Pangkor Island Malaysia Guide

Do you know that Pangkor Island in Malaysia is one of the most precious gems of the country? Its name was even derived from the Thai words of Pang Ko that are translated as Beautiful Island. This island is definitely worth visiting because of the lush greeneries in the area. You will adore the mountains with peaks that are more than 1,200 meters. The road going to the resorts is winding particularly because the island is inherently mountainous surrounded by adorable seawater. There are a lot of accommodations available on the island where you can have the most luxurious and relaxing stay of your life. Plus don’t forget about all the great things to do in Pangkor Island.

What’s great with the island of Pangkor is that the weather in the area is almost the same for the entire year. You could enjoy basking under the sun and enjoy the cool waters. There are also other islands near Pangkor and the best resort to visit is the Pangkor Laut Resort which boasts of its serene atmosphere and picturesque surroundings.

Visiting Pangkor is truly magical because you also get to discover not just Malaysia’s stunning environment, but also the warmth of its local villages. You will love the Pangkor Town where locals spend their time entertaining tourists and fishing for their livelihood. You could reach the Pangkor Island by driving at least three hours from Kuala Lumpur towards Perak. Apart from the Pangkor Island, you could also try the Langkawi Island and the Penang Island for exciting water escapades.


How To Get To Pangkor Island

If you want to know how to get to Pangkor Island from Kuala Lumpur, then the only airline to bring you to the island of Pangkor is the Berjaya Air. If you do not prefer to travel by plane, then you could opt to ride a bus from the TBS station in Kuala Lumpur. Every single day, buses travel from the city to the island for a very minimal amount which is around 25 rupees. What’s great with riding the bus is that it already brings you near to the jetty where you can ride a boat going to the island itself. If ever you are bringing your own car or have rented out a vehicle, then you could park the car just across the jetty. The facilities for parking are well-maintained and also have efficient surveillance systems. It could cost you around 10 rupees for a day of parking.

If you want neither the plane nor the taxi, then you could opt to get a taxi ride. We really do not suggest taking this option because most drivers would not conform to turning on the meter for these kinds of travel. Prices will be negotiated as you get in the car and you will have to prepare around 400 Malaysian Rupees just for a single trip.

Getting to Lumut which is the town where the jetty could be found is very easy. As you get there, you will be greeted by numerous boats that could bring you to the Pangkor Island. A boat ticket costs around 10 rupees. For us, the best boat operator so far is the Mesra Ferry. What we liked about the travel using the Mesra Ferry is that they even allowed us to go on sightseeing through their outdoor deck. Note, however, that some resorts such as the Pangkor Island Beach Resort and the Pangkor Laut have their own affiliated ferries for their guests.


Exploring Pangkor Island

Do you know that the best way to explore Pangkor Island is by riding a motorcycle? This way, you could get to the edge of the island without any hassle. Just rent a motorcycle for only 25 to 40 Malaysian Rupees which you could already use for 24 hours. Make sure that you only rent motorcycles from reputable business establishments just so you could get an insurance in cases of any untoward incidents. If you are a bit hungry for energy-driven activities, you may also opt to rent our bikes. Note, however, that bikes could be difficult to use when climbing up steep roads. If you want convenience, the island also has taxi which you could hire for fixed fares. Do not expect that meters will be turned on because only fixed rates are in their custom.

If you have decided to go on scooter riding during your entire vacation on the island, you could head on to the Pangkor Town Jetty to get some of the best deals for motorcycle rental. You could also consider the Nipah Bay because a lot of companies offer rentals in this place. The scooter rides are definitely thrilling and exciting. Even though you are on an adventure, do not ever forget to wear a helmet so as not to endanger your own safety. Keep in mind that most roads in Pangkor can be dangerous to reckless drivers.


Tourist Attractions In Pangkor Island

There are different activities and destinations that you could enjoy in Pangkor. Consider the following for a thrilling adventure to the island:

  1. Get into some exciting water sports adventures such as banana boat riding and jet skiing. We suggest that you visit the Bogak and the Nipah Beaches in order to meet some of the loveliest operators of water sports activities. You could ask some locals to bring you to Redang Island, Giam Island, or the Perhentian Island for some underwater exploration.
  2. Get into the most memorable food trip as you visit the numerous restaurants that offer traditional cuisine and exquisite dishes.
  3. Understand different religions and practices as you visit the Fu Lin Kung Temple, the Lin Ye Kong Temple, and the Teluk Nipah Temple which all originated in China.
  4. Appreciate the Indian worship as you visit the Kali Amman Temple and see how faith is celebrated through the Deepavali Festival and the Thaipusam Festival.
  5. Hire a local boatman who could assist you in a fishing escapade. Isn’t it exciting to get a catch that you could grill for dinner?
  6. Travel to Pulao Jarak and be stunned with the diversity of marine creatures in the island.
  7. Explore the jungles of Malaysia as you go on a challenging jungle trek activity. We recommend that you begin the trek on Bogak Beach because the trails from there will bring you to the beautiful Sungai Pinang Kecil. The entire trek could last for two hours. For safety purposes, let the management of your hotel know where you are going in case of an emergency.
  8. If you want to discover more about the marine creatures and the wonderful bodies of water in the island, then rent a speedboat. This will surely make your nerves excited and thrilled.
  9. Get a view of Malaysia’s past by visiting Teluk Gedung which is a tiny town that has been used by the Dutch colonizers in the 1800s for as a fortress. The Dutch Fort in this part of the island has provided an effective means to get a monopoly of the tin trade.
  10. If you want to see an archaeological wonder that also has historical significance, then you have to visit the Batu Bersurat or the Tiger Rock. This tourist spot is believed to have been established in the 18th Century during the operations of the Dutch East India Company.


Beach Getaways In Pangkor Island

Being a tropical country, Malaysia is also visited for its beautiful beaches with pristine sands and clear waters. You will surely never be dismayed when you go to the Pangkor Island because the place is filled with numerous resorts that provide hospitable services and luxurious accommodations. Two of the most visited beaches on Pangkor Island are the Pantai Pasir Bogak and the Teluk Nipah. You won’t mind getting a tanned skin on these beaches because every second spent on the sand and in the water create precious memories that refresh the soul. You could also go snorkeling at the Perhentian, Redang, and the Tioman at very cheap rates. The corals waiting to be discovered will surely fascinate your mind. Lastly, do not ever let your Malaysian travel pass without visiting the Ketapang Beach and the Segadas Beach. These two have been recognized to offer serenity to the soul simply because of its natural beauty.

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