Best Dive Locations In Malaysia: 2018/2019 Edition For Malaysia Diving Guide

Malaysia is one of the most beautifully diverse countries in the world – from the lush jungles, to the gorgeous sprawling beaches to the incredible religious monuments. The country revels in its cultural melting pot, and everywhere in there, you’ll find an incredible richness of culture and history. There is an intensity and fiery passion to all the attractions that are there.

One of the most popular things people do in Malaysia is definitely dive as the country is abundant with diving locations. There’s tons best diving locations in Malaysia. Below we’ll tell you about some of the Malaysia dive spots that locals love going visiting.


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Where to go diving in Malaysia when it comes to regions

When it comes to regions, you can go to the:

  • Island of Borneo: Southeastern region of Sabah
  • The East Cost of the Peninsular Malaysia (be careful of the weather and the monsoon season)


Winner for best diving in Malaysia: Perhentian Island

This is the place you go to for the ultimate diving experience and the best diving courses in Malaysia. There are courses that cater to all types of people – from the beginners, to the professionals to the risk-takers. Everyone will love Perhentian for Malaysia diving.

The waters don’t have a strong current, there is an extreme diversity with the marine life there, you don’t have any chance of hitting the coral reefs, and you won’t even be paying that much!


Kapalai island

If you’re not really into diving, you can actually go to Kapalai island – it’s a small sand back and not the best place for diving. It is the perfect place, however, to go do some unwinding at the resorts.

You can’t visit Mabul without visiting Sipadan, so it’s important that you visit both anyway and have your fun with it…All while exploring the beautiful azure waters.


Lankayan Island

What is it? It’s a little island in the city of Sandanken

Location: North of the city in eastern Sabah.

Pro: The perfect place for luxury, for glitz and glamour and for relaxation.

Con: Only one resort there, but you can enjoy the accommodation. The accommodation, however, is also extremely expensive especially during the high season.

Note: Don’t go there if you’re a non-diver – the island is not the best place to dive and get quite expensive so it’ll just be a waste of money for you. You can go to many other diving islands all around Malaysia to actually enjoy the waters.


Sipadan Island

Sipadan is one of the best places to go diving in Malaysia and it enjoys beautiful azure waters rich in coral life.

Pro: Gorgeous water, and one of the best places in the world to go scuba diving.

Con: there are so many restricting rules in there that aim to protect the marine life, and thus is might not actually be that easy to dive there.


Makating Island, Pom Island, Sibuan Island

If you’re looking for the perfect balance of dive sites in Malaysia and gorgeous luxurious resorts, then go to those three islands. If you’re an avid driver and looking for the best diving places, visit the islands I’ll be mentioning next. These three, though, they’re not the best when it comes to diving. They’re just great to enjoy luxury trips, to shop and to unwind.


Tenggoi Island

Where? At the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia

Pro; Incredible, professional diving opportunities, diverse marine life and an unparalleled ecological system.

Con: Definitely don’t go there if you’re still a beginner. There are currents all the time and it will definitely not be suitable for any of the beginners.

Pro: Despite it not being suitable for beginners, there are a lot of resorts that will cater to all types of travelers there.

Tips: Do not visit from October to March because this is the monsoon season where the island is drenched in rain throughout all of these months.


Layang Layang Island

Imagine Layang Layang as one long landing strip that stretches on for miles and miles, surrounded by gorgeous water with an unscathed ecological marine life. It’s one of the best Malaysia dive locations.



  • The marine life is actually unparalleled compared to the rest of all of Malaysia.
  • Big, rare species are usually found there.
  • None of them have been affected by humans before.
  • Gorgeous corals are everywhere.



  • You won’t be able to see smaller species very much, so if you’re scared of larger animals, don’t go there.
  • There isn’t the ‘tropical” vibe of other islands there but you’ll find a great marine base.


Lang Tengah Island

Where? Between Redang and Perhentian

Pro: Again, this is another place that offers incredible diving opportunities so you can relish the gorgeous diverse marine life down low.

Bonus: Most islands that are perfect for diverse are not that good for non-divers, therefore, you will love Lang Tengah for the way it caters to the non-divers as well. You’ll find resorts there, shopping areas and much more, so you can relax without having to dive.

Tips: Do not visit from October to March because this is the monsoon season where the island is drenched in rain throughout all of these months.


Tioman Island (and the surround islands)

Pro: There are so many pros to actually being in Tioman. Not only do you get the incredible diving opportunities that you would get with other islands in Malaysia – you get so many other options as well! For example, you can spend your time sunbathing, kayaking, and even snorkeling. So it’s a great place for beginners and non beginners together.

Con: Not very easily reachable unless you pay a lot of money for convenience.


Redang Island

Where? In the Terengganu Marine Park at the east cost of Peninsular Malaysia.

Pro: A lot of incredible dive sites that are known for their diversity. If you’re a passionate diver, then you will definitely love Redang Island. This is where you go to have your ultimate diving adventure.

Bonus: You can have your official PADI course there, and in four days you’ll find yourself a decent diverse.

Price: Affordable.

Tips: Do not visit from October to March because this is the monsoon season where the island is drenched in rain throughout all of these months.



Known for its incredible muck diving.


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