Redang Island is one of the largest islands in Malaysia. The island is quite a dear to visit for relaxing and nature tropical activities. The island is surrounded with white sparkling water sands and vibrant clear seawater. There’s so many great things to do at Redang Island. There are small islands around the Redang Island that boosts magnificent views and natural rock, land and marine structures.

Like all other islands in Malaysia, there is a huge number of tourists that fell in love with the underwater scenery of the islands. The islands are amazingly beautiful above the water and majestic surprise waiting to be explored under.

The island has a lot of resorts and private vacation mansions to visit and rent during your stay there. You have a lot of options where to stay. Resorts often are tied up to different local tour guide companies for beach area activities like diving and snorkeling.

Within the territory of the Redang Island, found the Terengganu Marine Park which is part of the protected marine area. The marine park is about 45 kilometers away from Kuala Terengganu City and getting to Redang Island is fairly simple. There are other activities that can be done in the island, like snorkeling, beachside dining, island hopping, diving, bar hopping, enjoy a swim in your private resort pools, or just enjoy a relaxing stay inside your hotel.


How To Reach Redang Island

Direct Flight Going To Kuala Terangganu Airport

This is more convenient and a bit less expensive as compare to book a connecting flight. However, it depends which country you came from when wanting to get to Redang Island. Direct flight is limited because the airport in Kuala Terangganu cannot handle huge number of international airline companies. Once you reach the Kuala Terangganu airport, you just have to catch a taxi going to the small fishermen’s village, Tanjung Merang to ride a ferry doing to Rendang Island.


Connecting Flight From Kuala Lumpur International Airport And Kuala Terrangganu Airport

The nearest international airport going to Redang Island is through Malaysia’s capital city, Kuala Lumpur. You may chak put local Malaysian airline company like Malaysia Airline. Air Asia and FireFly also gives the least expensive air fare tickets, depending on their promos and off-peak schedules. Booking earlier flights or checking out promotional releases, can get you cheaper fare rates.

From Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), get a connecting flight going to Kuala Terangganu Airport. It depends if your country have airline company that allow a direct flight to the city. But mostly, all international flights to Malaysia arrive at the KIA. When you reached the Kuala Terangganu Airport, you have to take a cab going to Tanjung Merang. Tanjung Merang is a small village where the ferry boats going to the island awaits.


Special Direct Flights To Rendang Island

Check out Berjaya Air which provide direct flight going to Rendang Island. Usually, the airline company flies directly from Changi Airport in Singapore going to Redang Island, but a bit expensive. Visit the website of the Berjaya Air to check available seats for direct flights from other countries aside from Singapore to Rendang Island.


When To Visit Redang Island

Redang Islands is popular for the number of luxurious resorts, and its marine aquatic protected area. Take Rendang islands is a tropical place so rain showers are commonly unexpected. The best time to visit Redang Island is around April until October. At those months, unpredictable Monsoon is lesser. You do not want to ruin your scheduled activities because of rain. Clear seawaters on the island often are not visible during rainy days, thus you least likely to see and appreciate colorful water creatures. During holidays, long weekends, and summer vacation, the island is a bit crowded because of its popularity among local and foreign tourists.


Things To Do In Rendang Island

Diving And Snorkeling

You can rent a boat to take you to perfect snorkeling and diving spot around the waters surrounding the island. Maximize your stay in the island by swimming around the crystal clear waters of Rendang seaside. A lot of marine species, corals can be seen and is one of the best things to do in Redang Island.

Or, if you wanted to explore a deeper part of the Rendang ocean floor, you can try diving. There are a lot of diving centers that are happy to accompany you in your diving adventure. Gears and other diving equipment can be rented too. If you are too lucky you will see and dive with colorful fishes, sharks, manta rays, and other sea creatures.


Drink! Drink! Drink!

The night life in Rendang Island is colorful and lively. You can dance your night away while enjoy a drink with your friends. It would surely be a fun experience to hop in to one bar and the other and experience different clubbing themes.


Eat! Eat! Eat!

The island is quite huge that there are of space for establishments such as various local foods stalls or carts areas, hotels, resorts, and amiable restaurants. The hotels offer one of a kind dining experience where you can definitely serves with luxury and elegance. Restaurants in the island can either offer both fine dining or you can also pick affordable but sumptuous meals as there’s so many great places to eat in Redang Island. Experience one of a kind dining in tropics. Some offer beachside view ambiance when eating.


Hike And Trail

Yes! You can also explore the island by feet. You can stroll around and hike to check out hills, and huge rocks that hold the whole island together. You may also hire transportations like motor bikes and small-wheeled-vehicles to get your way around.



Rendang is somewhat having the best of both worlds. If you prefer a quiet and relaxing evening after day trip activities in the island, you can just tuck yourself in inside your hotel and enjoy a peace and quiet night and be ready for your next day activities. There are also resorts in Rendang that have pools within the area where guests can use for relaxing swim, other than the sea water.


Spa Experience

Resorts offer relaxing spa and bath. You can do this after tiring island activities. You can schedule a spa with your friends and family a day after you leave the island.


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