Good Salary In Malaysia – 2018/2019 Edition

Moving to a new city can be the most incredible experience you’ve ever done in your life or the most nerve-wrecking one to date. It’s no surprise that a lot of people find themselves extremely overwhelmed when it comes to things like cost of living and salaries. Of course, moving to a place like Malaysia from the US or Europe is also very hard and you might want to know what’s a good salary in Malaysia. The cultures are vastly different, the line that shows which salary is okay and which isn’t is very blurry and you just don’t know your way around yet. A lot of people find themselves asking the same question: “what is a good salary for Malaysia?”

And you know what? There’s no real answer to that question. The real answer is “It depends. Completely and 100%. Some people can live as comfortably as possible on just RM 1500 a month, while others will struggle and some spend RM 15,000 a month and still believe they could spend more. At this point, it’s extremely subjective on what’s a good salary for Kuala Lumpur


Why is there such a difference when it comes to how much people spend?

The differences come from which economic tier you’re currently at. If you’re at a lower economic tier, there’s a high chance that a salary of RM 1500 – 2000 will help you live very comfortably, because your spending is not that much and is not that extravagant.

So in the end, it all really depends on which tier you want to spend your time and energy at. Sadly, Kuala Lumpur (compared to other places in the US and Europe) has a relatively higher cost relative to the income you’re getting.


Good Salary In Malaysia

Living on RM 2500 a month:

Living on RM 2500 is very doable and can even be reasonably comfortable if you want it to be a good salary salary for Malaysia.

  • Your apartment – not the fanciest place, but it will still be nice.
  • Eating – you won’t be completely dependent on just eating in. treating yourself out every few days will be quite easy. But you also won’t be eating out every single day.
  • Car – Your car will definitely not be imported.


The perks though? Normal living conditions – air-conditioning, satellite TV, local foods, and much more.


Living on RM 3500 – 4000 a month:

This is when you actually start enjoying life a bit more and being more comfortable when it comes to your spending. You won’t be worrying about every single cent you pay, so that will all be great. Yet, don’t expect daily fancy meals or imports from Western countries, but do expect a bit more luxury with a good salary for Malaysia.


Living on RM 5000 – 6000 a month:

This will allow for a very comfortable lifestyle, with incredible apartments, eating out opportunities, shopping and treating yourself. You can easily afford a luxurious lifestyle. .


The economic disparity in Kuala Lumpur:

The thing about Kuala Lumpur is the fact that the economic disparity is very evident. You’ll find that price differences can be lowkey extreme. It’s very normal to be looking for apartments and find something ranging from RM400 to others being RM 20,000 per month.

Again, meals are the same. You can easily eat the same meal for ether RM 50 or RM 300. Grocery shopping can range from RM50 to RM300 – again, all depends on how you decide to spend your money.

  • Tip 1: Cars are very very expensive when you compare them to the income you’ll be getting. But despite the fact that getting a car is expensive, the maintenance is actually considered cheap.
  • Tip 2: To save money, try drinking less. Drinking in Malaysia is very expensive and a bottle can easily reach up to 3 times the price you’d normally pay for at home.
  • Tip 3: If your income starts at RM 2,500 a month then you’ll be able to live a little bit comfortably. It’s all about how you budget your money and what luxuries you decide to spend your money on.



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