Jalan Alor Food Street Guide In Kuala Lumpur

Do you know that gastronomic adventures abound in Kuala Lumpur? There are a lot of unique food concepts and local food traditions that you have to experience in Malaysia. Jalan Alor is actually the best place visit if you want to be greeted with a historic view of the past and the vibrant culinary tradition of the country. Go to Jalan Alor for a fun and exciting food trip.

Well, the street of Jalan Alor used to have a bad reputation in the past for being the country’s red light district. The times, however, have transformed this street to becoming one of the best places for foodies.


Jalan Alor Food Street

If you think that delicious food only comes in extravagant settings and luxurious places, then you are entirely wrong. By going to Jalan Alor, you will realize that Malaysia has, indeed, a rich culinary tradition that transcends the restaurant walls. You will surely love the whole street since it features a variety of food stalls on the sidewalk which all offer various dishes that will definitely delight anyone who tries them.

It is highly impossible to ever be satisfied by just going to this interesting food destination once in your trip. You will surely want to keep coming back that’s why we suggest that you include two or three days of Jalan Alor itinerary in your trip. The variety of food only proves how diverse Malaysian culture really is. You will admire how different culinary influences converge to create such a magical food experience in Jalan Alor.

Although you are visiting a Malaysian street, do not ever be intimidated to see menus written in the Chinese language. Most of the menus from restaurants and stalls will have Chinese symbols. Do not attempt at ordering just anything. The locals are hospitable enough to explain each item on the menu for anyone. You just need to have the guts and a friendly approach to making this food trip work wonders for you.

The gastronomic tour in Jalan Alor is akin to riding a roller coaster. You get to taste a mixture of things, feel complicatedly happy with all the tastes bursting in your mouth, and also witness a whole lot of diversity in your adventures.

There is no way that you should miss visiting Jalan Alor. Don’t worry because it is definitely accessible to anyone who is in Kuala Lumpur. Jalan Alor can actually be reached by foot from the city center. The accommodations located within and around Bukit Bintang are all near Jalan Alor. You could walk through it when coming from the Grand Millenium. You could also take the metro if you are coming from the places surrounding Kuala Lumpur.


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