Penang Island In Malaysia- 2018/2019 Guide

Have you ever heard of the pearl of the orient? Then you could have asked yourself where it could be. Well, it is located in Penang Island, Malaysia which is a beautiful island that is only less than 300 square meters. You could engage in so many activities on the island, but just simply hanging out on the beach could make you feel heavenly. Despite the seemingly small size of the island, there are still more than 700,000 residents of the place. There’s lots of great things to do in Penang Island and we’ll explain some of the best things below.

The citizens are culturally diverse with roots from China, Malaysia, and India. It would also be the best place to be in if you want to get a taste of Malaysia’s culinary tradition. The accommodations, hotels, and resorts in Georgetown City, Batu Ferringhi, and Tanjung Bungah are all worth visiting.


Penang Island In Malaysia

Penang Island’s Weather

Malaysia is basically a tropical country. There aren’t much of extreme weathers that’s why you could book your visits any time of the year. But if you would like to prevent the hassle of the rainy season, then skip the months from June to September as the weather in Penang Island is not the best. But normally, you will see the sun shining happily down on you on most days of the year for Penang Island weather.


Penang As The Pearl Of The Orient

If we will view Penang Island historically, we will appreciate how it has served Malaysia in the past. It has been the center of trade hundreds of years ago. Today, you will still feel how the Chinese culture has embedded itself in the Malaysian grounds because most of the inhabitants speak the Chinese language and even follow its customs and traditions. It is now the perfect location for tourists’ beach getaways. You could get wonderful deals from resorts and travel companies if you intend to visit the towns within the island or when you plan to have a tour in the city of Georgetown.

There are numerous accommodations on the northern part of Penang Island because it is where modernization has truly been implemented. But if you are not into luxurious hotels and would just like to have a laid-back atmosphere during your vacation, then you could go to the southern part of the island where you could find traditional homes in the local villages. The capital city of Georgetown is also filled with hotels that offer a stunning view of the city and extremely hospitable services. The towns of Batu Ferringhi and Tanjung Bungah also have numerous beach resorts that offer cheaper rates as compared with hotels in the city.

Frequent travelers to Malaysia are vocal about their favorite beach destination which is Langkawi. It could be found in the west of Peninsular Malaysia. Tourists love its serene environment and the delicious food varieties offered in the coast. You could also try Perhentian, Redang, or Borneo for other water escapades.


Swimming At Penang Island

Well, Penang is definitely also famous for its beaches. But if you are planning to stay in Malaysia longer and would like to visit other islands, then you could just book a night or two in this place. Unlike other tropical destinations, this island doesn’t have fine sand and crystal clear waters. But if you are not really after perfect beaches, then the Batu Ferringhi beach resorts would be worth visiting. They offer different activities on the island such as jet skiing, surfing, parasailing, and also horseback riding. You have to be cautious also of the presence of jellyfish in the area. You always have to be alert whenever swimming on the island’s beaches. Still, we recommend that you head on to the eastern part of the Malaysian peninsula where you could find stunning beaches with white sands and pristine waters.


Going Shopping On Penang Island

If you think that all islands are boring, then Penang will prove you wrong. Because of the number of tourists that visit this place annually, a lot of merchants have started to thrive in the area. You can even go on shopping spree in the island because the city could just be simply congested with fancy malls. You could also find a Chinatown in the place which is located just a few meters from the Komtar complex. Going to Georgetown city at night will also awaken your soul because you will find a lot of interesting stuff such as night markets that sell cheap apparel, fake watches, and even pirated copies of the recent movies. It will surely be hard for you to refuse to buy these items at extremely low costs. But if you are wise enough, you could probably be thinking better to just save the money for more valuable goods.


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