Christmas In Malaysia – 2018/2019 Guide

Celebrating Christmas in Malaysia is a feast unlike any other, it’s where traditions, prayers and family all come together to make relationships ten times stronger than they usually are. It’s a feast that bursts with joy, with flavors, with enchanting melodies and of course – a little bit of magic. The thing about Malaysia Christmas there is not the most quintessential type of Christmas. It’s not about snow, decorations or Santa Clause – but that doesn’t make Christmas in Malaysia any less festive!

On the day of Christmas Eve, all Malay people start celebrating Christmas Eve and the entire country is transformed into a feast of decorations – sometimes even with big malls competing for who has the best decorations! So, how do Malay people celebrate the most widely celebrated holiday in Malaysia for Christmas?


Christmas In Malaysia

Christmas Trees…Christmas Trees Everywhere!

Even though Malaysia is not a Christmas country and the majority of people there are not Christians, everyone there celebrates Christmas by putting up Christmas trees in their houses! From the homes, the shops to the shopping malls you’ll find the trees everywhere. The Christmas spirit cannot be matched with people spending time visiting their families, and everyone wishing each other a happy holiday! Some Christmas trees in Kuala Lumpur are extremely extravagant and go as tall as six stories (yes, you heard that right!) and the malls will usually be fiercely competing with each other on who has the absolute best decorations. Some even have fake snow!


Santa Events!

A lot of work places, malls, and even houses schedule secret Santa events Malaysia so people can exchange gifts together, and so they can let the tradition of giving and getting going for Christmas!


Grooving To Christmas Songs!

A lot of people can be seen wearing the red cap of St Nicholas and letting the beat of Christmas songs move their bodies. You’ll also realize that a lot of people partake in Christmas carols specially around malls where people of all backgrounds, ages and religions come together to celebrate the joy of this holiday for Christmas in Malaysia.


Giving Ang Paus!

In Malaysia people give money instead of gifts to avoid the hassle of not getting a gift you might like. In fact, the elder members usually just opt for giving the Ang Paus!



It’s like Malaysians look for excuses to light fireworks – for every occasion you’ll find that the entire place lights up in fireworks! You’ll find so many nice spots to actually go and see the fireworks in motion, and you’ll be able to take a few good pictures!


 Going To Restaurants!

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy huge Christmas in Malaysia deals? We know we want to! There are usually huge Christmas discounts at restaurants, so it’s a good idea to take advantage of them on Christmas Eve.



Malaysians will probably celebrate by going to shopping malls – either for the decorations or the hard-to-miss Malaysia Christmas sales. You get the Year End Sale and various locations have fireworks too, so it’s like having the best of both worlds.


 If You’re An Expat…Travel To A New Destination!

A lot of expats get a few days off for Christmas, so they use this chance to travel around Malaysia or other countries in SouthEast Asia.


Some Tips For Celebrating This Christmas Season In Malaysia:

  • Wear your reddest outfit and go out in the streets to parade with hundreds of people who are dancing, singing and wearing costumes! These are great family events and even if you’re on your own, it’s a great way to meet people! Check the Miri and Kuching City Christmas Parades.
  • Look for all the beautiful light deocrations everywhere and get ready to be dazzled by the beauty of it all!
  • Go to the malls early so you don’t end up fighting for those last minute season sales!
  • Do something memorable on that day to engrain that memory in stone!


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