Cameron Highlands Things To Know – Where To Stay, Eat And Do

Recently, Malaysia has been gaining travel visits from tourists from all parts of the world. This is in response for traveler’s change of vacation habits and taste. They tend to want to explore places that have never been before. Nature is also the biggest factor, breaking away from busy work activities. Since many have not been to Malaysia before, it’s a good idea to know things about Cameron Highlands before you go there.

The Cameron Highlands in Malaysia is a surreal place to spend a vacation because of the perfect weather. The country is strategically located in in a whole-ear friendly weather yet, Cameron Highlands perfectly equalize the cool breeze coming from the mountain and towering old trees. It is often compared to the summer capital of the Philippines – Baguio City because of the very cold temperature and abundant strawberry farm.

The province sits on the top of plateau in Pahang, Malaysia, and was named after a British surveyor in the late 1800s. Cameron Highlands is a real relaxing time to spend your vacation in nature. The place is surrounded by hills, farmlands, orchards, forest –like parks, lakes, rivers and other nature’s display of grandeur.


Recommended Tourist Attractions To Visit In Cameron Highlands


Hotel And Accommodations

Century Pines Resort

The hotel is quite close about few kilometers away from the nearest tourist attraction area like museums, parks and nature Park.

Century Pines Resort has convenient complete accommodation amenities like small clean beddings, overlooking mountain-view balcony, kitchen necessities, cable and TV, fans, and complimentary breakfast. Hotel also has hotel lobby area, sauna and spa rooms, gym, terrace restaurant, and garden.


Ye Olde Smokehouse Inn 

The Ye Olde Smokehouse Inn is generally famous for its delicious food choices. In addition to the dining experience, the restaurant has cottages for accommodating guests beside the exclusive dining area. So one might expect higher price charges because of the high quality of sumptuous food. The whole inn is surrounded by well-taken-care garden and somewhat antique –themed design interior design. The rooms have fans (and most hotels and inns in Cameron Highlands do not have air-conditioned system because of the cold breeze of the whole province all year round).


Heritage Hotel

The hotel is a medieval-themed architecture, which perfectly sits in the middles of a forest-like environment. On top of the hotel you can view the mountains surrounding the Heritage Hotel. Rooms have comfy beddings, on the go coffee makers, WiFi, showers and bath, fans, and cable TV. The hotel also provides play area for kids, café, dining area, and parking spaces.


Cameron Highlands Hotel

The hotel is a 5-star-rate hotel, although quite expensive compared to most of accommodations in Cameron Highlands, the price is reasonable. The building is inspired like a Victorian architecture, and with wide open space.

Rooms have complete kitchenette, clean beddings, hot tub, bath and shower, WiFi, and cable TV. The hotel provided excellent hotel service, has wide open space for parking, restaurant, bar, laundry service, and a lot more.


Kea Hotel Apartment

The Kea Hotel apartment is so far the cheapest and yet most convenient place to stay in Cameron Highlands. The hotel is just a bout few kilometers away to most of the popular tourist area.a The rooms provide free Wi-Fi, cable TVs, plus private bathrooms. The hotel also provides complimentary breakfast. The hotel also has Chinese-themed restaurant but with international dishes.


Hotel Flora Plus Cameron Highlands

The hotel is a bit smaller compared to most hotels in the area, but it is slick and somewhat modern. The rooms are small but well-cleaned and it provides all the common amenities.



Historical Sites And Museums

Time Tunnel

The museum is situated in Brinchan, which is the first exhibit for collectibles of antiques and pre-war historical memories in Malaysia. . The Time tunnel is located at the Kok Lim Strawberry Farm.


All Souls’ Church

The stone walled Anglican Church was used to be adjacent and connected to St. John’s church. The church was built in the early 1950’s. Since Cameron Highlands was then setup and surveyed by British people, most of the places in the area are of British colony.


S.K. Convent

The S.K. Convent was used to be called as Pensionnat Notre Dame was built in 1935. The convent was ued to be a lodging school for kids at British colonized area up to late 1950’s.


Cameron Highlands District

The centre area of the Cameron Highlands is filled with business establishments like bars, restaurants, and shops. You can buy your souvenirs and other local products in the area. You can travel the whole district through private car rentals, and taxi cabs. Going around the place is convenient and peaceful.


Gardens And Parks

Kok Lim Strawberry Farm

In the same area as the Time Tunnel, there is a wide space for agricultural land that tourist can visit. You can pic strawberries by yourself or just buy from a number of displayed freshly harvested agricultural products. You can also purchase various souvenir products such as jams, wines, and other fresh harvest from the plantation.


Cameron Tringkap Bee Farm

The farm also have its own bee farm museum showing exhibits about bee farming, bees and history of honey cultivation in Cameron Highlands. You can also purchase different souvenirs, honey, honey comb, and processed honey bee products.


Cameron Highland Butterfly Farm

You will surely be amazed of how the butterfly farm is able to keep thousands of butterflies in one place. With the wide open space of flower farm in the area, it is not surprising that butterflies are thriving.


Cameron Highlands Golf Club

The Cameron Highlands Golf Club is the only golf club in Binchang. The well-kept miniature golf course provides luxurious fairways, bunkers, and green golf grasslands.


Agricultural Experiment Station (MARDI)

The agricultural technology center or the MARDI is an orchard for various kinds of plants, ornaments, herbs, flowers, orchids and among others. You can take a stroll around the rose garden and flower farm where you can see a lot of wonderful flower varieties.

The nature park covers quite a huge area that it is able to grow hundreds of citrus, roses, strawberries, and various types of fruits.


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