Pulau Payar Island In Malaysia Guide

Malaysia has 878 lovely islands; each has unique picturesque view and has something different to offer when you visit. One of the 878 islands is the gorgeous Palau Payar Island which is famous for its colorful and untouched corals. The island is covered with mangroves and tall trees, which is ideal for growing nature reserve. There’s lots of great things to do in Pulau Payar Island. For those who seek peace and quiet vacation, Palau Payar Island is a perfect getaway for you, your friends and family. Nature lovers will surely be amazed at the tropical scenery of the island. Check out our guide of Pulau Payar Island below to figure out some great things to do and some great tips of Pulau Payar Island.


How To Get To Palau Payar Island

There are a lot of great ways to get to Pulau Payar Island, as there’s direct and connecting flights going to Langkawi International Airport or the Penang International Airport in Malaysia. Overnight staying in Palau Payar Island is not yet allowed. The island only caters day trip adventure. So, from the airport, you need to find a hotel near the ferry port going to the island. You can book your hotel accommodations before your flight going to Malaysia.

From the Langkawi port it will take you about 45minutes to 1 hour ferry ride to reach the Palau Payar Island. On the other hand, from Penang port, it will take about 2 hours before reaching the island.

You can also scout around hotels and inns once you reached Malaysia, however, it will be difficult sometimes because a lot of hotels are fully booked especially on summer. From the airport, you can have two options to reach the island of Payar.


Commute Or Backpack Adventure To Pulau Payar Island

Ride a cab going to Langkawi and Penang port from your hotel. Ride ferry going to Palau Payar Island. You can book for activities around the island once you are there. But chances are, you may have difficulty finding available slots for each activity and package tour in the island. Most tourists often book from local travel agencies that provide pre-arranged travel, island activities, lunch and tour. But t is worth a try. You can hop from the port ride a ferry boat together with other locals who also wanted to reach the island.


Book With Local Travel Agencies

You can either ask the hotel where you stay to coordinate with local traveling agencies to give you a package tour going to the Palau Payar Island which includes ride going to and from the port and ferry ride to the island, free meals, island tour, snorkeling and diving adventures, and more. This is more convenient, because everything is pre- arranged, thus no need to qualm on where to go and wait for your next activity.


Things To Do In Pulau Payar Island:

Diving In Pulau Payar Island

Be amazed of the majestic and colorful coral reefs below. There are multitude of different species of fish and other sea creatures which will swim with you throughout your diving experience. There is a certified Professional Associations of Diving Instructors (PADI) who will assist you. The local travel agents and diving guides can rent you and provide necessary diving equipment and gears.


Snorkle In Pulau Payar Island

If you do not have PADI diving license yet, or too afraid of deep water, you can enjoy a fun day swimming above the water. You can snorkel above the water and still see the wondrous underwater creatures from above. You are always reminded to wear floaters and life jacket to prevent accidentally stepping and touching corals below.


Things To See In Pulau Payar Island

You can stroll around the Palau Payar Island. Explore the beauty of the little island yet eye catching one!


Eating In Pulau Payar Island

Yes! What is a tropical vacation without seaside dining experience? You may choose from different travel and tour companies which meal package offering you prefer. Before leaving the port, travel agents will show you options of tour together with the meal they offer. You can choose from variety of local delicacies of seafood, meat, vegetables, and fruits.


Friendly Reminder:

The island of Palau Payar is a reserve sanctuary for water and land species so there are rules that are strictly implemented. However, everyone is also expected to respect and care for the environment and the species that thrive in the place. Even so, without the rules in the island, everyone is expected not to do activities that cause harm or damage to the islands beautiful natural trait. Be mindful of the next generations who would want to visit the island in the future.

  • Makes sure trash (especially plastics) are properly disposed, otherwise bring your trash with you. Do not leave it anywhere.
  • Do not feed fishes
  • Do not catch or fish. The fishes surrounding the island are all part of the Nature Marine Preserve of the country
  • No physical interaction with the fishes and other species. It is not allowed to touch fishes, and corals because it may kill them or alter their normal habitat.
  • Do not step on corals
  • Do not bring any fish, plants, rocks, and other parts of nature out of the island
  • Use proper hygiene, and only use the designated toilets when nature calls


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