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KLIA is one of the famous airports in Kuala Lumpur with the majority of travels going through this airport. Passengers in this airport are given an chance to leave luggage and travel bags in their safe/locker. This service is quite helpful especially have heavy luggage and they needed it kept for them temporarily as they tour the city. The luggage is put in a locker at the airport and you can get it later. The airport has two options for the luggage lockers at KLIA in Kuala Lumpur. The first is the automatic safe where you pay the charges per unit before at the automatic paying machine.

The other locker is where you leave the baggage with the airport employees for them to store luggage at Kuala Lumpur airport safely. The passenger is then supposed to choose between leaving their belongings at a private safe or in a secure place. There is an amount charged for whatever option you choose. The safe has three locations. They are the LCCT International Departure Hall, Level 3 of KLIA Main Terminal Building Arrival Hall and KLIA Satellite Building also known as the Smart Lockers.


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The Costs Per Location At Kuala Lumpur Airport

The following are the costs of different locations:

  • An extra-large location of approximately two cubic meters are charged RM51 in a day
  • The charge per day of a large location of approximately 135cm by 32cm by 43cm is RM40
  • The charge of a medium location of the size 55cm by 43cm by 75cm is RM30
  • A small location of 40cm by 32cm by 75cm is charged RM19 in a day


Prices Of Lockers At KLIA Airport Kuala Lumpur

  • Large lockers of the size around 135cm by 32cm by 43cm are charged RM40 for a day
  • Medium lockers of the size 55cm by 43cm by 75cm are charged RM51 in a day.


The charge per day goes on decreasing when you store the luggage for a longer time. The prices of the service, however, change once in a while and thus you need to confirm the up-to-date prices. You can check them at the website

Ensure that you take your valuables with you always. Never leave your belongings in a public area when waiting on the massage chair or when sleeping on the bench. It is preferable to put your belongings in a safe. Get more information about this on the official website of Baggage solutions.

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