Langkawi Or Penang For Visiting In Malaysia

Langkawi and Penang are great Islands and both have their own unique distinctions. It may a little challenging to choose between the two since they are both worth to tour in Malaysia. If you have enough time and money, the most recommendable thing is to tour both Islands. You can be sure that you will want to visit the Islands again and when you do you have a new experience. If you can’t do both, then you’ll need help to decide if it’s Langkawi or Penang.

It is worth to visit both of these islands since they are unique in their own ways. The main things that make the two differ are:

  • In Penang, you experience several cultural attractions, huge shopping centers, and a great Asian atmosphere, particularly at night.
  • In Langkawi, you see great resorts, beautiful beaches, and seas and going for nature trips as you experience its relaxed atmosphere.


Langkawi Or Penang

Why Langkawi?

If you are looking for an impressive place to explore nature then Langkawi Island is the place to be. Some sights you will view in these Islands are gorgeous waterfalls, beaches, forests and other tourist destinations. There are several beautiful resorts in these Islands and most of them are located in the best spots. Some of the world’s known resorts are Four Seasons resort and Tanjung Rhu Resort. You can run to some celebrities when staying in some of these expensive resorts on the Island.

Visitors can do their dining on the resort grounds. There are many places you can get food but this is dependent on where the resort is situated. For instance, if you live in Burau Bay area, you can take a car to Telaga Harbour. This area has several restaurants most of them that are European-oriented where you can dine. Pantai Cenang is a crowded area ideal for people who want to eat at a hawker. There is also affordable food available from the many small restaurants available here. The Kuah market is awesome, especially on Saturday night. Both tourists prefer to go to the market during night hours.

If you want to have fun during the night then Pantai Cenang is a suitable place for that. There are several pubs where you can get some drinks and also some numerous restaurants later sere as pubs when dining hours are over. Pantai Cenang is a major tourist destination but it is not popular with European holiday retreat and Spanish Costa’s.

The other places in Langkawi are calm and peaceful. Renting a motorcycle is suitable for solo travelers to explore the island. Active people can also use bicycles but you should be aware that you may meet monkeys and steep hills during your trip. You can also hire a taxi and let the driver take you for a trip in Langkawi. This should help you pick between Penang or Langkawi.


Why Penang?

When choosing Langkawi or Penang. Compared to Langkawi, Penang is not as beautiful. Some people say that the beaches are not as great as those in Penang. Tourists should not go to Penang only for sea and beaches. This Island is known as the Orient Pearl but it does not have tropical seas and crisp beaches. The Island is however named this because if the several other highlights. You can rent a motorbike for around $60 in a day to explore the Island. The tour with a motorbike is quite attractive.

Penang is one of Malaysia’s bet multicultural islands. This is because the island hosts diverse races and the high percentage of people here are the Chinese. It also features an Asian atmosphere that is quite distinctive from the other places like Georgetown which can at times be feverish.

Another thing that Penang is known for is great food. You will get hawker stalls and food courts on every street you pass. The food here is not expensive and you can have your meals until midnight. The best place to stay when you visit Penang is Batu Ferringhi. This great coastal beach town is quite fun to live. There are numerous restaurants, hotels, pubs, and resorts along the boulevard. Pasar Malams which is the night market is the towns’ center of attraction. Here you will get goods at a fair price. You get almost everything here from fake watches, travel bags, cheap clothing and DVDs among others.

Penang also has great shopping facilities. There are several shopping malls around Georgetown where you can do your shopping when in Penang. The prices in the malls are more expensive compared to those in the night markets. Some of the finest malls in Penang are Pranging Mall, Island Plaza, and Plaza Gurney.

Penang has several tourist attractions and we cannot exhaust all these destinations on this list. However, there are a must do activities in this town such as scuba diving and small snorkeling at Pulau Payar Island and Canopy Walk. Some other great places to visit are Kek Lok Si temple, Snake Temple, Botanic Gardens, Butterfly Farm, Tropical Fruit Farm and Penang Hill.

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