Getting Married In Malaysia – 2018/2019 Guide

A lot of people believe that getting married in Malaysia is quite easy – and for good reason! You don’t need to do much to actually get married in Malaysia and you only need to follow a few steps and then you’re done! What differs from one person to another is the ceremonial part but other than that, you’ll find that the whole process is quite simple for getting married in Malaysia.


Step One: Documents You Will Need First For Getting Married In Malaysia

  • Single Status Declaration also called the Letter of Confirmation of Marital Status. (You will need two of these)


You need to have this document ready with you in English. Some places give it out in English which makes the process so much easier while others give it in Malay or a foreign language. If that’s the case, please note that it is essential to get it officially translated.

To get your documents officially translated, head to either your embassy or the Commissioner of Oath to get it done there. You don’t have to worry about looking for a Commissioner of Oath as they are all around Malaysia.


Step Two: Get Your Documents Authenticated And Legalized

For you to get your documents authenticated and legalized, you need to go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia and then do your documents there. All you have to do is head to the notarial service counter and get your documents done there for getting married in Malaysia.


Step Three: Bring Your Birth Certificate

Make sure you have your birth certificate on you, and make sure it’s officially translated to English as well.


Step Four: Get The JPN.KC02

Go to Bahasa Malayu, or the National Registration Department and make sure you get along with you:

  • 1 color photograph of you that has a blue background (not white) for each spouse.
  • Your original passport.
  • Photocopies of the most important pages on your passport.
  • Photocopy of your passport’s personal info page.
  • Photocopy of when you arrived in Malaysia and when you’re leaving.


Step Five: Register Your Marriage Officially In Malaysia

After bringing all the documents needed from you (make sure to make a check-list!), go to the official National Registration Department and then register your marriage there. There are a lot around Malaysia but you’ll find many located at Maju Junction.



Step Six: Costs Of Getting Married In Malaysia

The whole cost will be about RM30 and you pay it when you get married not when you register for getting married in Malaysia.


Step Seven: Getting The Documents Endorsed For Marriage In Malaysia

After you’re done getting married, you get an official marriage certificate that you need to register either in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia or in your own country!


Tip: If You’re A Tourist….

If you’re only a tourist visiting Malaysia to get married, them definitely stay at the marriage district for a period of a week before you apply and register for your marriage.


Tip: The Questions They Ask And What They Need….

You Will Be Asked About:

  • Which date you want to get married in.
  • The date has to be three weeks from when you register (minimum)


You Will Need:

  • Two witnesses that are 21 years or older.
  • They will each need their passport.
  • It doesn’t matter if they’re local or foreigners.
  • They need to appear on the marriage date set by you not the registration date!


On The Day Of The Marriage In Malaysia:

On the day of marriage make sure you follow this checklist:

  • Your documents.
  • Your passports.
  • The witnesses.
  • The witnesses’ passports.
  • The official form that they used to register the marriage.
  • Wear decent clothes. DON’T dress casually.
  • You can wear anything formal or semi-formal – from gowns to tuxedos. It’s your call!
  • Arrive in the morning to make it out early. It’s a first-come, first-serve basis so of course the earlier you arrive, the higher the chance that you’ll get married earlier.
  • Make sure you arrive before 11 am because that’s when the counter closes.
  • If you come after 11 am, expect to reschedule as that’s when the counter at NRD closes.


Why Get Married At Malaysia?

Choosing Malaysia as a wedding destination is not a bad idea at all!

  • The country is a beautiful destination and you will have one of the most tropical weddings of all time! Surrounded by gorgeous lush greenery, luxury hotels, incredible culture and a very rich historical heritage…Who can ask for more? And of course – don’t forget the beaches!
  • You’ll be surrounded by extremely picturesque landscapes before, during and after your marriage!
  • The food there is incredible so it can even double as a honeymoon destination with everything you’d look for in a honeymoon!
  • You have endless beaches to choose from – from the ones in Langkawi, Pangkor or Penang – you’ll have both beaches and tropical rainforests 2 hours away at all time. You can even have yourself a little beach wedding ceremony.
  • It offers a real value for money when it comes to getting married there.
  • There are all types of honeymoon packages, luxury hotels and resorts and activities specifically catered to people getting married.


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