Perhentian Islands Malaysia: Where To Stay, Eat And Things To Do

The two amazing islands of Besar and Kecil in Perhentian is rapidly a gaining popularity for both local and foreign tourists. What used to be a humble place fishermen and local villagers living peacefully around the nature given gifts, now the industry of fishing has openly welcome tourism as there’s lots of things to do in Perhentian Islands in Malaysia.

You can reach the wonderful islands of Perhentian Islands in Malaysia by flying to Kuala Lumpur International Airport, and then connect a flight going to Sultan Ismail Petra Airport in Kota Bharu or Terangganu Airport. From there, you have to ride wither a bus or rent a cab Kuala Besut port to take you to different islands of Pehetian Islands Like Perhentian Besar and Perhentian Kecil. Or you can book in advance at Easybook or BusOnlineTicket and Agoda or

The location of the Pehentian Island is seemingly perfect for viewing the majestic scenery of the sunrise and sunset; showing the sun’s dark orange rays both in the dawn and sundown. Plus, islands in Perhentian all boost white fine sands perfect for beach walk. There is nothing romantic or refreshing you day in a beach vacation is to walk stroll beside the beach.

On the eastern part of the island, the Long Beach has heavenly white sand beach where you can walk around in peace. You can do a lot of activities like sand bathing, swimming the beachside nearby, day camping, and more.

The Perhentian basically can accommodate all kinds of travelers. Whether you want a luxurious get away vacation or on a backpacking adventure with your friends and family; surely, the two main islands can give you both.

The islands is really a well-nurtured tropical place for tourist where basic amenities like electricity, mobile and internet signal, and basic building facilities are all available at convenience. Which of the two main islands of Pehentian, Kecil Island or Besar Island is best?


Perhentian Kecil Island

Let us start with the smaller main island, the Perhentian Kecil, which most students, and budget conscious backpackers’ eyes for. The island often offers cheaper rates and prices to all restaurants, resorts and other activities. You can do a lot of things around without having to spend much.

The islands are more likely a place perfect for younger generation travelers because of the lively night life, and various active adventure activities to offer within the students’ financial capabilities.


Things To Do In Perhentian Kecil Island

Enjoy A Walk At Coral Bay Area

The Coral Bay is another good place to stay for a while. You can peacefully hear rushing waves and watch the diverse corals in Perhentian Kecil Island.


Try Diving

There are budget friendly Dive Centers in the island that can take you to a diving site that you should not miss. The dive will let you swim with the protected sea turtles, other wonderful sea creatures, and other underwater corals.


Try Different Water Activities

There few water activities that you may also try in the island like boating, island hopping, banana boating, and more.


Bar Hopping And Clubbing

Well, most young people generally likes to party. No other way to do it in a budget friendly way is in the Perhentian Kecil Island. There are also other young people around that you will be able to meet coming from Malaysia or all parts of the world.

Different party themes are offered from different bars and clubs. Drink prices are all cheaper here compared to the other islands in Perhentian Island.


Shop Till You Drop

The island has a lot of souvenir shops that you can purchase items you may get as a remembrance of our visit to the island or as a gift to people back home. Prices are reasonable but you must try to know the art of bargaining.

Make sure also to be aware of pickpockets because the island is a bit crowded, it entices thieves, hustlers, and other scammers that targets unsuspecting tourists.


Eat Out On Small Restaurants And Island Diners

There are a lot of varieties of food offerings that you can try around the island. What so good about it is that they all are affordable along the Long Beach area. You can ask around the menu list first on each of the food establishments and hop in and eat if you have finally decided to eat. There are lines of food stalls that offer deliciously grilled sea foods and other delectable dishes. That is just so easy!


Perhentian Besar Island

The larger main island of Perhentian is the Perhentian Basar Island. This is more popular for families, couples and working class tourists who can afford high end restaurants, hotels, and other exclusive activities. The island in the greater area is more surreal, secluded, provides privacy, and better environment conditions.


Things To Do In Perhentian Besar Island

Visit Turtle Sanctuary

The island is populated with turtles who annually return to the same beach shore to lay eggs and start a new cycle again. It will be an educational tour for kids and appreciation for the efforts of locals in saving large population of turtle hatchings.


Island Exploration

The island has thick covering of trees stand together in the hilly rocky areas. You can hike going there for an added adventure. Or you can tour around the villages around the island to discover more about the people living in the Perhentian Besar Island.


Diving And Snorkeling

There are also diving centers that can rent you diving and snorkeling gears to enjoy underwater adventure. The dive crew will have to bring you through boat in a perfect diving to see the real deal beauty under the seabed area of the Perhentian Besar waters.


Boating And Kayak

There boats and kayak that you can rent on the island. You can explore the beach shore by paddling your way on the sea. Feel the warm air and sultry sun rays as you float on beach shore.


Peace And Quiet Relaxation

You can stay inside your hotel room or along the beach area sleep your way the whole afternoon while felling the warm tropical air.


Souvenir Scouting

The same as in Perhentian Kecil Island, te Perhentian Besar also has a blocks of market stalls selling various souvenir items and other local native products that you can bring home with you.



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