KLIA Express Train Kuala Lumpur From Airport To City Center (Vice Versa)

There are a plethora of different ways to travel between the airport and straight to the city center in Kuala Lumpur. From buses, metros, taxis to trains – the options are endless. In this guide, we’ll be letting you know all the information you might need to get to the city center using the KLIA Express Train.


Your Starting Destination From Kuala Lumpur Airport:

The airport of Kuala Lumpur. Note that this same airport is also called Kuala Lumpur International Airport and is sometimes abbreviated by just KLIA.


Duration From KLIA Airport To City Center:

The KLIA train takes approximately 30 minutes from the airport to the city center. This is done by going to the train at the airport and dropping off at the central train station of Kuala Lumpur.


Your Drop-Off Destination In Kuala Lumpur:

The drop-off destination will be the central station of Kuala Lumpur. Location wise it’s about 57 kms from the airport, making the ride short and convenient. From there, you can either start your exploration immediately or take a rather cheap taxi ride to the hotel.


Info About The KLIA Express:

Not only is it a means of transportation basically used by millions of travelers every year, but it’s also a great way to get a fixed price for the trip from the airport to the city center. The train itself balances itself between luxurious and modern.


Some Of The Main Aspects Of The Train And The Train Ride:

  • Due to how long the train is (not the train ride), you will never feel the presence of people around you. it tends to be very calm and quiet, and you will barely feel like there is no space for you.
  • The train boasts several TV screens.
  • Some of the shows being shown on the screen are mainly tourism related, which is great if you haven’t checked a travel guide yet or know where to go as most of these shows are touristic as well.
  • Malaysia is known to be a little bit more flexible when it comes to “timings”, but this train is always on time and comes every 15 to 20 minutes so you never have ot wait.


The KLIA Transit From Kuala Lumpur Airport:

There is also another train called the KLIA Transit and it stops at three stations instead of just going directly to the center. The stops are:

  • Bandar Tasik Selatan
  • Putrajaya
  • Cyberjaya
  • Salak Tinggi


From Salak Tinggi, things are usually very easy from there. Inside you’ll find shuttle buses that take you straight from stop to the low cost carrier terminal. To find the shuttle bus, you need to go to platform 6.


Who Uses Those Shuttle Buses And Why?

Basically, you’ll find that if you use these shuttle buses that you’ll be sharing them with a lot of Malaysian people who live inside Kuala Lumpur and work outside of the city or vice verse. These cities include Putrajaya and Cyberjaya.


Differences Between Both Trains:

The only two major differences between the KLIA Transit and the KLIA Express is the number of stops in the middle, and of course, the amount taken to reach a destination. Also, the KLIA Express leaves every 15/20 minutes while this leaves every 35 minutes.


KLIA Express Station

Where to find the stations at the airport?

  • On the 1st floor, you will find the KLIA Express Station. The location is right under both, the arrivals hall and the departure hall which are on the second and third floor respectively.
  • The ticket office is also right next to the station, after getting out of the elevator.
  • Don’t fret because at both stations you’re going to find signs practically everywhere that will help lead you to the right ticket office at KLIA Express.


KLIA Sentral

From KLIA Sentral, all you need to do is find Burger King, turn around to the right corner of Burger King and you’ll find it. If you’re taking a taxi, then it will drop you right at the train station anyway.


PRO-TIP: If you want to check your bags in immediately at KL Sentral without any hassle, you can always check if your airline does that automatically. Some of the airlines that do that include:

  • Malaysia Airlines.
  • Cathay Pacific.
  • Royal Brunei.
  • Emirates Airlines.


How Much Does It Cost To Use KLIA Express?

The KLIA Express is one of the most cost effective ways of going from the airport to the center.

For adults: The cost is about RM35.

For children: The cost is RM15.

You can always check for ongoing discounts – whether adult or children discount. For example, some offers include taking two adult tickets with two children ticket for the price of R75.


What Time Does The Train Start?

The train starts from 5 am until 0.30 am from KL Sentral and 1 am from KLIA.


Other Ways To Travel To Center From KLIA Airport:

If you don’t fancy using the KLIA train, you can always take the taxi. However, taxis are not only more expensive, but they also take much more time (about an hour without traffic jams, more if it’s rush hour.).

Apart from that, you can also take the SkyBus costing RM9 that will take you to the city center but takes about 2 hours to get there.



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